Added Lovers And Dreamers by Amy, Like A Virus Like My Last Hope and Susurrus Glitch by Briar, In The Telling by cgb, I Am Jack's Raging Hormones by Charles & Shy, Blurred by Claire, Dark At Night by itsacraze, Better, If Served On The Table by Francis, Beware Of Owner and Ray D In Transit by glossolalia, Just Duckie by HYPERFocused, Ablutions and Red by Jennifer-Oksana, Desktop and Egypt (The Herpetology Remix) by Kate Bolin, Damaged Goods, Ethical Treatment, and Purgatory by M. Scott Eiland, Metallic by Megolas, Behind The Veil and Raptus Regaliter by Nehal, Spellbound by nostalgia, And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place by not jenny, All My Dreams, Torn Asunder and Deconstruction Of Falling Stars by Oro, All Good and Dark Touch by Patricia RD, Marking Time by penknife, Hero Complex, Sepia, and Weight I'm Under by Princess Twilite, In The Absence Of Sun by s.a., Thoughts & Cigarettes by Sami, We Don't Talk by Simon Field, Curtains (The Outside Looking In Remix) by Sofie K. Werkers, The Face Of The Enemy by tahlia, Grief, Unchecked And Apple-Flavored and Older And Between by Twinkledru J, Better Than This, The Right Of Kings and Too Little, Too Late by Victoria P, Curiosity by Vienna Xaavier, Faulty Memory by Voleuse, and What New York Couples Fight About by zahra.
Added Possession by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Shame by Claire, Idlewild by glossolalia, 5x500 by Halrloprillalar, Binding by Icebun, Milkshake And Honey and Vulgar Materialism And Overdetermined Metaphors by Jennifer-Oksana, burn by Kate Bolin, Coastal by Minim Calibre, Weather Permitting by M. Scott Eiland, Yet Another Teen Pregnancy by Nehal, Run, Symbiosis, and The Perfect Fitz by nostalgia, Back To Basics by Patricia RD, Bringing by Twinkledru J, Pathetic Fallacy by Victoria P, Whispered Reflections by Vivien, No Shade Of Grey by Wicked Cherub, and Around The World In A Day by zahra
Added Desire by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Pearls by Bob J. Montonelli, Acceptable Losses (The Wrong The Dead Remix) by cgb, A Spectrum, Of Sorts and Fetters by Collie, This Is You by dafnap, Jealousy, Pleasure, Sharing A Bed, and Video Star by Francis, In Love by Halrloprillalar, Scully Does Cleveland by Jengrrrl, Right Here, Right Now and Way Beyond The Pale by Jennifer-Oksana, Retirement by Kate Bolin, At The Heals and Next To You by Käthe, Into The Desert by Lizbeth Marcs, Apples (The Good Girls Don't Remix) by Match, Bittersweet Symphony (The Unsweetened Remix) by Minim Calibre, In Vacuo, My Own Little Aphrodite, and Papa by Nehal, Black Magick by Northlight, In A Strange City With $20 In Your Pocket and Something About The Open Road by Oro, Shadow Kingdom by Paradoqz, The Dark Side and Sharp by Patricia RD, Better Let Unspoken by Princess Twilite, Counselling File #2463A (The Reality Bites Remix) by Selena Ulrich, Five Things That Never Happened (To Dan Rydell) by Shrift, In The Dying Light Of Day by Twinkledru J., Apocrypha by Vanessa Nichols, Advice For The Lovelorn Double-Agent by Vanzetti, So Many Monsters by Victoria P., Safe Heaven by White Star 2 & Staring Blankly, and Blue by Your Cruise Director.
Added Dedication by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Explaining by Am-Chau Yarkona, Fairness by Bob J. Montonelli, Impurity and Three Parts Rum by Buffonia, Last Dawn (The Fatality Remix) by Charles, Hit And Miss (The Raspberry Sniper Mix) and Whispers In The Dark by cheebs!, The Secret Hours by Chris Anderson, Dawn and Whispers by Claire, Irony by Cosmic, Porcelain (The Ill-Fitting Tribute Remix) by dafnap, Scenes From An Imagined Novel by Dale Edmonds, What Ails You (The Confessional Remix) by Don't Make Eye Contact, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Faithtastic, Electric (The Sparks Remix) and Without by Firecracker, Empty Vessel by Ice, an empty cage, if you kill the bird (the shattered glass remix), Friends And Other Disasters, and Provocateur by Jennifer-Oksana, Battle-ready, Daylight (The 2AM Remix), Past Lives, She, and Strangers In A Bar (The Mrs. Robinson Remix) by Kate Bolin, Save A Prayer by Käthe, Feeling It (The How To Use The Washing Machine Remix) by Kathryne, Fine White Ashes by Katie Vieceli, Grief And The Lack Of It by Katta, Pie Charts And Prophecies and Sleeping Arrangements by Kessica, Swallowed A Fly (The Comedown Remix) by LindaMarie, Born Again and Working Girl by Maidenjedi, Nineteen Dollar Memories by Mexx, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away by Miss Ellie, Earlier (The Retrospect Remix) and Goodnight You Moonlight Ladies by Mosca, Cutting Room Floor and Glass Shard Substitution by Nicole Clevenger, Option Number Two by Northlight, Learning Curve (The Watching Her Remix) by not jenny, Her Virtues Slighted Be, Like A Practical Joke (if you take out the punch line), and Mercy As A Default Position by Oro, A Boy And A Girl and Missing Touch by Patricia RD, Fallible by Princess Twilite, Maturity by Scy, Falling by Scy & Mala, Scars by Tara O'Shea, Belong and Crush by Victoria P., Any Time (The Riddles In The Dark Remix) and (sex) on a beach, with sharks (the sweetness and light remix) by Voleuse, Drunk (Afterwards) and Next by Wendy, Aesthetics, A Christmas Tale v2.0, and Mind & Matter by zahra, and Bridge Across The Maybe Sea by Zara Hemla.
Added the Silverlake Remix Project.
Added Always by cheebs!, Always On His Mind and So Close, So Far Away by Patricia RD, Bed Time by Roz Kaveney, Capable and In Shadow by Victoria P., Choosing The Captain and Possibilities by Francis, Contingence by Oro, Four Corners Of A Boy by Buffonia, In The Beginning by Halrloprillalar, Itch, Twist, and Untitled by dafnap, Last Call by Queen Mab, Safe Hands by käthe, Slippery When Wet by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Subdued by Your Cruise Director, and Wires And Love by Amy.
Added The Heart Remembers by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Heaven Hath No Fury by Amy, Choices by backfromspace, Backwards and The Night The World Refused To End by Bastet, Blossoms, Frost, Ice, Poikilosophy, and Sunt Lacrimae Rerum by Bob J. Montonelli, dying in their name by Branwyn, Pretty by Caeliste, Who Did Sin by cgb, Shopping To Remember by Charles, firecracker, frozen, Ooh, Shiny!, and Splinters: Prettiest Thing by cheebs!, The Eight Deaths Of Lex Luthor by Cosmic, Like Touching A Ghost and Losing by Criss Moody, Inverted Symmetry by Emily M., Golden by eyesdarker, Torn by Giuliana, Emissary Of Light by Jengrrrl, se7en and Touch Me Fall by Jennifer-Oksana, Perspective, Phoenix, and slayers by Kate Bolin, Siamese by Katie Vieceli, Control and Wild Strawberries by kbk, Mask by LindaMarie, Arousal by Maidenjedi, Crosstown Traffic and Post-Traumatic by Match, Sentimental Coffee Cups by Michelle K., Leaving Terra by Minim Calibre, Incidental Effects, Trial, and Valhalla by M. Scott Eiland, Talking To The Dead by nepthys, Life Without Warning by Netgirl, Unexpected by the net slayerette, Forever by Nicole Clevenger, Even Stranger Family and Moonbathing by Nightbird, An Apple A Day and The Nature Of Things by nostalgia, Cut, Clarity, Carat and (sex) on a beach, with sharks by not jenny, Sunrise/Sunset by Pablo, Glasses, Not In Love, and Touch by Patricia RD, A Fool's Zen and You Taught Me by Princess Twilite, The Stranger's Portrait by Rowan, Girl 1 and Girl 2 by Roz Kaveney, Indirect and The Two-Step by s.a., The Apocalypse Game-Show, Show-Reels Of The Bizarre. In A Democracy... Terrible Tales. Or: Behold My Penis! by Simon Field, The Vampire Song: Everybody's Free (To Drink Blood) by Soulstarsinger, First Kiss, Glorious, Home, Myth, Silence, and Simple Things by Tara O'Shea, Barbecue, Dirty, and The Sun Also Sets (Over Sunnydale) by Twinkledru J., ...And A Pony, Comfortador, and Three For Three by Victoria P., Take This Chip & Shove It by Wendy, There Goes The Fear by zahra, and Here Comes Two Of You by Zara Hemla.
Added Lie To Me by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Daylight by Branwyn, Game Over by Chris Anderson, Spandex by Gunbunny, Cigarettes And Lakeside Conversation, monkeyspaw, Playing Rogue, and This Is Us Now by Kate Bolin, Let Your Shadow Out by käthe, The Architeuthis Principle, Growing Season, and Not So Good As Fame (But Better Still) by Kathleen Anne, What The Living Do by Kyra Cullinan, Substitute by Lindsey, She Won't by Michelle K, Fever Dreaming by Mosca, Of Cakes And Longing, Charade, Grand Finale, and Turbulent by The Net Slayerette, Just Like Old Times by Nightbird, I Believe In You (Ultra Marine) by not jenny, Acquiesce by Pablo, Permanent Insanity by Patricia RD, Night One by Pearl-o, Onyx by TangledAria, Nothing Like The Sun by Victoria P, Brighid by Voleuse, Heart Of Refuge by Your Cruise Director, fitter happier more productive by Zara Hemla.
Added Bounce On This, Make Me Come Alive, One Wild Night and Perfect And Poisonous by Adeliade Elizabeth Morgan, Less Fortunate by alicamel, Once Touched by Allison E. Lane, Spring Cleaning and Switch by Amy, Ashamnu, Business As Usual, Keeping Busy by Andrew Bowles, Angels by Angelia, Cold Cold Heart and Maybe by backfromspace, Laughter and Oh Comely by Beth C., Stranger Touch by Bob, Tumble Dry by Buffonia, The Surprise by Cerisaye, 37 Ways To Snowball by Charles, Basics, black, and Solace by cheebs!, Maudlin, Reactions, and Tragedy Of It by itsacraze, Real Life by Croupier, Interludes by Emily M., Getting Into Something by Faithtastic, Basic Training, Coffee Talk, Crop Sales, I Was There, No Sugar, Seeing Through, and Three by Francis, Morning Edition Revelations by Gunbunny, Fateful Hours by HawkMoth, Skin And Bones (Self-Delusion Mix) by Jengrrrl, Pseudoscience, Reclamation, Recuérdame, and Yarnspinning by Jennifer-Oksana, Visitor by Kaite, A Good Friend To Have, High Priest Of Babylon, Unstuck by Käthe, Down We Go by Kathryn, Closing The Circle by kbk, Fantasy by Laura Smith, They Live In This World by Michelle K., An Evening At The Gallery and Farther Than Russia by Minim Calibre, Everybody Else's Girl by Mosca, Indomitable and Solace by M. Scott Eiland, All These Broken Wings and Center Stage by The Net Slayerette, Nights Like This by Nitro, Cha-Ching Cherry and Proposition by Northlight, Intifada by nostalgia, Julian This, Julian That by nostalgia & kbk, No Comment and Prognosticate by Oro, Broken, Here With Me, In The Dark, and Three Women. Three Phone Calls. Three Car Keys. by Patricia RD, Defined by Persian Slipper. Taking It Back by Princess Twilite, Gris by Scy, Last Stand In Open Space by Shrift, Atonement and I Can't Catch My Breath (The Darkness Visible Remix) by tahlia, Promise by TopazAngel, Seven Drops and Soft by Twinkledru J., Always Something In Between, Liar's Poker, and Voyeur by Victoria P., Straw Men by Voleuse, Stolen by Your Cruise Director, and Freeze Out and Unwell by zahra.
Added Done To Death by Anne Hedonia, There Walk I by backfromspace, T-Minus Three Hundred by Buffonia, Unfamiliar (Jump To The Left Remix) by cgb, Watched by cheebs! , After The Show and This Is The Part... by Claire, On Having Power and Trois by Colleen, Nor Iron Bars A Cage by FayJay, Resignation and She's No Angel by Francis, Four Days In The City by Gale, Sides and Summer Thing by Halrloprillalar, (ab)normal iteration (the water metaphor remix) and Eurydice Awaits Dante (Don't Look Back) by Jennifer-Oksana, Koo Koo Ka Choo and La Brea (Tar Pits Remix) by Kate Bolin, Swallowed A Fly by Kathryn, Learning Curve and Roundabout by Kathryne, Silver and Swanwhite by Katie Vieceli, In Flagrante Delicto by Liberty Ginger, Oblation (Like A Prayer Remix) and Revelation by Maidenjedi, Mike On The Game: 100 Words by Match, Just A Kiss (The Sandwich Filling Remix) by Megolas, When She Cries by Mercarmaid, Family by Minim Calibre, Grainy Love by the net slayerette, Warped by Northlight, Drinking With A Child by nostalgia & kbk, In A Nanosecond and Invincible by Oro, Not Just A River In Egypt by Queer As John, Los Diablos by Rae, No Big Deal by Rowan, Possibilities and Rise by s.a., Coolsville I and Coolsville II by Schuyler, Big Damn Zombies, Sir by Shrift, Then I Desire by Simon Field, Untitled War!Drabbles by Sofia K. Werkers, Free Will by Tara O'Shea, Not/Enough and Unbroken by Twinkledru J. , Seven Days by Vanessa Nichols, Hair Shirt (The Pret-a-Porter Remix), I Drove All Night (The Boys Don't Cry Remix), and Time (Clock Of The Heart) by Victoria P., and Family Values and Hit And Miss by Voleuse.
Added Bound To Enjoy It and Just One Kiss by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Counseling File #2463A and Kohaku River Magic by backfromspace, Beyond Words & Sound: Trust, Beyond Words & Sound: tear in your hand, and Watcher by cheebs!, Mechanics Of Death by itsacraze, Ugly Boys by dafnap, Discharge and Time Out by Embitca, Walk On by Francis, Changing The Subject by Jennifer-Oksana, Like Calls To Like by Kari, Careful by Kathryne, Politics by kbk, You (And Her) by Michelle K., The Less Said, The Better by Minim Calibre, Never About Me by the net slayerette, Amsha's War by nostalgia, Maybe It's The Heat by Oro, Playing Normal by Patricia RD, Thrall by Shrift, All Roads Lead Back and Flux by Silvia Kundera, Crimson Afterglow, Hush, Out Of Reach, The October Game, The Ripple Effect, and Unknowing by TaleWeaver, Letting Go by Tara O'Shea, and Sublimation by Victoria P.
Added Don't Stop Believing and Nothing But Some Feelings by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Just A Thought by afrai, A Girl In Every Doorway by Amatia, Patterns by Bonibaru, All Your Freedom by Branwyn, Morning Medley by Buffonia, Beautiful by Celli Lane, Strangers In A Bar by Charles, Clothes Make The Woman by cheebs!, Once Upon A Legend by Chris Anderson, Crush by Claire, Just A Fucking Fantasy by Coreopsis, Fears by Francis, Sisters by Gale, Cold-Blooded by Ghani Blue, The Shadow by iolanthe, Your Darkest Voice by Ivy Blossom, Always Ron by Jaea, Fabled And Fabulous by Jennifer-Oksana, Everybody's Got A Story by Kaite, Wright-Dobie School For Girls by Kate Bolin, Song Of The Cuckoo by Kathleen Anne, Cherry Blossom, Diamond Shoes, Floating World, Haunted, and Not In The Brochure by Maidenjedi, What Remains by Match, Refined Punishments Of The Spiritual Kind and The Dark Room by MelWil, Forward by Michelle K., Score by Northlight, What Ails You by nostalgia, Touch Me? by Patricia RD, Ritual by Pearl-O, Nowhere by Princess Twilite, Clouds Over Paradise by Rowan, Survival Mechanism by Sara Goose, Afresh by Scy, Not Yet by Tara O'Shea, Maybe by TopazAngel, Compatible and Unfettered by Your Cruise Director, and Anatomy Of A Dysfunctional Relationship by zahra.
Added Dead Or Alive by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Disco Inferno and Winner Takes All by Amy, A Little Conversation by Angelia, Three's A Crowd by Beth C., Reflections (At A Tori Amos Concert) by cheebs!, Degenerate Sons by Firecracker, The Hot Country IV: Sparring Match by Gemma Files, White Tower, Silver Tree by Halrloprillalar, Judy Barton In Missoula (Leland Says You're Going Back) by Jennifer-Oksana, Hermione (Version Black And White) and Simile by Kassie, afterwards, Come Shots, and I Love L.A. (L.A. Fantastico Remix) by Kate Bolin, Ether by käthe, Adornment by Kathryne, Fantasies On An Alien World and Mile Upon Mile by kbk, Nothing New Under The Sun and The Watershed Trilogy by Lumina~, Enough by Minim Calibre, Buying The Dress, Darkest Hours, and A Flash Of Leg And The Taste Of Temptation by The Net Slayerette, Martin Luther King Day, Once And Ever Again, and Perfection by nostalgia, In The End by Olivia, An Alternate Ending To 'The Trial' In Exactly 200 Words and Last Dawn by Patricia RD, Black Market, Definite, Focus, To Unburden, and Trepidation by s.a., Darken Many Virtues by Sara, nightblindness by Shaye, Eros And Agape by Tara O'Shea, Stray by Victoria P.
Added Sleepless In New Jersey by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Out Of Reach by Angelia, Entropy and Meta by backfromspace, An Open Space by Beth C. , In Motion by Buffonia, Army Games by Charles, White by cheebs!, Yami Bakura Faces The Modern World: Bubbles by Errie Wyvern, Porcelain by Firecracker, Such Sweet Bliss by Icebun, Morning After and Til Break Of Day by Jennifer-Oksana, Part Of The Equation by Katta, Girl Power? by Lillie, Bringing Down The House and The Nearness Of You by the net slayerette, Dear Zoe, Of History, Shortchanged, and This Boy by Northlight, Ninth Host and Tales From The Government-In-Exile by nostalgia, Privacy by Tara O'Shea, So Pretty, Swimming With Sharks, Tricky Witches, and Who Gave You That Jewel by Twinkledru J., Concessions and Reflections On Absent Men by Your Cruise Director.
Added For Truth And For Love and Still In My Bed by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Antarctic Circle by ArabMiriam, The Darkness That Endures by Branwyn, Some Angels Did Once by Buffonia, Echoes Of An Empty Place by cgb, Hungry and Passion Fruit Purple by dafnap, Head Over Heels by Dolores, Balance by Don't Make Eye Contact, Drinking Problem by Gunbunny, Fever Dream and Third Time's The Charm by Jennifer-Oksana, Red and What You Never Had by Michelle K., Closing Time by Minim Calibre, Stop The War, I Want To Go Home by nostalgia, Little Pitchers by Pearl-O., X Miles To The Rest Stop by Princess Twilite, Days Before by Rae, The History Of The World by tahlia, Lullabying by Twinkledru J., Folk Unfree by Two Ladies Of Quality, Order Into Chaos by Victoria P., and Of Padraic And The Serpents by Vivien.
Added Wheel Of Fantasy by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Image by Amy, Five By Five and Requiem by backfromspace, Mirage and Unchained Melody by Bonibaru, Divergent Roads and Limbo by cheebs!, Weeks, Seasons by dafnap, Necessary by Jennifer-Oksana, Always The Good One by Kaite, Drumbeat and story(identity)telling by Kate Bolin, Host by Katie Vieceli, Survive by Laura Smith, Chiaroscuro by Luna, Nowadays by Michelle K., Reset by Minim Calibre, Searching For Barry Lowenstein by Mosca, Remnant by nostalgia, And Back Again by Olivia, Words by Persian Slipper, Addiction In The Ninth and Inevitable by Princess Twilite, Let Love Rule by Ra, She Knew by Rae, Fortunate, Jimmy Olsen and Modification by s.a., Transference by Sara, Shaped by Scy, Gold And Steel by Sofie K Werkers, Redux by Steph L., Gestation by Victoria P., When I Was Born For The Seventh Time by zahra.
Added Lust And Cigarettes by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, The Lost Boys by Buffonia, Solitaire by Charles, Uncertainty by Don't Make Eye Contact, Her And HER and History by Errie Wyvern, Reduced By One by Isilya, Exile From Guyville, Pulling The Strings, and Revenant by Jennifer-Oksana, Green Room by Kate Bolin, Aimless by Käthe, Delight by Katie Vieceli, Precious Love by kbk, Respite by LindaMarie, Body Shots and Miss Ghost by Minim Calibre, Bitter Monday by Princess Twilite, That Old Yeh Shen Story by Tara O'Shea, Three Square Meals by Twinkledru J., East Of Eden and In Bloom by Victoria P. , The Last Night On Earth by zahra, and Everywhere A Sign by Zara Hemla.
Added Another Day and I Got... by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, How To Bed An Elf (In Six Easy Steps) by Buffonia, zen and the art of life by Criss Moody, Apples by dafnap, Love And Virtue: Or A Romance Of The French Revolution by DJ Caligula, Five Routes Out Of Kansas by Don't Make Eye Contact, Morality and Taste by Errie Wyvern, Unbound by FayJay, In The Eye II: Sultry and Tenderized by Gemma Files, Eternal Luv by Jeff, One Last Time by Jennifer-Oksana, Sharing by kbk, Awakening Again and Black And White by LindaMarie, Good Night and Tea Stained Voyeurism by Megolas, Trial And Error by Nightbird, All The Broken Children by Pablo, Five Imaginary Incidents From The Lives Of Unimportant People by Pearl-O, Near Belonging and Secure by Scy, Bad Times, Desperate Measures: Tearing It Up Hardcore-style. Or: Fuck The World, I Want To Get Off by Simon Field, Subversion by TangledAria, Overabundance by Twinkledru J., Quality by Victoria P., and The Year Of The Dragon by zahra.
About Last Night, Lipstick, Plastic, & Paint, Moments, The Smiles And The Look In Their Eyes, and Something For The Pain by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Names by Amy, The Holy Dark and Two Girls by Beth C., Light And Memories by Bounce, Only In Threes and Unpredictable Things by cgb, Scars Of Defeat by Charles, Behind The Velvet Rope, Heaven And Kisses Too, and Illusion by cheebs!, Triangle by Chris Anderson, Craic, Inveterate, Little Child by Collie, The Hot Country III: Afterthoughts and Only Children by Gemma Files, Substitute by Icebun, Abiding, Back In Your Bed, The Mystery Of The Tour Bus Of The Undead: A Humorous Romance, and Ursula by Jennifer-Oksana, Photoseries Leading To Multimedia and Taupo by Kassie, Of The Pack by kbk, Like A Good Book by Kyra Cullinan, Supply And Demand by Lillie, Wanna Go Dancing? by Megolas, A Beautiful World, Between Love And Hate, Fragmented, In My Mind, That's What You Do, There Was Love, You'll Remember It by Michelle K., Five Ways To Have A Happy Ending, And Not One Of Them True, Ouroboros/Oedipus, and Traces by Minim Calibre, Apologetics and No Easy Way Down by Mosca, All Those Stone Emotions, Cut, and Thou Shalt Have No Other by nostalgia, Doctor Who And The Cake Of Finality by nostalgia & ArabMiriam, Narcissus by nostalgia & kbk, No One's Wife and so many soldiers by not jenny, Highway Summer by Paradoqz, Devil In Her Heart and Stars by Patricia RD, Tourniquet by Pearl-o, No Other Troy For Me To Burn, Thank God For Fish Tanks And Bottles, What Do You Do With A Drunken Tailor? by Rabbit, The Persistence Of Memory by Rachel, Burning Down The House by Roz Kaveney, Brush, Calculating, Domestic, Follow, Fusion, and Rubber Soul by s.a., Context by Sara, a sorta fairytale by Sascha, Afternoon/Into The Night by Schuyler & Amatia, Pandora by Selena Ulrich, Flirtational Theory by Shrift, Viggo Obscura by Starlite, Eyes Forward, Shoulders Back by tahlia, Girl by Tara O'Shea, Thinking Of You by Ting Ting, Starlight, To Lucasta, Going To The Wars, Troubled Minds Of Men, and Undercover by Twinkledru J., Blood Remembers, A Fistful Of Dollars, and Passion Has Red Lips by Victoria P., Are You Busy Tonight? by Wendy, Blood On Blood by Your Cruise Director, and Among Thieves (On A Scam), Fallible Theory, One Thousand Miles, and Vigil by zahra.
Defined By Art and Mister Cellophane: A Song For You by zahra, Greasepaint, Lipsticks, and Oubliette by Kate Bolin, Trick You With A Smile by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, This Year's Love by Beth C., To Make A Monster by Buffonia, Ice And Glass by Chris Anderson, Everybody Wants Him by Criss Moody, Kitchen and Less Deserving by Jennifer-Oksana, The Text Of A Recently Discovered Document, Purporting To Be Frederich Engels' Discarded First Draft Of The Preface To The 1885 Edition of Das Kapital By Karl Marx by kbk & nostalgia, This Too Shall Pass by Mary Jane Dank, Devils With Halos and Until The End Of The World (You Ungrateful Bloodsucking Bastard) by Minim Calibre, Not by Nex, Stockholm Syndrome and The Taint by nostalgia, It's Not, Satisfying, and Shakedown by s.a., Threading by Sara, Heaven Dissolved So by Victoria P., Knock The Smile Off My Face by Zara Hemla, Soft Rain by Icebun, and Zen And The Art Of The Open Road by Lar.
Added What He Learned From The Water by Pablo, Zig Zag Girls by Scy, A Night To Remember and Gold by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Bare Trees by Scy & Kassie, Forgive Us Our Debts by Dolores, Sabachthani by Isilya, No Elves by Mosca, Once In A While by Pearl-O, She Follows by Victoria P, Sweet Love by Ting Ting, Take It And Like It by Sara, Three Days by Rabbit, Turn Away by Simon Field, Two, One by Hetre Z., Wake And Bake and Five (A Study Of Senses) by zahra, If Needs Be and Song For The Forsaken by cgb, Pink Triangle by Beth C., The Hot Country II: Negotiations by Gemma Files, and Without Light by Chris Anderson.
Added Sleeping On Empty Dreams by Icebun & Pablo, Spectacle by Shrift, Burnished Copper by Victoria P, emptiness and wanting by Rae, Combat Zone and Unpacking by Minim Calibre, Even Beyond All Other Lands by Bounce, Fine And Mellow by s.a., Five Cities, Five Stories: Lilah and Aperture by Jennifer-Oksana, Good Morning by Megolas, Honk If You Demand Satisfaction by Twinkledru J., Old Wizard's Ale and The Revenge Of Lord Vodkamort by Liz Barr, Spiderweb by Firecracker, Table For Two, Things To Do When Your Lover Is Dead, and Tea For Ghosts by zahra, Terrorgammons Howdydos by Rachel, The Dark Passion Of Cheerleader Dildonics: Hold Still, This Won't Hurt A Bit: Televise The Revolution. Or, What To Do When The Groaning Starts by Simon Field, The Founders Of The Feast by Grey Bard, Midnight Pounding by Miss Ellie, Hell's Angel by Paradoqz, Nothing More Than Core And Stem by Giuliana, July by Isilya, Shift by Pablo, and Impossible Odds by Käthe.
Added A Good Education by Gemma Files & Stephen J. Barringer, Sheep's Clothing by Anne Hedonia, And Janus Dances by Sascha, Still Flying by Northlight, Earlier by Don't Make Eye Contact, Morale and Bloodgame by Kate Bolin, Marksmanship by Tara O'Shea, A Fanfiction Writer At Hogwart's, Cry Me A River, The Lady Has A Scar, Error, and Mind Picture by Francis, A Far Better Fate Than Wisdom and Joy Is The Voice by Mosca, Bittersweet by Patricia RD, Breathe Like Me by Rabbit, Cairns by Nightbird, Decisions, Revisions, Reversals and Rainbows, Puppies, And Other Miracles by Amy, For What She's Worth and Underneath The Itch by Buffonia, Goodnight Elisabeth and In The Wrong Song by Jennifer-Oksana, In The Flow by Embitca, Playing To Lose by Bastet, Tame by s.a., The A-To-B Line by zahra, Five Points Of Difference and The Hot Country by Gemma Files, Impostors by Wendy, On Again and One More Day by Criss Moody.
Added Ribbons And Bows by Tara O'Shea, A Little Spark by Beth C., Faith For The Fearful by Northlight, More Beautiful From A Distance by Pablo, Watch The Rain by Gunbunny, dancebeat, Evil Hand, Snowfall, ...I Thee Wed, and Transistor by Kate Bolin, Near Death (Not Close Enough) and Less Immaculate Conceptions by Buffonia, A Possible Fairytale, Honolulu, Calcutta, and Silent Night by Jennifer-Oksana, An Accident Called Life by zahra, an empty cage, if you kill the bird by tahlia, An Interview To Remember by Charles, Another Auld Lang Syne by Victoria P, Before by LindaMarie, Big, Stupid, Funny by Jeff, Blood Sugar Sex Magic by Lar, Bondage-a-go-go and Come On, Everybody by Embitca, Coming Clean and Tonight by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Fear Of Heights by Annie, Hand Over Mouth by Minim Calibre & s.a., Little Miss Muffet by Kyra Cullinan, Merry Bloody Christmas by Paradoqz, Of Incubi And Inversion and The Devil's Own by Minim Calibre, Queer by Ice, Saturday Night At The Movies by Megolas, The Shirt by spasticat, The Stone In The Bed by Your Cruise Director, Valley by Scy, Whistle While You Work by Pearl-o, Long Nights by Patricia RD, Correspondence Found Inside A Wall, New York, 1945 by Gemma Files & Stephen J. Barringer, Darkest Hour by Northlight, In The Eye by Gemma Files, Innuendo by Francis, and What Is, What Was by Sascha.

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