Her And HER
by Errie Wyvern

Come on, Inuyasha. Lean into her touch. Let soft hands travel over your skin. Let her put her lips everywhere, don't worry about the consequences. Let her guide you, move your hands in accordance to hers.

Inuyasha, just dance with her.

Don't smell her, don't look at her, forget who she is and where you are what you're doing. Forget everything but HER. Feel HER hands, smell HER skin, look deep into HER eyes and pay no attention to the other her.

SHE is looking at you, feeling you, letting you feel HER. SHE is moaning your name in little breaths as you thrust into HER. It is HER scream that penetrates your soft puppy ears as you bite HER neck in a claiming sort of way. It is not she, it was never she. It is only SHE.

It is not her body that you press into the scratchy bark of Goshinboku, it is HERS. As you thrust harder, faster, without caring, she starts to whine and cry.

You're hurting me, Inuyasha! Inuyasha, stop! STOP!

It is no longer HER body, only hers. You growl and dig your claws into her hips, pressing her harder into the old tree, reveling in the smell of old blood, too long since it was spilt. She's just crying now, going limp and knowing what you are thinking.

You are punishing her for not being HER.

Inuyasha, just ignore the earthy smell that stings your too sensitive nostrils as you puncture skin and cold blood drips out. Ignore the cold dead hands that try to push you away. Ignore the narrow brown eyes suddenly filled with fear. Ignore the too-long hair and the too- pale skin.

Ignore her, just concentrate on SHE.

Ignore Kikyou, just concentrate on Kagome.


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