Games People Play and The State Of Play by Abaddon, Desire: Making An Example Of Her and Innocent Erotic by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Like Magic by Amy, Bloodlines by backfromspace, The Scorned Women Club by Beth C, Enough by Brianna Aisling, Frantic Thoughts At 4 pm, Not Quite The Way I'd Planned, and The Road To Jack's Hell by cha-cha mia, The Disappearing Girl and "I Wish..." by Don't Make Eye Contact, Just A Few Small Gorram Details by G Thing, Lemon Candy And The Marenschadt Text, No Such Boy, and Self-Portrait In A Coma Patient by glossolalia, Hammer And Tongs and Happily Ever After by Halrloprillalar, The Child Is Gone by Hecate, Broken Body, Broken Mind, The Girl Who Lived, and The Slant by HYPERFocused, Death Eater, Gryffindor, and Midnight Sun by Ishafel, Freudian Slips, La Vie En Rose, and Lilah And Xander Vs. The Zombie Gods Of Redding by Jennifer-Oksana, Barbarians At The Gate, Fallen From Grace, Half-Life, Karma, Loopholes, Objects In The Mirror, Perennials, Quicksilver, Quo Vadis?, Sea-Change, Truly, Madly, Deeply, Where Angels Fear To Tread, and Year Of Living Dangerously by Karen, 3am Where St. Charles Avenue And The Ponchartrain Expressway Meet, Mephistopheles Is, Sitting On The Couch And Waiting, and Symptoms Of Blood Loss by Kate Bolin, Takeout, Wine, And Bubble Baths by Katrina McDonnell, Nomenclature by kbk, The Winter To Pass by Kyra Cullinan, The Coincidence Of Memory by Lar, Deus Ex Machina and Point A To Point A by Lassiter, Ingenue and She Clicks Her Ruby Shoes by Lavender, Harry Potter And The Great Snake Emporium and Self-Help by LindaMarie, The Best Man In His Field, Out Of The Blue, and Recognition by M. Scott Eiland, Bleeding Kansas by Maidenjedi, Death And The Death Eater by Manic, Wearing Shoes by MelWil, Morale Events and Unmade by Minim Calibre, Sisters In Arms by Moonslash, Exeunt Puck by Morvoren, Playing Dress Up by Netgirl, Actions, Reactions by Nicole Clevenger, Five Things That Might Have Happened To Julian Bashir (If Anyone Had Asked) by nostalgia, Skuka, Holod i Granit by not jenny, and a long, bitter aftertaste by Oro, Voyeur by Patricia RD, Newark Blues by Sami, Disquietude by Scy, Salvation Payment Plan by Shrift, Quiet Treasure and Waiting by Siryn, (Force Of) Habit by Soulstarsinger, Still Be All Right and Vanishing Point by Stellamaru, Odds Are and Peace Of Mind by Tara O'Shea, Traiteur by untitled06, Everybody Wants To Be Someone's Here, Lust For Life, Parallels, Private Lessons, Rounded With A Sleep, Seize The Fish, A Slip Of The Tongue, and Younger Than That Now by Victoria P, Downtime, Homecoming, No Such Roses, and Who But I? by Voleuse, Surprise by Your Cruise Director, Heart Of Glass and Square One by zahra, and Aimless and Speak My Language by Zara Hemla.
Added Acts, The Art Of Make Believe, The Force Of History, Habeas Corpus, Inside, and These Dreams by Abaddon, Blood Red Rose by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Life Imitates (About You) and They Just Don't by Alison, Mirror Phase by cgb, Jack Balances Burdens by cha-cha mia, Some Lurk It Hot and This Is Jezebel by Daegaer, Escapology by Faithtastic, Serenity Waits by G Thing, Something by Gemma Files, Signs And Tokens by glossolalia, Date Single Millionaires In Your Area by HYPERFocused, Stacks and Uma Menina by Kate Bolin, The Butterfly Effect by Kathryne, Shades Of and Temperature Anomalies by Katrina McDonnell, Undone by Minim Calibre, A Brilliant Mind by Moonslash, While The Women Came And Went by Mosca, Don't Look Back and Too Damn Good by Niu, Feria #40 by not jenny, your arms, when they cry by Oro, Driving In The Dark, Meanwhile, In An Alternate Dimension, and Vigilance by Pearl-O, Witty Title Pending by Roz McClure, Equal Danger by s.a, Theme, Variation by Sängerin, Ascent and Swimming Horses by Scy, Fourth Watch, The History Of The World, Rum Punch Is A Color Of The Rainbow, and Shotgun by Shaye, Tar Beach and Territorial Markings by Shrift, Out Of Place by Signe, Requiem For The Last And Lost and The Tale Of The Little Lost Necrobabe And How My Killer Lollypop Porn Bitch Busted The Law. Or: What Happened When Spider Became Sheriff by Simon Field, The Truth About Icarus by Thamiris, Heirloom by Twinkledru J, The Game And How To Play It by Victoria P.
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Added What It Is, What It Can Be by Beth C, Rhythms And Rituals and That Laugh by Brianna Aisling, Getting By by cha-cha mia, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Costume Parade, Jonathan Kent Woke Up Gay!, Random Shag, Rapunzel, and The Sausage Test by Charles, Disappearing Spires by Charlotte Unsworth, Three Ways To Say I Love You by cheapmetaphor, Persephone by cheebs!, The Anniversary by dafnap, Bring Your Own Lampshade by glossolalia, The Art Of Corporate-Sexual-Psychological War by Jennifer-Oksana, No Beloved Sister by Katta, Nothing New by Kyra Cullinan, Happy Hour by Lassiter, Foreign Hands and Grasp by Laura Smith, Sanction by Mona, Abduction and Kiss My Tiara! by Nina, The Sky Is Flesh by not jenny, Polychrome by Oro, Perfect by SamB, Afterburn by Siryn, Convergence by StellaMaru, and So Judas Did by Victoria P.
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Added Hallelujah by Abaddon, The Lead And How To Swing It by Anne Hedonia, Wayne Gale Presents: Texas Blood Money and Wedding Presents by backfromspace, Fairy Eye For The Knight Guy by Charles, The Daughters Of Men by Daegaer, Page 57, Third Row, Second In by Dolores, The Ballad Of Go Go Yubari by Gale, This Is Symbiosis by glossolalia, Some Dawns Wait by Hecate, Caesar's Wife by Ishafel, Except For Charlize Theron, Girl With A Samurai Sword and Just Like Honey by Jennifer-Oksana, Familiar Patterns by M. Scott Eiland, Blood Will Tell, Justify, Knife-Edged, and Nothing To Justify by Morvoren, Where Logic Ends, Faith Begins by Oro, Sandwich As Aphrodisiac by Pearl-o, A Song And Dance About Nothing by Soulstarsinger, Mercy by Twinkledru J, Mother Knows Best and Speaking In Tongues by Victoria P.
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Added Hell's Forecast by Amberina, five words that don't mean anything and ubivis by bj, Forgiveness by Bob J. Montonelli, Sunshine Days: Five Things That Never Happened To Sam Seaborn by cgb, Beauty & The Beast, Goldilocks & The Four Bears, and Yugi & The Seven Duelists by Charles, Reprisal by dirty diana, Eruditio by Emily M., Calling by Gemma Files, Order For Myself and Wildness by Gunbunny, My First Stargate Story and War Effort by Halrloprillalar, Dregs, Mirror, Mirror, The Prize Inside, and Spock's Brain by HYPERFocused, Without Me by Ishafel, No Satisfaction, Smoke, and Tourism For The Dispossed by Jennifer-Oksana, The Rarest Faith by Jess, The Man On Putney Hill, Picture On The Wall, and When I Say Run by Joseph Q. Publique, Do You Dream?, Option E, and Three, Two, One by Lassiter, Half Measures by Laura Smith, Elegy by linaerys, Compatibility, Fair Warning, Misdirection, and The Centurions by M. Scott Eiland, Song From The Wrong Side Of Town by Minim Calibre, Grand Plans by Northlight, And The Busy World Is Hushed and Five Times You Wished You Were That Other Guy by Oro, He Said Please by Peja, The Latest In Innuendo by s.a., A Different Witch by Sami, I have gone out by Shrift, Indigo Kiss by Signe, Feast Or Famine and Just A Little Lie by Stellamaru, No Song Has Gone Unsung by Tahlia, Sleeps In Elysium by Tara O'Shea, All The Sinners, Saints, Me In Honey, and Phantom Pain by Victoria P, An Honest Word and The Mix Tape Biographies: A Year In Words, Cloaked By Snowfall, Moon Curse, and Remedy by Your Cruise Director, Kiss. Angst. Rinse. Repeat. and Orpheus And Icarus In Metropolis by zahra, and Treaty Of Versailles by Zara Hemla.
Added Any Other Wednesday and Frustrations by Abi Z., Desire: The Answer by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Epitaph by Alison, This Is The End Of A Story Which No One Remembers Because It Never Happened by backfromspace, Fading Into Obscurity by Charlotte Unsworth, Disquiet by Collie, Thaw, Vision: A Trilogy, and Waiting by Glenn, Six Paramitas For The Wolfman and Sunnydale Perigees by glossolalia, Blood Will Tell by Halrloprillalar, Bruises by Jengrrrl, Feels Different This Time... by Joseph Q. Publique, Never Been by Kaite, Constellation by Kate Bolin, Old Business by Katta, Sister Dark by Lady Grey, O Captain, My Captain, Red Herring, and Straight by Laura Smith, Brute Heart by Luna, Learning Curve and What He Does by M. Scott Eiland, Ill Fitting and Teaspoons Of Disappointment (And A Cup Of Bile) by MelWil, More Than This and Seven Virtues From A Broken Hill by Minim Calibre, Igni Interdictus by Moonslash, How To Make Friends And Influence People by Netgirl, Dance Me On And On, Ebonized, Like A Daydream I Am Guilty, and Under Your Skin, Can You Feel It? by Oro, Nutrition And Other Needs by Pearl-O, The Good Girl by Queen Mab, Glass House, I Know This Bar, and Sunday Morning by s.a., Art Deco by Sami, Hummingbirds In Britain by Shaye, Home Plate and Resenting Paris by Shrift, Always Wakeful, Only Themselves To Blame, and Under Me, You by Victoria P, Night's Pursuit by Your Cruise Director, Kissing Seth Cohen by zahra, and Mermaid Kiss by Zara Hemla
Added Richie's 'Fuck Me' Jeans by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Domestic Is Okay by Amber Moore, Bed And Breakfast and Wild Oats by Bastet, Memoriam by Bob J. Montonelli, Anniversaries and Want by Brianna Aisling, Draw It Mild by Briar, Willow, Waiting by Don't Make Eye Contact, The Breakfast Club, Pale Purple, and Seth, Lies, And Videotape... by HYPERFocused, Blood In The Water by Ishafel, Follow The Leader by Judy, A Bird In The Hand... by Katrina McDonnell, Fellowship by M. Scott Eiland, The Inevitability Of Moving and Three Phone Calls by MelWil, Fifteen Minutes In A Life She Never Had by Minim Calibre, three a.m. by Morvoren, Five And A Half Minute Hallway by Nicole Clevenger, Chasing Darkened Skies Above You by Oro, Dark Nights by Patricia RD, The Three Sisters by Sami, Just A Little Bit More by Sara, Doll Parts by Scy, This Invisible City by Seana Renay, Mortality by Soulstarsinger, The Equation Of Me by Tahlia, Mirror, Mirror and Wherever You Will Go by Victoria P, Consequence by Wicked Cherub, and Emblematic by Your Cruise Director, The Happiest Place On Earth and Two Cripples Dancing by zahra.
Added Behind Closed Doors by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Domesticating Ghosts by Anna S., Boomerang by Anne Hedonia, Kitchen by Briana Aisling, This Is What You Contemplate While Lying Broken On Your Side Thankful That You're Merely Sitting On The Lid Versus Having Been Sucked Into Hell While A Dandelion Begins To Sprout Innocently Near The Vicinity Of Your Arm by Briar, Ultimately Futile by cgb, Substitution by cheebs!, The Men Of Renown by Daegaer, Old Prada Slingbacks by dafnap, The Fandom Exchange Program and It Was A Normal Shopping Trip Until... by Don't Make Eye Contact, exactly how it never was by Elizabeth, Comfortable, Imperfect Glory, Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, and Spiraling by HYPERFocused, Three Days by Jill B. Wilde, Remember When by Judy, Centred and Das Vampyr by Kate Bolin, Unholy by Kathryne & Naomi, Ashes Of American Flags and Ultimatum by Katrina McDonnell, Five Meetings That May Have Happened, Sword, and Waking Up by kbk, Down Through The Morning and The Substance Of Things Hoped For by Kyra Cullinan, Instrument by Lady Grey, Galileo On The 41 by Lar, Mars Rising by Lizbeth Marcs, Loose Ends by M. Scott Eiland, Remember by Morvoren, Standard Perpetuity by Mosca, Mr. Monk And The Day's Diminutive Disaster and Reapers And Raindrops by Nicole Clevenger, Hitch by Nightbird, Despite Appearances by Oro, Queer Eye For The *NSync Guy by Pablo, Good Girl, Bad Girl and Primary Colors, And Seven Stars by Patricia RD, Every Angle, Garden Of Simple, Letting The Telephone Ring by s.a., Aftermath: Danny by Sängerin, Five Scenes From That Long Lost Disney Movie 'Big Gay Pirates' by Selena Ulrich, A Bodyguard Of Lies and TV Camp by Shrift, The Space Between by Signe, The Fandom Exchange Project by Simon Field, In The Future (Tense) by Tahlia, Waltz by Tara O'Shea, Not Less The Soul, Nor More by Tobias Charity, A Spanish Fairytale by Vanessa Nichols, Niobe and Trinity by Victoria P., Summons by Your Cruise Director, Compulsion by Your Cruise Director & Ashinae and All In The Hands by Zara Hemla.
Added Desire: Tico's Proposition and Good Enough To Eat by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, du fremde by bj, A Mi Manera, Boy Without Skin, Stag, We Can Be Heroes, and With Gannets by Briar, Spike's Alternate Song by Bunny, killer sinner whore, A Little Unwell, and Than Yesterday by itsacraze, Cadence, Discontent, and Games Of Chance by Collie, Two Hearts by Cyberperson, Bright With His Splendor, Home Is Where The Heart Is, In The Beginning, Little Dogs and The Eaten One by Daegaer, Mr Benn: Invisible by Don't Make Eye Contact, A Dark And Empty Reflection by Emily M, (Re)Union by Francis, Boatjack by G Thing, Explorations and Five Fingers Make A Fist by Gemma Files, Draco's Big Date, In Lieu Of Flowers, and Tactics by Halrloprillalar, Just There and The Key And The Doors by Hecate, Blood And Rust, Eighteen Drabbles About Lex Luthor, The Shores Of Freedom, Six Scary Stories Of Clark And Lex's First Official Date, Those Soft Skin Boys, and True And Deep As The Sea by HYPERFocused, Giving Up The Ghost by Icebun & Pablo, Cabbages And Queens, Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know, Parley, the reinvention of love, and Winter Night Phantom by Jennifer-Oksana, Plot, Star Apple Seed Burst, The Trouble With Love Is by Jill, Anathema and Where I End And You Begin by Judy, Too Many Stars And Not Enough Sky by Kaite, The Image And The Asylum by Kate Bolin, A Master Of Deceit by Kathryne, Reservations by Katrina McDonnell, Happy Ending by kbk, In The End by Kessica, The Art Of Losing, Five Futures Of Alcohol And Sex, No Good Deed, While The Body Is, and Wonderland by Kyra Cullinan, Leaning and Given Name by Lady Grey, Things Manifold by Lar, Running Toward, Running Away and Unintended by Laura Smith, (Freedom Is) Just Another Word and Science Of Silence by Lavender, Empty Glasses, Silk And Sandals, and Slayer Central by M. Scott Eiland, Excess Sugar by MelWil, Ultimate by Michelle K, California by Miss Ellie, Magenta, Proleium, and Restless by The Net Slayerette, The Lost Boys by Netgirl, And...Cut and Force Of Nature by Nicole Clevenger, Truly, Madly by Northlight, Each According To His Ability, Nor Shall They Grieve, One, To The End by nostalgia, and then let me walk away, But You Are The Wall Crumbling, and The Queer Sisters by not jenny, The First, Five Signs Of Insanity, Guilt-Ridden, For All The Good It'll Do, A Proportional Response, Way Over Yonder In Minor Key, Would You Caress A Broken Wing?, and You're Forgetting To Fly, Darling by Oro, Nine Lives Of William The Bloody by Paradoqz, Contact by Patricia RD, Four A.M. Root Beer and Laynie Hart Talks To The Dead by Pearl-o, Five Other Lies by Rebecca Lizard, The Fountain Of Magical Brethren, Girlish Illusion, and Scar Tissue by Sami, Aftermath and Moments, Brief And Precious by Sängerin, Black Sunday, Blind, Charcoal Emotions, Hair, Love Letters, Platonic, Puppets, Retain, Relinquish, and Suffocate by Sarah Maria, Five Stories That Never Happened by Shaye, Cheesecake Or Death by Shrift, One Hundred Years by Signe, Color Of Ashes, Color Of Fire, Dudley's Spell, and Mother's Blood by StellaMaru, The Anniversary Party and The Secret Life Of Samantha Spade by Tahlia, One Night At The Metropolitan by Tara O'Shea, At The Closing Of The Day by Twinkledru J, Dust Bunnies by Venus Blue, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, Reasonable Men, When It Alteration Finds: Four Things That Never Happened To Remus Lupin by Victoria P, Artemis and Drown by Voleuse, least resistance by winter baby, Complicated and Reverse Falling by Wistful, Fragments Of Truth and Sense And Lunacy by Your Cruise Director, The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie and The Trouble With Harry Potter by zahra, and Between Past And Present Tense, In The Continuum and The Slippery Road by Zara Hemla.
Added Flying High and Into A Man by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Higher Than Soul Can Hope by Branwyn & Te, Do The Twist by Briar, In My Dreams I Slashed Your Tyres by cgb, You Can Keep Your Sock On by Charles, Becoming Luna by itsacraze, The Wistful One by Collie, The Way Of All Flesh by Don't Make Eye Contact, Roommates by Dragonsinger, Ground State by Francis, not now I love you by Gale, Chemistry by Gemma Files, Song Of The Executioner and The World Where You Live by HYPERFocused, House Of Leaves by Jennifer-Oksana, Dea Ex Machina by Kaite, Uneasy Redemption by Kate Bolin, Five Ways Of Becoming Someone Else, Music From A Farther Room and A Second Glance (The Falling Is Like This Remix) by Kyra Cullinan, Measure Of Peace by Laura Smith, Something Strange by Maidenjedi, Whore by Mexx, Last Rites and Reality And Other Virtues by Minim Calibre, The Cultivated Mind by Mosca, The Mating Habits Of The Crumple-Horned Snorkack (And How They Relate To Ginny Weasley) by Netgirl, Kissing Cousins and Sorrow And Silence by Nicole Clevenger, Quality Time by Padre, Once Upon A Multiverse by Paradoqz, Quickening and Seeing Through The Spaces by Pearl-o, Dall'Acqua and Of Frogs And Carrots by Princess Twilite, Fortuitous, Smashed and The Unrelentless Blue by s.a., The Gift by Schuyler, Hurricane Jack and Shopping For Mayhem In Aisle Four by Shrift, The Pearl Of Great Price by Sibilance T. Spooner, Awakening, In His Place and The Suit by Signe, Options and The Rescue by Tara O'Shea, Abnormality by Vanessa Nichols, Airs, Waters, Places by Vanzetti, How Bitter A Thing and Knowing Luna by Victoria P., Comfort by Voleuse, volcanoes melt you down by winter baby, Dark Night by Your Cruise Director, The Fairytale Way, Habits and Unlikely People by zahra, and black eyes and Pinball by Zara Hemla.
Added Desire: The Morning After The Night Before and Session Musicians Get Around (Especially The Good Ones) by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan, Sleep When You Die by Allision E. Lane, After The Dark by Aspen, Feel Good Time and Once In A Lullaby by Briar, Freaks by cheebs! & Padre, Teenage Wildlife by itsacraze, Guilty But Insane by Collie, Daughter Of Israel, Weep by Daegaer, Sparks and The Warmth by Dragonsinger, Pictorial and Troika: False Promises by Francis, Neon Groves: Chick Flick and Me More Than You by glossolalia, Birthday Girl by Hecate, Chain Of Flowers and Five Things You Won't See On Next Week's Everwood by HYPERFocused, Movement In Still Life by Icebun & Pablo, Fireworks At Falls River, Every Fourth Of July by Jenna Tooms, Gone and Take My Breath Away by Jennifer-Oksana, Not Going Quite As Planned by Kaite, Burn by Kari, Unnamed by Katta, Komm Zu Mir by Kyra Cullinan, Chimera's Touch, Staircases, and This Mortal Coil by Mexx, A Five-Point Tour Of The Alpha Quadrant and To Casey, On His Thirty-Fifth Birthday by Mosca, Fear Of Falling by Nicole Clevenger, An Easy Sleep by Niu, Piranhas by Northlight, Before This Shield Of Glass Breaks, Napoleon's Battle Plan, and So Fucking Special by Oro, Captivate,Death Or Something Like It, and On Bunching by Princess Twilite, Listeners by Rebecca Lizard, 4:29 a.m. by Regina, Dive, Irresistable, and Some Kind Of Devil by s.a., Family Bonds, Hallucinations, and Push by Sami, Tango To Evora by Scy, Curve by Shara, Star Light Star Bright by Sibilance T. Spooner, Summer Nights' Shadow by Soulstarsinger, my life as an ephemeron by tahlia, The English Teacher and Stuck In My Mind by TaleWeaver, Comfortable, Creature Comforts, Hide-And-Seek, Lex Talionis, and Mother Is The Name Of God by Tara O'Shea, Kick by Vanzetti, Beloved Son, The Fall Is What Kills You, Flannel, Gone Gently, and Hope Is A Killer by Victoria P, Biding, Not Denial, Prayer To Dhanu, and With A Word by Voleuse, Glass by Wicked Cherub, The Iceman Cometh: A Pyromaniac's Love Story and Metamorphosis by zahra, and Wish You Were by Zara Hemla.

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