Coffee Talk
by Francis

Because the Talon was the hottest spot in Smallville's adolescent and post-adolescent scene, Chloe was almost always on the verge of giving the place a good hard look under her investigative microscope. She had to admit it, even if only to herself, she got off spoiling other people's fun.

Sometimes sitting on the bar and sipping her cup of preferred brew she would dream up headlines for her investigative piece on the Talon. Then Lana would come over and spoil her fun.

It was no fun, being spoiled of your fun, she realized. Lana would strike up some conversation about what she was thinking up of, and Chloe would smile and brush her hair away from her face. Somehow, despite her better journalistic judgment, she would tell about the freak of the week or her upcoming expose` on the cafeteria food.

Lana would listen, even if it was lame because Chloe figured, Lana needed to listen. It was trade practice, she saw movies where diner gals know everything there is about their regulars. And in Smallville and in Talon, no one was more regular than she, Chloe Sullivan.

But Lana didn't make her feel like that. No, she made her feel special like she was the only one there. Lana would smile that smile that drives Whitney and Clark and almost every guy in this town insane and Chloe would find that she was smiling too, smiling back.

Then Chloe would feel guilty about even thinking of ruining Talon, about ruining this business that Lana nurtured like her baby. And she thought about the school paper and her feelings for it and she understood, how it would feel, if her baby was taken from her. Chloe would then figure that she and Lana were alike.

They were soul sisters in some weird way, and in Smallville that was normal.

She would feel close to Lana, she would feel that she was special, then someone would call and Lana would excuse herself, and Chloe would feel the rugs swept from under her. She was just another customer in the Talon that had to be humored, and she would feel her heart break for just a second.

Chloe would sip her coffee, as she would and watch Lana walking away from her, hips swaying and then she would think, "Nice ass."


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