The Smiles And The Looks In Their Eyes
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

They know. I don't know how -- I haven't told anyone yet, not even Buffy, but they all know. It's that little smile when I walk by, the knowing glint in their eyes. The way they turn to each other, whispering amongst themselves.

I know what they're saying. I can't hear them but I still know. 'See her, she's a witch.' 'I heard she was a lesbian.' 'A lesbian witch.' 'Lesbian witch' 'Lesbian witch'

I try to block it out but... but it's there all the time. I walk with my head down, not looking at anyone. But they still see me. It's almost as if there's an arrow pointing to my head saying 'lesbian witch here, tell everyone you know.'

Then I look up and she's walking towards me. Tara. And she's smiling.

And suddenly, nothing else matters.


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