Sleepless In New Jersey
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

"Hey, Richie," Jon called out, slightly louder than a whisper. "You awake?"


"Cool." Jon vaulted over the back of the seat to sit next to Richie, pulling the guitarist's magazine from his hands. He folded his legs underneath himself, staring at Richie expectantly.

"I take it you can't sleep either..."

Jon shook his head, punching the back of the seat. "Stupid bus is moving. Can't sleep when it's moving." He looked at Riche's magazine. "What you reading?" He laughed." Guitar mag, I should've known..." He threw it back at Richie and pouted. Richie laughed and Jon pushed him down so he was lying on top of him. "I'm glad you're awake though, 'cos otherwise I'd be bored. And I wouldn't be able to do this." He lowered his lips to Richie's, kissing him gently. Richie moaned, grabbing handfuls of Jon's hair and pulling him away.

"Jon, we... we can't... not here."

"Why not?" Jon sat up, chewing on his lower lip, pulling away from Richie.

"Hey... No... I didn't mean it like that." Richie grabbed hold of Jon and pulled him close. "I mean, the others..."

"...Are asleep. Dave's asleep. Tico's asleep. Alec's asleep. I'm awake." He cupped Richie's growing hard-on through his pants. "And you're definitely awake."

Not releasing his hold on Jon, Richie sat up and looked around the tour bus. Sure enough, all the lights except for his were off and all the signs pointed to everyone else being asleep. Reaching up, Richie flicked off his light, before pulling Jon back down on top of him.

"Well, when you put it like that..."

He caught Jon's lips with his own, tongue slipping out to tease Jon's. Jon whimpered, and pushed down against Richie, rubbing against him. Richie moaned, reaching up to cup Jon's ass, holding him close as they rutted against each other. Their breathing grew louder as they both grew more desperate, kisses growing open mouthed and hungry. Richie moaned into Jon's mouth, fingers clutching needingly at Jon's ass and he thrust up as hard as he could.

"Oh God..." He threw his head back against the seat, breaking the kiss with a gasp. "I'm gonna... I'm gonna... Jon, I can't... I need..."

Jon laughed breathlessly, hands sliding up under Richie's t-shirt, fingers pinching, rolling and teasing the tight nipples he found there. Richie bit his lip, trying not to make any noise, hands stroking over Jon, rubbing along the seam of his jeans, feeling his cock twitch beneath his fingers. Jon groaned, driving harder down against Richie as he pushed Richie's top up.

"Jon... uhh... " Richie let go of Jon long enough to grab his magazine and bite down on it to stop himself from shouting out. Jon kissed his way along Richie's chest, blowing on each nipple, before taking one into his mouth. He nibbled and sucked on it before moving to the other one; Richie arched up against him, his hips rocking frantically against Jon - hips and cocks slamming together.

Grabbing a fistful of the singer's hair, Richie pulled him up, sealing his lips over Jon's as came in his pants, shuddering in his seat.

Panting, Jon pulled back slightly, running his fingers through Richie's sweat-damp hair, kissing him softly, leaning against his chest as he caught his breath. Richie's wrapped his arms around Jon and pulled him back down as they relaxed, spread out along the seat.

"What about you?" Richie whispered. Jon grinned in the darkness and took Richie's hand, guiding his fingers to the growing wet patch at the front of his jeans. "Oh." Richie laughed softly, kissing Jon again.

Jon sighed softly, laying his head on Richie's chest, one leg sprawled over the guitarist's thighs. Richie automatically wrapped his arms around Jon, laughing softly as the singer's breath tickled him where it ghosted over his throat, but it felt nice so he made no move to change their positions. Jon's breathing evened out as he relaxed, dozing lightly, comfortable in Richie's arms. Maybe, just maybe, he could get the hang of this sleeping on the road.


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