Three Women. Three Phone Calls. Three Car Keys.
by Patricia R.D.

Lilah. "A little Revenge".

"Yes." Lilah felt like she was repeating herself. "We got it," She stared at the keys on her hand before putting them on her purse. "Like I said an hour ago, we have it right here and we're bringing it over. Are you sure he won't notice? alright, see you there." She started to walk out of Angel's office, being greeted by a smiling Darla.

"He's still asleep. Did you talk to Lindsey?"

"He and Dru are waiting for us."

"Then let's go."

"So this is it? We take revenge on Angel by stealing his car?"

"Pretty much."

"Just asking."


Darla. "Someday".

"Hello?" Angel's voice was tired, maybe weak. Good, goodness could eat you away. Before he could ask who it was, Darla hung up. She stood from the cheap chair, keys in hand, and started to gather her things. She left the best for last: the tiny baby sleeping on the bed.

"Time to go, Little One," Darla said picking up the bundle. Five minutes later she was driving under the starts, the desert and open road in front of her. Her child slept on the backseat, strapped to the baby chair.

"Someday I'll see you, Angel You'll regret rejecting me."


Gwen. "Gone".

"We'll be home tomorrow around five," Mr. Raiden said. Gwen nodded on the other end of the line, keys shining on her gloved hand.

"Are you listening, Gwen?"

"Alright, daddy."

"See you then?"

"I gotta go," Gwen said. "Say hi to Mom." And that I love her, both of you She hung up and picked up her duffel bag. Mom and Daddy would arrive tomorrow to an empty house, their only daughter gone. It was for the best. No more hooded glances and hidden shames. No danger for the loved ones.

From now on, only Gwen and the open road.


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