by Francis

Buffy was almost always of the opinion that one should let others live the way they wanted to live, except of course, the way of living is by draining any amount of blood for personal nourishment, then she'd have a problem with you. But generally, for a Slayer, Buffy is a liberal, it's okay if you're a demon just as long as you keep away from the bad, or if you do, don't let her catch you with your grimy hands in the jar.

As an individual, Buffy thought herself to be more understanding, she looked past the initial shock learning of the whole Willow-is-a-lesbian scenario, and saw that nothing was changing after all. Willow was still Willow, despite the change of preference of anatomical parts to go down on. Add to this the fact that Tara was one of the coolest person she ever met, she was cute and funny, in her own unique Tara way.

In fact she had began to develop, in her mind at least, a way of describing someone with the qualities of Tara. It was Taraesque. Buffy realized of course that it was a little unoriginal, but she had managed to use it a few times in conversation with Dawnie and the gang without incidence. Once she even used it with Tara, while she was accompanying her in the Magic Box.

A customer in her late twenties had just made her purchases and as she walked out, Buffy unmaliciously checked her out. "She's very Taraesque, isn't she?" she said this without much thought at least that was what she hoped she looked like.

Tara stared at her for a few seconds before breaking out in a smile and a blush. "I..I..I guess..."

So it became a part of Buffy's vocabulary, Taraesque. She used it as often as she could and was pleased that it was catching up, at least with Xander and Anya. Willow however, though initially amused, found that Buffy was getting a little out of hand.

"What's wrong with the word?" she asked Willow, she finally confronted Buffy.

"It's not that it's not a great gesture to make Tara feel beautiful and welcome..."

"And she is..."

"See, Buffy, that's what I'm wondering," Willow paused choking a little on the words. "Are you..."

"Am I...What?"

"Are you into Tara?"

"Wha...What makes you think that?" the Slayer asked a little shocked by the insinuation.

"It's just that, you've been a little too preoccupied with trying to be around Tara all the time, like last night you sort of interrupted a little sort of intimate time when you asked her if she wanted to watch CSI with you."

"I...I don't know what to say Will?" Buffy stammered realizing that there was something peculiar going on with her. She was feeling things for the very first time about Tara. What is it? Lust? Love?

"I mean it's okay with us Buffy, after all you're very close with Tara and me. You can always...You know...Share with us."

"What?!" Buffy was now doubly concerned and excited by what she thought she heard. "Are you serious? Do you really think that I'd be..."

"Interested?" Willow continued. "I thinks it's up to you. I'm, I mean we're just extending an invitation, any time."

"Well thanks, but I think that I've got better things to do."

"You know, Tara's really good. She really likes you Buffy," Willow left with these words knowing Buffy would simmer and sooner or later, boil over.

The next night, Buffy found herself without Dawn, who had a sleepover party at a friends house. She was all alone in the house with Willow and Tara who were already up in their room doing who knows what. Sitting in front of the television, Buffy skimmed through channels without much thought, trying to keep her mind away from thinking wrong thoughts like Tara kissing her.

It became apparent soon enough, at least to Buffy, that she could not drive those madding thoughts away just like that, she needed, despite all protestations from somewhere within her, release. Good sex driven release. She turned the t.v. set off and set out for the privacy of her room.

She passed by Willow and Tara's room hearing muffled voices inside, before going into her room and taking out her guilty secret, a lipstick vibrator. She got on her bed and began slowly to prep herself for some release time. Halfway through her routine, without pants and top, she turned in horror to find Tara standing in her doorway looking at her flushed, obviously she had forgotten to close the door.

"I...I...I was going down stairs, I thought you were crying...I'm sorry," Tara was desperately trying to figure out words to explain why she had been staring at Buffy doing her personal thing.

"It's my bad," the Slayer tried to cover herself and recover all at once. "Can you, like turn around for a second while I..."

"Oh! Of course," Tara said turning her back to Buffy promptly. "I didn't mean to embarrass you..."

"Please...If I saw you or Willow doing what I was doing I'd stare...Not in a 'I'm-getting-so-turned-on' way...More of like, you know...Discovery Channel...The Self-gratification ritual of American females."

Buffy was talking much without moving much that when Willow peeked in she saw Buffy still topless and in her panties, vibrator in hand.

"Buffy!" Willow exclaimed possessed with both surprise and shock. Her eyes glinted with a kind of pride that Buffy rarely saw in her friend.

"It's not what it seems," Buffy began to explain as Willow stepped into her room.

"You half-naked with a vibrator, wide open door, Tara and me walking in on you."

"Willow, Buffy just forgot to..." Tara followed Willow into Buffy's room. They now stood before Buffy, so real in their bath robes, smelling of things like lilac and sandalwood and sweat. Sweat in places that she could only imagine.

"You got me," Buffy blurted suddenly. "Yeah, you fell for it. Wide open door, vibrator..."

"Oh! Okay!" Willow was caught off her guard. "Well...What do you suppose we should do Buffy?"

They looked at each other for a moment before Tara spoke up, "I could kiss you first...To break the ice."

"Umm...Yeah, why not," Buffy answered. She was beginning to dig the idea. Tara moved towards her slowly and drew her so close that her naked skin could feel through Tara's robe. She resisted initially but finally gave in as Tara carefully drove her tongue in her mouth, not to spar but to caress her.

Willow watched mouth open, in awe and excitement. It was one thing to imagine it and another to see it there in the flesh. Tara and Buffy broke contact briefly and resumed again, now as equals, no mentor and no apprentice. "Hey! What about me?"

"Sorry honey," Tara apologized stepping away from a dazed Buffy. Willow stepped up to her best friend of six years and looked at the glad look in her eyes. Buffy made first contact, deliberately slow she let Willow do the rest.

When they had finished they took Buffy by the hand and lead her to their small domain, there they stripped her free of her vibrator and panties and sat her down. They let her watch them make love, Tara who always looked like the submissive one knew what she wanted. Buffy grew more in love with Tara watching her pleasure Willow. Such a fine creature was not real, at least she thought.

When they had finished with each other, Tara and Willow took turns going down on Buffy who groaned and moaned so hard that they were afraid they could never walk out of the house during the day ever again. Willow was good with her fingers and Tara a magician with her tongue. Waves upon waves of pleasure seeped out of Buffy.

Then they showed Buffy the 'real toys', dildos of every imaginable configuration. Willow and Tara donned their strap-ons, the brunette in front, the blonde from the backdoor and the Slayer all heaving, sandwiched between the two. Then there was the double-headed kinds that allowed them so many ways of fucking.

Afterwards, Buffy basked in the sweet afterglow of an unimaginable marathon. With Willow in between them, Tara put her hand on Buffy's hips. "I always knew three was a good number."

"Yes, it is," Buffy agreed. Tara could make her agree into trying anything now.


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