by Amy

Faith has had sex with several people.

No, not several. More than several. Many more than several.

Faith has had sex with a LOT of people.

Faith would like to have had sex with more people, but she ran out of attractive people in Boston. And in Sunnydale. And in that prison in L.A. And while Faith does not have any problems with lots of sex, she does have standards.

Her standards, mind you, are not high. But she does have them. She prides herself on having them at all. She's a slut, but she does have her pride.

Still, that slut thing keeps coming back, and it has made her, she thinks, very good at what she does.

Faith doesn't care what she's doing, or who she's doing. She just needs to be doing something. Boy, girl, top, bottom -- anything's good as long as there's shadows playing across flesh, there's skin hot with desire, and there's the hint something that might be love, might be lust, might just be a really fucking intense orgasm.

Faith is easy.

Most people want something from her, and that's when she excels. Faith doms; Faith subs; Faith licks and sucks; Faith thrusts. Faith is the amazing dancing sex fiend and all shall fear her and despair. Faith can be whatever they want. Faith would have made an excellent prostitute, if she had wanted to do so, but she's always felt that taking money takes some of the fun out of sex. Plus, that carries the idea that the other person's orgasm is the most important part of the ordeal, and Faith's not on board with that. Sex is every woman for herself, and no matter how many times the other party's going to come, Faith's gonna make sure she can come one more.

Luckily for Faith, Lilah's the same way.

Like Faith, Lilah can be anything. She's a chameleon in leather and lace, black as night and hot as hell and fucking insane when she wants to be, which is almost always, and that's why Faith likes her.

Unlike Faith, though, Lilah knows what she wants. Faith's always there when Lilah gets home from work, business suit and glasses that make her look even smarter, and when Lilah first makes eye contact Faith can always tell what kind of night it's going to be.

Some nights Lilah needs it soft, soft and gentle and as light as a feather. But neither of them likes it vanilla, and more often than not, light as a feather ends with one of them tied to the bed frame, the quill drifting across bare skin until the torturer got bored.

It could take hours. It could take days.

Some nights Lilah wants it hard and fast, and they pretty much go to town -- metaphorically, at least; they don't go into the literal town too often, because there are too many good guys and bad guys, and more importantly, too many bad dancers for them to enjoy themselves.

On those nights, it's a veritable party with just the two of them, long rows of toys spread out, and what Lilah wants, Lilah gets. Like Faith, Lilah will try anything once. Like Faith, Lilah will look hot doing so.

Faith is always impressed by Lilah's collection of toys. Lilah's so delicate-looking, so innocent to the eye. Faith can never quite figure out how someone like that, someone so fucking respectable, has amassed a collection of vibrators practically twice the size of her own.

And Faith has always had a lot of vibrators.

It's just one of those things.

Lilah likes it rough, and Faith is never one to argue with her. Lilah comes from Wolfram and Hart, which means that when anyone wants whips and chains, she's their girl. Lilah could fuck anyone senseless in a heartbeat, but she's too refined to do that when it's so much more fun to keep them conscious and begging for more.

Lilah can beat Faith to pieces with an expensive leather flog, can mark her, can brand her skin as much as a Slayer can be branded, and she will never make a sound. Lilah can make Faith cry, make Faith scream, make Faith call her mistress.

Lilah can be a true dominatrix.

And then she says "switch."

And they do.


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