Army Games
by Charles

The lone soldier looked back at his commanding officer. "Sir, the terrain seems to get rougher up here." The sargeant glared at the private. "I don't care! We have orders to go all the way to the top!" The private sighed and continued onward.

"Sir, we're coming up on something sticking out of the ground."

"Well, go on and investigate."

"Yes, sir."

Xander moved the chick Peep closer to where Graham's boner caused the bedsheet to look more like a tent. The bunny Peep looked on in relative safety on Graham's thigh.

"Report, private."

"Well sir, it seems to have popped up suddenly, without any warning."

"I need details man, details!"

The chick Peep slowly moved closer to Graham's erection. "Request permission to move on, sir."

"Request denied, soldier."

"Yes, sir."

The chick Peep circled Graham's erection and then looked back at his commanding bunny. "It appears to be round, and large, and covered. Request permission to climb higher, sir."

"Permission granted. I'll catch up in a minute, private."

The chick continued upward, pausing on Graham's abs. "Careful, sir. The terrain gets bumpy here."

"Roger that," said the bunny. It was currently near the erection.

Graham started to stir. Xander knew he'd better wrap up this little army game.

"Suggest we return to base, sir."

"Good idea, private."

And with that, Xander stuffed both Peeps into his mouth.

Graham sat up and blinked sleepily. He spotted Xander standing suspiciously close by but doing his damndest to look innocent

"Xander, what were you doing?"

"Nuffing" was the mumbled reply.


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