by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

Jon shrugged off his denim jacket, letting it slide off his shoulders and fall to the floor. One backwards glance down and he forgot about it, winding a soft white towel around his shoulders, rubbing his sweat-soaked hair with another. Adrenaline was still pumping through his veins and he laughed out loud at nothing in particular, rolling his neck, popping it with a satisfied sigh.

He grimaced as he walked towards his dressing room, his pants sticking to his legs with each step. He scowled down at them; as much as the tight gold was a crowd pleaser, they weren't exactly the most practical item of clothing he had ever worn. He gripped the cord holding them up and was about to unlace them, when Richie's hands slid around his hips. Jon tilted his head and smiled, leaning back against him.

"Leave them on," Richie requested softly.

Jon pouted. "But, Richie..."

"Please? For me?"

Jon sighed, but nodded slowly, a shiver running down his spine as a broad grin spread across Richie's face. Richie glanced around the corridor, before leaning in and kissing him. "I'll see you back at the hotel," he breathed. Jon nodded again, more confident this time, and he smiled as Richie pulled back, striding down the corridor to his car. He followed Richie with his eyes, laughing to himself. He shook his head and slipped into his dressing room. Grabbing a clean t-shirt and a pair of jeans, he shoved them into a bag and ran out to where his car was waiting to take him back to the hotel.

The short car journey seemed to take ages. He slumped back in the leather seat, crossing one leg over the other across the knee, his foot tapping to a rhythm played only in his head, fingers drumming out the beat on his ankle. Energy thrummed through him and it was impossible for him to sit still, fidgeting in the seat, fingers running through his hair. Changing positions yet again, he sighed with relief as the car pulled to a stop outside the hotel.

He jumped out of the car before the driver even had chance to open the door for him. Jon flashed the driver a grateful smile before skidding into the hotel foyer. He made a conscious effort to slow down as he made his way to his room, not wanting to draw attention to himself. Jon sighed with relief when he reached his door without incident, fumbling in his bag for the key. The door slid open noiselessly and he slipped into the dark room.

"Richie?" Jon called out softly, hands reaching for the light switch.

"Jon." His name was a purr as Richie slinked towards him, pushing him back against the door. Richie covered Jon's body with his own, and rocked against him, his erection rubbing against Jon's thigh. Jon's hand fell away from the wall and he wrapped his arms around Richie's neck.

"Rich?" Jon moaned as Richie's hands slid up under his t-shirt, thumbs rolling his nipples gently, coaxing them to hardness. Richie pulled Jon's t-shirt up over his head and dropped it to the floor, his attention fully on Jon.

"Don't talk," Richie whispered, his lips sealing over Jon's. Jon moaned; Richie very rarely took the lead in their relationship, but when he did... He trailed off as Richie slid a hand down his body, cupping his gold-clad groin. With a whimper, Jon pushed into Richie's hand, opening up into the kiss and letting Richie take control.

Richie rubbed Jon hard through his trousers, Jon thrusting back into Richie's hand. Jon's head fell back against the door and he was gasping for breath when Richie broke the kiss. A predatory gleam in his eyes, Richie kissed and licked his way across Jon's throat to his ear, nibbling gently on the lobe.

"I love these pants," he told Jon, stroking him harder. "They're so..." he paused. "Shiny." Jon whimpered, spreading his legs, his eyes sliding closed. He could feel his cock hardening, pressing against the confines of his tight pants.

"Oh, God! Richie, please, I can't..."

"You need more, baby?"

"Yes!" His licked his lips, shaking his head. "N... No, Richie, don't. You'll ruin the... the pants."

"And we can't have that." Richie quirked an eyebrow. "Guess you'll have to take them off," he decided, even as Jon's hands moved to the laces on the pants. "But not like that," he told Jon, pining the singer's hands to his sides. "Like this." He pushed Jon harder against the door, grinding his hips against Jon's, kissing him again. His hands slid down Jon's torso, reaching behind him to cup his ass. Jon rocked forwards, pushing desperately against Richie.

Richie laughed breathlessly, kneading Jon's ass in his hands as he broke the kiss, lips trailing down Jon's throat, pausing to suck on the pulse point. He kissed down Jon's chest, lips tugging on the hair, before sucking on each of his hard nipples. Jon whimpered, hands clenching into fists at his thighs. Richie's lips following the trail of dark hair down further and further, sinking to his knees at Jon's feet, legs spread wide.

He glanced up at Jon, and brown met blue as their eyes connected. Licking his lips, Jon panted Richie's name, vaguely wondering where all the oxygen in the room had fled to. Richie swallowed heavily, taking the cord holding Jon's pants up between his teeth. He tugged slightly, rewarded by both a low moan from Jon, and by the cord pulling away, loosening the trousers. He pulled the cord all the way out from the pants and they slid down, coming to rest low on Jon's hips.

Slowly, Richie rolled the pants down Jon's legs, kissing each piece of skin as it was revealed. Leaving the pants tangled around Jon's ankles, Richie swept his hands up the insides of Jon's legs, the muscles quivering beneath his fingers. Jon moaned Richie's name, fingers scrabbling against the door.

His hands cupping Jon's ass again, Richie ran his thumbs along the 'v' of his thighs, chuckling as Jon squirmed beneath him. Richie dipped his head, blowing gently across the head of Jon's erection. Jon cried out, thrusting his hips forward. Richie laughed, shifting his grip on Jon's hips to pin him against the door. Jon whimpered, rocking against Richie's grip as his cock was slowly engulfed into the warm wetness of Richie's mouth as Richie sucked him softly.

Crying Richie's name, Jon tangled his fingers in Richie's hair, still trying to buck up, but Richie held him tight against the door. He sucked his lower lip into his mouth, whimpering with need.

"Richie, I can't," he gasped. "I need more, baby, please!"

Richie pulled back, running his tongue along the underside of Jon's erection, flickering over the head. Jon whimpered, fingers tightening in Richie hair as he begged him to suck him. Richie laughed, before taking Jon all the way in and sucking him hard.

Jon's eyes rolled back in his head and he panted Richie's name in a mantra, trailing off into a scream as his orgasm hit him. He slid to the floor, blinking dazedly and then grinning dopily as Richie licked his lips. Jon's dazed look turned predatory as he caught his breath, gaze visibly travelling down Richie's body, and fixing on the very obvious erection tenting Richie's pants.

Richie swallowed heavily, meeting Jon's eyes as Jon crawled towards him. Kneeling in front of Richie, Jon ran one finger down the seam of his jeans, eyebrow raised at the dampness seeping through the fabric.

"Guess you really like these pants, huh?"

Richie grinned. "Not as much as the guy in them."

"That's OK, then." Jon grinned in return as he pushed Richie slowly backwards on to the floor, lying down on top of him. "Cos you're not too bad yourself," he declared, sealing his lips over Richie's.

Richie whimpered as Jon's weight pushed him down against the carpet, his erection brushing teasingly against Jon's hip. He thrust up against him and moaned as Jon pushed back down.

Jon's tongue slipped between Richie's lips even as his hand slid into Richie's pants, fingers curling around his erect cock. Richie moaned into the kiss, arching up into Jon's touch as long fingers started to slowly stroke his erection, speeding up as Richie's thrusts became more and more urgent.

His body tensing under Jon's, Richie came with a grunt, hands coming up to grip Jon's shoulders.

Richie stretched out with a sigh, relaxing and pulling Jon close. He wrapped his arms around his lover, kissing him softly on the lips. Jon ran his fingers through Richie's hair, teeth nibbling gently on Richie's ear, before pulling back slightly to look at him.

"If these pants inspire you that much, I'll have to see if I can keep them when the tour's over."

A wicked grin and a growl was Richie's reply as he pulled Jon back down again, their lips meeting in another searing kiss.


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