Added Putting The Bitch On by Abbey, As Seen By The Unholy, Fools, and Wings, But Not The Wind Wind Beneath Them by Alejandra, Illegal Zombie-Actor Cage Fighting and The Law Of Conservation Of Power by Amy & Jennifer-Oksana, New York by cgb, Notes Toward A Story That Will Never Be Told by Charlotte Archer, sinking (This Little Masochist) by cheebs!, 4/4 and The Snowman by dodyskin, Make It Anyway by Dolores, Apnea, The Burkle-Summers Guide To Frozen Precipitation, Areas In Which It May Be Found, And Circumstances Surrounding Its Fall, and The Two Broomsticks by glossolalia, And Zavulon Smiled, The Love After, and The Meeting Of The Lines by Hecate, The End Of All Things by International Princess, Those Whole Girls (Run In Grace) by Jengrrrl, Butterfly Dreaming, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Merry Frakking Genesis, Miss Roslin And Mayor-To-Be Adar, Queen's Sacrifice, Seduce And Destroy, Technical Knockout, and Waiting For Godot-bot by Jennifer-Oksana, In Love With An Insomniac and Tell All The Truth, Tell It Slant by Karen, Harder Faster More, Over Swedish Meatballs, A Short History Of The Teenage Years, Three Bathrooms, and The Transcript Of The #metamagick Room, Sunday, January 5th, 1996 by Kate Bolin, "And Then They Make Sex!", another space between the trees, the conjugation of irregular verbs, Forgotten Curls, (haunted) taken out of context, Her Habitual Disguise (Discarded), kiss and scold together, McDonald's Second Coming, Miniver Cheevy, Neither Thought Nor Memory, One Last Tip Of The Hat, Pulled The Trigger, A Quality Of Loss, Short And Sensible, sitting by the roadside, to make a mockery of water to a man born thirsty, when you find all the holes in yourself by Keren Ziv, After Everything and The Other Tower by Kessica, Paper Letters by Lady Gray, Ris'n With Healing (In His Wings) by Lar, Reversals Of Fortune by Lin, The Devil You Know by Mari, Bound, Chill, Fall, Made Of Glass, Play Pretend, Sense, and Words by Melanie-Anne, Ashes by Milady Hawke, My Lady and Save Me by Mistresskitty, 10 Wishes by mmsorciere, Annotation and Twentyish Lies Told To Rose Tyler by Nostalgia, 4:26 AM, Eastern Standard Time, Common Goals, and Teacher by Padre, T-Day and The Einherjar by Sami, A Gradual Brightening, Index Of Possibilities, Looking For Doors, Sending And Receiving, and Turn The Tables by Scy, Claims To The Contrary by Shrift, Notes From The Edge: Savage Festive Truth. All Alone With Nowhere To Go When The Bad Times Come Rolling In. The Spider Christmas Message, Enjoying The Sound Of Puppies Exploding by Simon Field, measure loss and gain by Steve And Dave, And All Shall Be Well, At The Battle, With Faithful Arrows, and For We Are Bound By Symmetry by tahlia, My Watcher and Resistance Is Futile by Tesla, Five Realizations That Never Came To Sally Harper by winter baby.

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