In The Flow
by Embitca

For a moment, Marshall didn't know where he was when he woke up, but then his head bumped into Nick's arm when he rolled over and he remembered he was in a hotel. Nick's hotel room, of course. He sat up and stared at Nick, sleeping on his back with one arm tucked beneath his head. That had been the elbow Marshall had smacked himself on. He wondered how anyone could sleep like that, just completely sprawled and open.

He reached out and ran his fingers down Nick's exposed armpit. He briefly considered leaning in to lick across it, but he didn't want to wake Nick up and he really needed to take a piss. Still, he couldn't resist a quick tug on Nick's underarm hair when he took his hand away so he ended up startling Nick awake anyway. "Hey, oww, what?"

"Go back to sleep. I'm just going to the bathroom." Marshall got out of the bed and Nick snuffled and rolled onto his side with a couple of more, "Hmmph, uh, yeah," and then he was asleep again.

Marshall slipped into his sweatpants and then padded into the bathroom on bare feet. Ignoring his bladder for a moment, he turned the hot water on in the sink and leaned down and splashed water into his face, washing away the caked gunk at the corners of his eyes. Then he hit the cold tap and continued to splash water into his face until he actually felt awake instead of undead.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he stuck his tongue out at himself and then scowled. He spied Nick's toothbrush on the edge of the sink, gave it a half second's thought and then shrugged and picked it up. Normally it would skeeve Marshall right the fuck out to use someone else's toothbrush, but his mouth tasted like shit and Nick wouldn't care at all if Marshall used his toothbrush so he used it.

When he finally lifted the toilet seat and pushed his sweats down his thighs, Nick wandered into the bathroom, naked and yawning. "Man, what the fuck have you been doing in here?"

Marshall frowned at him and said, "I thought you were still asleep."

"Uh yeah, you kinda woke me up, remember?"

"Sorry." Marshall shrugged and looked down at his dick. He couldn't fucking go with someone else standing there.

Nick just stood there staring at him, so not helping. "You going or what?"

"I can't fucking go with you just standing there!"

Nick snorted, "I'm not waiting any longer," then he stepped up to the side of the toilet and let loose a stream into the toilet.

Marshall just stared at Nick's cock. "Get the fuck out of my bathroom."

Nick laughed, "This is my bathroom," and then, unbelievably, he aimed his dick at Marshall and hit him with a gush of urine which splashed over his dick and soaked his pubic hair.

Marshall snarled and shot his fist out, but Nick ducked out of the way before he could connect and as a result he ended up pissing directly onto Marshall's body again before the flow stopped. Marshall felt his temper spiral out of control as soon as the warm urine hit him and this time when he lunged for Nick, he caught him and slammed him into the shower door. "You fucker!" He ended up punching the shower door and bruising his fingers because Nick slid to the floor to get out of the way.

"Marshall, come on! What is your deal, you maniac?"

Marshall seethed as he stared at Nick who was squatting beneath him, half smile still on his face. This wasn't funny and he wanted to just smack the smile off Nick's face. "You just pissed on me!"

Nick laughed, "It's just water. Come on, settle down."

"Just water? Fuck you! It's just water. Yeah. I ought to just piss on your face then!"

"Go ahead then. If it'll make you feel better, go ahead."

Marshall just stared at him. "What?"

Nick looked up at him with an expression Marshall couldn't quite figure out. "Just go ahead. Do it. Piss on me."

Marshall stepped back, surprised. Nick was serious. "Maybe I should just smash your face in."

Nick shook his head, smiling slightly. "Nah, dude, you don't wanna do that. 'Cause I will stomp your butt and you'll never see my fine fat ass again."

Marshall smirked at that, anger dissipating in Nick's refusal to take it seriously. "Who says I want to see your fat ass again anyway?"

Nick smiled back at him serenely. "Oh, you do."

Marshall looked down at himself, inspecting the wet patch of hair around his prick. He really needed to piss. It was getting urgent. "Yeah, maybe." When he looked at Nick again, Nick leaned forward and pushed Marshall's pants down to his ankles. Marshall stepped out of them and then took a step towards Nick, his dick in his hand. Nick closed his eyes. Marshall wasn't going to get off on this. This was just revenge. That's what he told himself.

But when he was standing in front of Nick and holding his dick in his hand, he couldn't go. Several seconds went by and then Nick cracked open an eyelid and looked up at him. "Turn the tap on."


"Turn the tap on and think about water. It's easier."

Marshall nearly tripped over his pants on the floor when he turned around so he kicked them out of the way and then reached for the sink and turned the spigot. When he looked over his shoulder at Nick, Nick just nodded his head and said, "Yeah, that's right. Stick your hand under it if you hafta."

Marshall didn't need to do that. He just really needed to piss. He felt like his bladder was going to burst and he also felt really turned on and he wanted to relieve himself before his dick got so hard he wouldn't be able to. So he walked back over to Nick, grabbed his dick, closed his eyes, and thought about water and streams and rivers flowing. And as the images flickered through his mind, he opened his eyes to see his own flow as it hit Nick in the face. When Nick gasped, Marshall directed the gushing flow of piss down his body, aiming it at Nick's already hardening cock.

Nick stroked himself as Marshall bathed his cock and balls in urine. He didn't stop jerking himself off when Marshall stopped pissing, so Marshall stood and watched him. Nick's pubic hair was damp and curled and drops of fluid fell off him onto the rug which was already completely soaked beneath him.

Marshall still had his cock in his hand, half-hard, but when Nick groaned quietly and his eyes flickered open to look up at Marshall, he felt it thicken in his hand. Marshall whispered, "Shit," and then stumbled forward clumsily until he was leaning against the shower door and stroking himself directly over Nick's face. "Jesus, Nick, how'd you get to be such a perverted freak?"

Nick laughed then and opened his eyes wide. When he looked up at Marshall standing directly over him, he wrapped an arm around Marshall's thigh and pulled himself close enough to lick the underside of Marshall's testicles with a lewd sucking noise that made Marshall shake and moan. Nick slurped at him again and then pulled away. A few more quick pumps and Marshall watched himself come all over Nick's face. "Oh fuck, yeah."

Spent, Marshall continued to lean against the shower door, watching Nick lick spunk off his face and continue to jerk himself off. Without thinking much about it, he slid a finger along Nick's chin, wiping up his own semen and then slipping his finger into Nick's mouth. Nick sucked at it greedily, eyes tightly shut, and Marshall felt teeth scrape against his knuckle when Nick finally reached orgasm and ejaculated all over his own hand and stomach.

Marshall waited for Nick to open his eyes, then he stuck his hand out and helped Nick pull himself off the floor. Nick rubbed his cum into his belly and then looked at Marshall and said, "Shower?"

Marshall smiled and said, "Definitely."

Nick opened the shower door and stepped inside, turning the water on as Marshall followed him. When Nick turned to face him, Marshall wrapped his arms around him and stuck his tongue in Nick's mouth as the water steamed up around them.


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