The Dark Side
by Patricia R.D.

Fred is already hiding on the corner nearest to Angel's room when she arrives. Darla doesn't make any attempt to conceal herself. She comes through the backdoor, true, but Fred is almost sure the vampiress wouldn't try to hide if Cordelia or any of the guys saw her. Because Angel would protect her. He needs her.

Sometimes Fred feels a little guilty about keeping this secret. After all, Darla is the bad guy. Fred has seen the files, what Darla has done in the last few centuries, Angel's unnatural obsession...

And yet Fred says nothing as the blonde arrives every night, a vision in red silk and gold stilettos. She passes by without a hello to the crazy girl with long tangled hair and curious eyes. After all, she's here for one thing and one thing only.

And boy, does she get it every time.

Fred likes to sit with her ear close to the door to listen to them. No doubt of what they're doing. There are moans, hisses, growls and even breaking sounds. She shudders and bits her lip, but doesn't go away. Once upon a time, she though she stupid enough to think Angel could look at her and see more than a little sister or a friend. He could see a young girl in love, someone to love back. She now realizes he doesn't want a girl, he wants a woman. To have and to hurt.

After one time with Darla, Fred understands why.

It happened so fast for words to describe it. She had been on her way to the corner when Darla appeared in front of her. Before Fred could react she was pinned against the wall, nails sharp and cold as slivers of ice exploring the warm fresh and velvety mounds between her thighs. The grip was firm, but not too strong. The message was clear: We stop whenever you want to.

Fred did nothing to stop Darla. She was as quiet as she could as the vampiress made her come over and over in the dimly lit hallway. Then went down on her knees and did her best to pay back for an unwanted, yet welcomed painful pleasure.

She never spoke to Angel about it. He'd smelled her in his lover's body and punished her for it. Darla had done nothing to conceal the scars on her face and arms, she was way too proud for it. It had been the week Fred had 'accidentally' opened Angel's windows. The message was clear.

Once upon a time, Fred had lived in a world where demons existed only movies and scary tales. Then she went to Pylea. And she learned monsters were real. Back on her own dimension, she was learning to love the dark side, and the pleasure it could offer.

The door closes, bringing her back to reality. She goes to her usual spot and gets ready to listen, hoping-- maybe, maybe not-- that Darla might come to her again tonight.


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