Closing The Circle
by kbk

Keiko doesn't really know how they ended up here, but she's fairly sure it involved part of her husband's stash of spirits. The good stuff, of course, the bottle he pushed right to the back because it was older than he was and could have bought a nice dinner out for the whole family, and perhaps new clothes for the occasion as well. She never really minded his little luxuries -- after all, he worked hard for them, and he was a model husband, and the best father she knew, and it wasn't as though they ever lacked anything and she knows that if she had ever asked him he would have given it up to make her happy but that's not what she wanted, ever, she just wanted him and she didn't realise that she couldn't have him because he didn't realise it until afterwards and he still hasn't told her, the bastard had to let her hear it from Ezri instead (and there was more than a hint of Jadzia in her when she walked in the door, something in the posture that suggested she ought to be taller and stronger and far more confident, and maybe that was something all the Daxes that had actually been chosen had and she would have to ask, at some point, but not now.)

"Julian and Miles are fucking," Ezri had told her, after she'd made sure that the children were safely elsewhere and there was no way for the two of them to be disturbed. Keiko had stared at her for a few long moments, and been vaguely surprised by the way it wasn't actually a surprise at all. And when she said that out loud, in a wondering tone of voice, Dax sighed and agreed. They got angry, a little, but not enough to confront the men, especially if they were still together. It wouldn't be a pretty fight even if they were separated into the official couples, but the four of them in a room together would probably cause the hull to explode from the tension. So Keiko had dug into a cupboard while Ezri rummaged around in the kitchen, and they had got companionably drunk on a malt that neither of them particularly appreciated but for the symbolic nature of it.

Then they had been three steps beyond drunk, and it had seemed like a good idea to close the circle, and of course Ezri held the collected experience of nine lifetimes in bodies of each gender and honestly, who wouldn't be curious to experience that? So somehow, Keiko had been laid out on the bed she normally shared with Miles and letting another woman undress her, albeit a woman with short hair and a lithely boyish body. And it was different, profoundly so, though how much of that was due to the fact that Ezri was a woman and how much of it was due to the fact that Ezri was a Trill, she didn't know. Still, it was a langourous event, mellowed out by the quantities of real alcohol that they had consumed, lazy touches and lingering kisses across her breasts and down her stretch-marked stomach, and she would have been happy to reciprocate, honestly, but she was floating on the arousal that was being given to her and it felt like it would have been churlish to reject that gift. So she simply accepted Dax's lovemaking and the pleasure that ensued, and held the smaller woman to her afterwards. It was strange, not to be the small one, but it felt good.

Maybe they could work something out between the four of them. After all, Julian was fairly easy on the eyes.


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