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Added One Breath by Allison, All Of These Things by Charlotte, Five Things That Never Happened To Samara Morgan (And Yamamura Sadako) by Gale, Fight Gravity, Lost In Chinatown, and Marble Into Music by Glosslalia, Don't Speak, A Better State Than This, Summer's Lovers, and The Outsider by HYPERFocused, Thinner Lines by Jennifer-Oksana, Four Things That Never Happened To Chakotay, Dyed In The Wool, If Wishes Were Horses, and When It's Raining by Karen, Halcyon Days by käthe, The Pains And Pleasures Of Agricultural Labour by KindKit, Terms And Conditions, The Evil You Know, and What I Like About You by Laura, Newt by Meyerlemon, It Breaks Like The Weather by Mosca, The Perils Of Domestic Bliss and Scenes From (Not) An Affair by NetGirl, Dash To Pele by Sami, Calico Girl by Sängerin, for whom it is reserved by Sangga, Antics, or Five Things That Might've Happened in A Man of His Word and Seth and Luke's Big Gay Adventures in Portland by Sara, Pain au Chocolat and Things More and Less Pleasant by Twinkledru J., A Little Sting by Unovis, and Dirty Laundry, A Lousy History Of Tomorrows, The Vig, and your skin like a whole almond by Victoria P.
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Added Numbering The Stars by Abbey Carter, the distance is only an obstacle, Look Way Up To The Sky, The Whole Thing Is Ridiculous by alejandra, Lies In Death by Amberina, banking on the (good)will of others by bantha fodder, My Spiders From Mars and Rooms by cgb, Blood And Fire and disintegrating by cheebs!, Me And My Charms and Molecules by Croupier, Since The Time We Left Ourselves by Dessert First & Tesla, Lorney Tunes by dodyskin, If A Man Answers by Emily, Surreal by Evangeline, Six Things That Never Happened To Ana And Michael, Because Life Just Doesn't Work Out That Way by Gale & Kate Bolin, The Case Of The Caribbean Bubbly, Human and not wholly human, writ by the finger of the Divine, and You And Me And The Moon by glossolalia, Ordinary Boy by Gunbunny, Another Country, The Fourth Horseman, Heirs And Spares, List, The Loneliest Road, The Nature Of The Beast, Practical, and Que Sera Sera by Ishafel, Bree Van De Kamp Finds Enlightenment! and Eternally Present by Jennifer-Oksana, Red Dawn by Joyful, Jockey To The Stars by Karen, Family by Kat, Better Than, Society Pages, and Ten Weddings Planned by Kate Bolin, Gnomes Have Ways and Quite Unlike Anything Else by Käthe, Fish, Flies And Showerheads by Katrina McDonnell, Remedial Potions by Kessica, The Amazing And True Adventures Of Dawn Summers And Her Zombie Twin by Kyra Cullinan, Back Alleys And Unanswered Calls, On Being A Good Ol' Boy, and When You're Not Looking by Lar, All That You Sense and Sex And The Stranded Girl by Lavender, all my lovers, Beauty, Dream, "Over the hills and far away", Owned, and What It's Worth by LindaMarie, Of History and Zen And The Art Of Stake Maintenance by M. Phoenix, Titian by Mab, A Dorothy Complex and Stop by MelWil, (What Passes For) Another Plane Of Existence by Michelle K, From The Hip by Mosca, killing time by Oro, The Dreams Of The Innkeeper's Daughter by Padre, The Road To Damascus by Paradoqz, Down With The Sickness and (go to) California by Prophecy Girl, Traces by Ruth, Show And Tell by Shrift, "this is where the world drops off" by Tahlia, Among A Hundred Brothers and Your Heart Of Flesh by TangledAria, California Dreamin', Devon And The Naked Lunch, and Feather Touch by Tesla, Trade Partners by Tesla & Alan Smithee, The Lesson and This Wonderful Life by Tigerlady, Here's To Forever and Salad Days by Venus Blue, Between You And The Giant Squid, Everything's Not Lost, and Sometimes Salvation by Victoria P, The Curse Of The Would-Be Jedi and The Old Man Who Lived In A Shoe by zahra, and Clean and Fuck Buddies by Zeelee

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