Just One Kiss
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

Jerk. Loser. Freak

That's what she used to call him, when she even bothered to acknowledge his presence at all. Mostly, she just ignored him; acted as though he wasn't even there.

He was never quite sure exactly what he'd done to piss her off so much. Willow always said that it was nothing he'd physically done. It was just the fact that he existed.

And that hurt.

A lot.

Because he liked her.

A lot.

He didn't mean to annoy, upset or offend her. He just wanted her to recognise him when he spoke to her or walked near her. He just wanted her to like him. A smile would have been nice A kiss would have been something special - something amazing were she to grant it to him.

Just one kiss - that's all Jesse ever wanted from Cordelia Chase.

Just one kiss - the kiss he would have tonight, at the bronze.

Just one kiss and she would be his.



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