Three Days
by Rabbit

"Three days?" Elijah asked with bemused uncertainty as he watched Orlando shake out a bedroll. "And we'll be sleeping on the ground?"

Orlando smiled." You say that like you haven't spent the better part of two years doing just that. Fro-do."

"Uh, 15 months, and that was for five minutes at a time while filming. I had bruises on top of bruises from rocks digging into my ribs. I can imagine what 72 hours of it will feel like." The air pads Orlando had brought out earlier looked none too protective. Elijah didn't see how and inch and a half of air sandwiched between his ass and the cold, rocky ground was going to make much of a difference.

"Yeah, from the rocks," Orli agreed cryptically as he glanced over to where Dom examined the packaged food assembled on the table. "Anyway, we won't be sleeping for the entire 72 hours, you twit. There'll be the hiking and climbing portion filling quite a lot of that time."

"And how does that measure up to the hot showers and shuttle service portion of the time?" Elijah already knew the percentages of that, which was represented by looking through the circle of his thumb and forefinger. Zilch. "You don't believe in conveniences, do you?"

"Quit being a cunt, Lij." Dominic ordered distractedly as he fingered a foil packet that looked like someone had vacuum wrapped popcorn. He turned it over several times, caught between adverts on the front and instructions on the back. "We'll see if we can get your royal ass wiper to come along too."

A dreamy glaze settled over Orlando's eyes as he ignored both of them. "Just wait until you wake up the first morning, and really breathe. Your lungs won't fucking believe it. Everything's so clean and sharp...feel's like you're breathing fire." Elijah thought maybe this wasn't a good time to mention the clove cigarettes he'd packed.

Breathing fire? No one else in the world could pull off a line like that, and really sell it. No one but Orlando.

Several times in the past, Elijah had tried to argue that Orlando had the possibility of a second career as a cult leader. Billy and Sean had laughed, thinking he was joking. He'd been serious though. Orlando just had this irrepressible charisma that made you agree with every daredevil stunt he thought of. Bungee jumping? Surfing? Skydiving? (No fucking way-are you crazy-what a terrific idea, Orli!) All arguments unhinged by that muggy-tingly feeling swooping through your legs when he flashed that confidant smile. Of course, nothing could go wrong when you had God's favorite creation at your side.


The car was packed, and Orlando was already in the driver's seat. There was a mad scrabble between Dom and Elijah to see who could get their hands on the passenger side door handle first. After a stunningly brilliant hip check by Dominic, that knocked Elijah aside, he positioned himself with hands on hips, legs locked hip width apart. Immovable. "I call frontsies!" Dominic bellowed with super villain command.

"Shotgun," Elijah corrected.

"Whatever," Dom agreed, opening the door to the coveted front seat.

"No, I mean someone give me a shotgun, I think I could hit you from this distance."

Dominic interrupted buckling his seat belt to look back in perfect startled artifice, clucking his tongue in disapproval. "Violence never solved anything."

Elijah thudded his frame down onto the caramel leather of the second choice back seat, soft and wrinkly hide that slid underneath denim "Beautiful, this from the man who nearly put me in traction a few seconds ago." and swung the door closed.

"Well I can hardly be blamed, look at those pithy little bird bones. You probably fracture a rib every time you sneeze," Dominic sniffed.

Orlando had been searching for the key on his ring during the entire argument. He found it and clicked it into the ignition before looking at either of them. "You know. Where we're going, no one would find your bodies for...oh, probably for months." He didn't elaborate on any particular plan, just silently lifted an eyebrow threateningly.

Dominic jerked ramrod straight, hands diving to rest demurely clutched in his lap. He turned once- quick to flash Elijah wide eyed panic, pupils swimming dead center in the whites of his eyes, before facing front. The boy was the biggest smart ass that had ever lived. There should be a plaque somewhere declaring that. If not, there would be one by the end of the year Elijah vowed.

"Please bury us separately then, so I won't have to be stuck in this mortal coil with him for the rest of eternity," Elijah pleaded lightly as he brought his foot up on the seat next to him. He'd just noticed his shoe was untied. Probably loosened during the scuffle. He brushed at a smear of semi-dried mud that had transferred from the bottom of his shoe onto the seat, glancing surreptitiously at the front seat to see if anyone had noticed.

"I'm making no promises." Orlando checked his mirror before backing out, and they were off. Dom completely forgot any previous threats and good intentions on his part and took charge of the radio. He was hard pressed to find any of the obscure underground stuff he and Elijah favored, so he settled for a generically alternative station.

The windows were cracked open a bit at Elijah's suggestion, because a long ride had the tendency to produce stale air tinged with nauseating exhaust fumes. He'd outgrown carsickness, but no sense in tempting it. His mouth was getting dry, and he remembered the gum in his pocket. Chewing was supposed to lessen motion sickness, wasn't it?

Elijah made several attempts to separate one stick from the rest with the tips of short nails. He was successful, and folded back the paper to get to flexible stiffness, sugar powder coating his fingers where it rubbed off of the cinnamon red surface. His stomach already felt better as he started to chew, working the sweet into a pliant mass and breathing through his nose deeply.

"Alright back there?" Orlando asked the rearview mirror, meeting Elijah's eyes.

"Just having some gum," Elijah said around the first bubble (not a very good one since it wasn't soft enough yet). He tried again-using his front teeth to stretch the rubbery pink blob over the tip of his tongue, to thin it enough to get a proper bubble. It worked, with a satisfying *pop* and he was inordinately pleased with himself. "You want some?"

"Yes. Yes. Me. Me." Dom never had any shame about appearing greedy. As far as Elijah could tell, Dom was a firm believer in those who don't ask-don't get philosophy.

He even chomped at Elijah's hand when the stick came around the side of the seat. With a proper big dog growl, and stubbled lower jaw getting a little too close for comfort, Elijah ended up flicking the gum in the general direction of Dom's mouth.

"Fucker. Be nice, or I won't share," Elijah warned.

Taking his eyes off the highway briefly, Orlando caught the exchange, and agreed sternly, "Yes, don't mistreat the lad." Maybe his harshness was directed to the car in front of them because his foot prompted the gas pedal and they passed the slower moving vehicle with a whoop and a hand gesture from Dominic. "Can I have some, Lij?" Orli asked.

"Absolutely. I'll unwrap it for you."

Orlando tipped his face to Dom, and flashed what Elijah always thought of as his Cheshire Cat grin. Yes. Much better mannered, more patient than the loutish Dominic. Elijah held the stick delicately between thumb and forefinger, white crescents blanching under nails and carefully advanced it. Orlando parted his lips expectantly. Beautiful lips, Elijah had always thought so, whether wrapping around incomprehensible Elvish syllables, or spitting over the edge of the rock cliff to surprise Viggo and Sean while they waited for call.

"Cinnamon?" Elijah asked, for lack of anything more suave. His brain synapses seemed to be swirling somewhere around the ridge of white molars, and he blinked several times when Orlando extended his tongue like a landing strip. Just guh. He almost dropped the gum when Orli flicked the tip against Elijah's finger, wrapping around the thumb...teasing. (So not fair). Lijah's fingers followed the gum, knuckle sucked at the last moment into Orli's warm mouth.

"Much nicer." And Elijah couldn't stop the giggle.

"Give me another piece," Dominic pouted. "I can do better."

"Don't be greedy." Orlando chewed exaggeratedly, then closed his mouth, stuffing the gum between his bottom teeth and lip, letting the saliva moisten it before attempting a bubble which wavered gently in front of his face as it expanded.

Dominic reached over and smacked it mid-blow. It stuck to his fingers and he transferred it across the car into his own mouth, hooting triumphantly, "Yes!"

"Do you want another piece?" Elijah offered Orlando sympathetically.

But Dominic was having none of it. "No, no. You can have it back. " He unclicked his seatbelt, and leaned over the space between them holding the pilfered wad between his lips. Orlando actually took it back, their lips meeting briefly before Dom retreated to his own seat making 'rowwer' noises.

The miles rolled by in which Dom beat a tempo to the radio on the window, the dashboard, Orlando's knee, and Elijah's head, until Elijah jerked back into the relative safety of the back seat, where Dom couldn't get at him unless he contorted his entire body. Orlando threatened to tie Dom to the hood of the car if he didn't knock it off, and Dom managed to keep his percussive abilities contained to his side of the car after that.


Blessedly, Dom was asleep, head lolling to rest on his shoulder as he faced the interior of the car. His mouth was gently gaping open as he snored softly.

"How much longer?" Elijah asked with a smile and a shake of his head, and reached over to wipe away something on Dom's t-shirt that proved to be a shadow, and not the drool he'd suspected.

"Maybe 30 minutes," Orlando answered, glancing affectionately at the sleeping Dom, then catching Elijah's eye with a wink. Definitely Elijah had missed this--hanging out with Orlando. He really didn't care that they'd been in the car for three hours now.

Elijah felt very energized,very alive. Which was the usual effect of Orli's presence.

"I like this. It reminds me of the morning shoots in New Zealand. I've missed you guys." Elijah sighed, as he wiggled his rear closer to the front, wedging his shoulders in between the front seats so they could have a better conversation. This was not quite as grueling as a 5 am set call, definitely easier to take.

"Me too," Orlando agreed.

That was making him feel a little too giddy, and he was disgusted with his twelve-year-old girl crush, but still very, very happy. 'Keep your mouth closed,' he thought to himself, and paused to read the highway sign that zoomed past. Then he added, "I'm glad we decided to do this" because apparently he wasn't made for shutting up.

"Not mad about roughing it?" Orlando teased with a smirk.

"No, it's going to be fun." And Elijah really meant it. This wasn't even the craziest adventure Orlando had dragged them on. This would be a nice, relaxing thing that didn't involve parachutes, or bungee cords, or even sharks.

Orlando twisted his neck, lowering his ear to his shoulder, and the vertebrae cracked loudly with a series of pops. He repeated it on the other side with the same result.

"Oooo, that sounds horrible." Elijah swatted him on the arm, then skated his left hand over Orlando's bicep, pressing reverently against cotton, up to his shoulders where he kneaded the muscles. At the grunt of approval, he walked the fingers of his to the knot of pressure at the base of Orlando's skull, and lower--between the shoulder blades.

He didn't feel strange about such intimate contact. It was comfortable, like falling into a familiar habit. It was something he'd done hundreds of time while they stood in the New Zealand snow, stomping their feet and sipping steaming cups of coffee delivered by people who had memorized how they liked it. Gloved fingers had made it hard to work muscles covered by layers and parkas. In the trailers had been easier, where you could strip your shirt off, lay on a table, borrow one of the make up people's bottle of baby oil. Of course, then Billy and Sean would raze you with catcalls and lewd suggestions. Viggo might shake his head before he continued the page he'd been reading. Ian would give that closed eyed nod before retreating to the corners of his dressing area.

Elijah stopped working fingers, skidded his right palm down sharp collarbone, between nipples screened by semi transparent white until his forearm wrapped around Orlando's chest. He tightened his grip, nuzzling Orlando's shoulder with his cheek, while trying not to fall on the sleeping Dominic in the passenger's seat. That wasn't enough though; he stretched more, precariously curving his body around the seat. Elijah buried his nose in the crook of Orli's neck and inhaled. "So glad," he murmured, relishing the solid feel of Orlando. Not memories this time.

"Careful. Driving here. Do you know how many vehicle accidents there are every year because the driver was distracted." Orlando cautioned.

It was such a perfect Sean Astin thing to say, that Elijah laughed. Apparently Dom wasn't the only one who had been working on impersonations. "And I'm sure you were involved in the majority of them." But Elijah did settle back into the seat behind him, raising his voice enough to be heard by Orlando in the front seat, until they reached their destination half an hour later.


Several times during the day of hiking, Elijah thought he might die. One unexpected detour had them facing a rock wall that was a little too straight up for his comfort. With ropes and spikes it would have been challenging, but they had none of those, just the assurance of Orlando's smooth voice in a steady but not annoying stream of encouragement. Elijah looked down once, and felt dizziness rush up to meet him.

His fingers loosened, but Dom's forearm snaked around the small of his back, pushing him into the rock wall, while Orli's hand clamped his wrist from his position above.

That was the only actual danger; the rest of his death premonitions involved his body simply giving up. He tried turning his brain off and just willing his feet to continue in the direction he was being led. He didn't complain though, he didn't want to be a pussy.

He was so relieved when Orlando announced they'd reached their destination, and they began setting up the campsite. Elijah didn't think he'd ever been that hungry before. So hungry, that when his stomach rumbled audibly, Dominic smacked it with a hollow sounding thwump. It was the kind of empty that he could feel digestive juices turning against his own body. Surely they would eat now.

They set up quickly, tent to one side underneath a pine tree, stove wedged on a slab of rock between two boulders just above a drop off to the stream below. The water boiled, was poured onto sharp bits of dried veggies and uncooked noodles. Elijah thought it was the best thing he'd ever tasted. That could have been the starvation and fatigue talking though.

Clean air, Orlando had promised. Fresh. Thin was the adjective that came to Elijah's mind first though. Like his lungs were fighting to inflate, using oxygen that seemed purer, more ethereal at this height. He did have to admire the beautiful surroundings though. They hadn't seen a soul all day, so it was quiet and peaceful as well.

They bullshitted for several hours, reminiscing about times past. Dom told dirty jokes, which was an obsession for him. He started out with clever entendres and then dove into 'ewwww' producing material as the sun started going down. They hung strategically placed lanterns in the lowest branches of the trees.

"We need some tea," Orlando announced as the last of the bird songs faded with the twilight, giving over to nocturnal insects with wings that skirted the edge of the lantern's light. Occasionally, one would sacrifice itself with a crackling zap that prompted Dom to comment with a hearty "yumm, there's breakfast."

"No coffee? Espresso?" Elijah asked worriedly, no one else seemed particularly concerned by it.

"The tea's in that pack by you, Elijah." Orlando said.

The first thing Lij pulled out was a clear bottle that he immediately recognized. Holding it up, he asked with a smirk, "Whiskey?"

"Secret ingredient. I usually put it in the morning's tea. A little kick to start the day." Orlando explained with a suave wink and a pointed index finger.

"Man, I love you," Dominic declared stretching his arms out in what looked to be a hug, but he surprised them both when he launched himself at Orlando, wrapping his legs around Bloom's waist and dry humping him. Orlando staggered back with both of their weights, but laughed as he caught his balance. Dominic was already sliding his legs back to the ground. "That's a full bottle, enough for tonight and tomorrow."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, " Orlando laughed easily, at Dom's eagerness.

Elijah thought maybe he'd stick with straight alcohol tomorrow. They wouldn't be walking anymore. That was definitely a possibility. They drank several cups, then moved onto draining straight from the bottle, the three of them huddled together in sleepy eyed camaraderie.

Orlando was telling them a story about a time he'd seen a black bear with two cubs. It had crossed an access road at a state park he'd camped at recently. He and a girl visiting from London named Amanda had backed away quietly, never taking their eyes off the mother or her offspring. He was gesturing wildly, imitating how they'd run once out of sight of the bear, when he spilt whiskey down his front.

"Maybe you should soak that in water," Elijah suggested.

"No, not necessary." Orlando dismissed the suggestion with warm, slurred syllables. "It's not a good trip if you don't come back with a few stains."

"Heh, stains," Dominic tittered as he scrubbed the three middle fingers of his left hand across his lips. He was well on his way to intoxication.

Orli seemed to change his mind though, with a 'fuck it' shrug, he peeled the shirt off and over his head in one fluid movement, impressive coordination, until he lost his balance and tumbled down the embankment. They heard a splash.

"Shit!" Dominic swore in comic, round-mouthed surprise before racing to beat Elijah to the edge. They both peered into darkness, unable to see much. "Orlando, are you drowned?" Dominic asked above the sound of the water.

Elijah picked one of the lanterns off the trees, and held it up, they could see Orlando sitting in the water, looking very astonished. With the lantern positioned on the edge of the drop off, Elijah and Dominic scrambled down and helped Orli stand, each catching him under and arm.

"I'm okay."

"You better change though," Elijah observed, taking in the soaked denim.

"Yes, get naked." Dominic's assessment of Orlando's safety seemed to include an awful lot of caressing artful ribs and stroking sharp, pointed nipples, while the other hand tugged on Orli's elbow. Elijah didn't really see how that helped at the moment, but he did consider dry clothes to be a sound next step.

Orlando let them lead him, ducking under the flap of the tent after Dominic and all three shuffled on their knees over the sleeping bags, careful not to hit the sides of the tent in the confined space."I don't need to," Orli protested once more. "They'll dry." There was already a small pool of water collecting on the nylon underneath Orlando.

"I'm not carrying your corpse down the mountain if you die. You could get hypothermia or something." Elijah didn't know what the conditions required for hypothermia were, but it sounded reasonable, and dire enough to convince Orlando to obey. Besides, who the hell enjoyed sitting around in wet pants, unless they were sadists.

"Hypothermia. Indeed." Dominic pressed close to Orlando's back, wrapping his arms around his waist in a tightening hug, both on their knees facing Elijah. "You need body heat to keep you warm." Arms scissoring, his hands locked over Orli's wrists, and he said quickly, "Now, Lij. I'll hold him still, and you get his pants off.

"I could take both of you right now." Orlando slurred beautifully, tilting his neck so Dom could get even closer and rub his scratchy chin along the skin there, with half closed eyes and a deep 'mmmm' sound caught in his throat. There wasn't any need to hold his hands. Dom started for Elijah, flicking the button of Orlando's jeans open with a right hand that then retreated to push rivets against hipbones.

They were both...just incorrigible, but Elijah couldn't resist that. All he had to do was straighten his arm, tent flap at his back, hunch over and lower Orli's zipper. It was difficult trying to get the small metal tag between his fingers, too much alcohol, or the fact that wet, tight denim couldn't re-conform well over Orlando's half erection. Elijah had to use both hands to tug the zip down while trying not to poke his ass through the opening of the tent.

"Need help with that?" Orlando smirked at the concentration etched on Elijah's face. It was followed by a quick yip when Dominic pinched his nipple and said, "I think Elijah knows how to unzip a fly by now."

"I have some experience, yes" Elijah laughed and looked up triumphantly when the zip finally gave. "See."

"Bravo, gold star." Orlando's leer was just this side of sinister with the goatee he'd grown. Dark facial hair and deep eyes, definitely a dangerous impish air adding another layer of naughtiness to an already wicked soul.

Orlando should play the Devil in his next movie Elijah thought. The devil in his most seductive, naked portrayal yet. Okay, that was the alcohol. He knew it by now. Making him horny and silly, and taking him on tangents that just seemed so natural, when he should be concentrating on a semi nude Orlando "Didn't you just shoot a movie where you're a pirate?"

"Did you go camping with any of those co-stars?" Dominic asked, using the clever codeword of camping when he really meant fucking. He skittered his hand around, covering Orlando's adam's apple, fingers coming up under his chin to grab his jaw and position his head so Dom could bite his earlobe.

"No, Dom. You and 'Lij on my short list of former co-workers that I shag on a regular basis."

Elijah couldn't see how the majority of Hollywood could help but want to jump on top of Orlando, especially now, because Lij really, really wanted to be closer to him. Closer than Dom even. This wasn't simply imagination, or memory. This was Orli's skin, and his stubble and he could be molded into any perverted kink that Lij or Dom could think of. There were no limits.

Orli always tried to play hard to get at first, but he was a pleasure slut deep down. Once you got the first moan out of him, it was pretty much a done deal. Elijah and Dominic had learned that during the first three months of shooting in New Zealand.

This must have been near that point, because Orlando made a noise that sounded kind of like 'ahhhmmnn', which probably would have been some kind of moaning if his mouth wasn't full of Elijah's tongue at the moment.

"Sure, leave me to do all the work," Dominic complained somewhere near Elijah's temple with a snuffle of disgust, and Orlando's frame began jerking as Dom slipped a belt loop over both thumbs, and tried to tug the denim down between the Elijah/Orlando mesh.

Orlando broke away from Elijah's mouth, "Oy, Dom. Delicate parts attached down there. Plus skin."

"Well then, help me out," Dominic suggested, giving Elijah a wink over Orlando's shoulder.

Dom moved his hands out of the way wrists balancing on Orli's collarbones so that the owner of the pants in question could take charge. Orlando twisted his hips, driving material down an inch at a time, sucking in his stomach to make it easier.

Elijah decided to help out, and ringed the waistband with a finger all the way around. He pressed the flat of his hand into the valley of Orlando's back just above the jeans and did his own part to help them come off, bunching them so he could glide down, cup the curve of Orlando's ass, pushing them further till his palm reached the back of Orlando's thighs. He was so engrossed in fondling the goose bumps that formed on Orlando's ass that Elijah was surprised by Dom's mouth covering his with a low hum.

Surprised, but incredibly turned on. He continued stroking Orlando, squeezing whenever Dominic tried to push deeper into his mouth. Elijah wondered if Orli was watching them, a voyeur caught in a hobbit sandwich. He turned his head a little, peeping through lashes to see just what Orlando was up to. Yes Orli was watching them, stock-still until Elijah opened his mouth wider, and leaned back, to give a better view of Dominic's plunder. Orlando drew a deep breath, trembling shudder, and Lij would have smiled if he could.

Maybe Orlando was starting to feel left out, even though you couldn't have passed a sheet of paper between the three of them. Elijah withdrew his hand from the soft skin of Orlando's thighs, past the base of his spine, ignoring the disappointed look at the loss of contact. He maneuvered his shoulder, bringing his arm in front of Orlando and traced his fingers around the contact of Dom's mouth, lining his bottom lip and slipping his index and middle fingers into Dom's mouth.

Dom opened his eyes in dazed confusion, then followed Elijah's gaze to a lightly panting Orli. He immediately caught on, putting on quite a show sucking enthusiastically on fingers instead, made sure to keep eye contact with Orlando and proceeded to growl in his throat while he alternately lapped, then stretched his lips to engulf Elijah up to the knuckles.

"Jesus," Orlando breathed. "Jesus. God." And he lunged sideways seeking to insinuate himself in place of Elijah's knuckles, nudging his way between fingers, and Elijah let him, extracting his fingers as Orlando took over, kissing Dom feverishly.

Which was fine, because he returned his attention to Orlando's ass, leaving a wet road down the cleft, fingers rounding far underneath, seeking that spot which made Orlando gasp against Dominic's mouth. Orlando froze, and Dominic quickly grabbed his chin, distracting him while Elijah slipped his index finger in. He could feel the resistance at first, then gentle relaxing enough to let him in farther. He angled his wrist better so he could sink in deeper, slowly, enjoying the feel of Orlando pushing back against his hand.

Orlando had a fistful of Dominic's shirt, trying to yank it over his shoulders, but the problem was he didn't want to stop kissing him, so he was in danger of breaking his neck. Dom shoved against his chest, but not angrily, he immediately raised his arms once they were apart and let Orlando sweep the shirt over his head. The second it was clear, Dom reached to start taking his own pants off and Orlando's fingers shadowed, nearly knocking Dom's wrists out of the way. But they were down, and Dom pushed himself away, landing atop a sleeping bag, spine curved as he lifted his ass off the ground and whipped the pants down to his knees. His haste was comical when he had to stop to get his shoes off before the trousers would go over his ankles. Never one for half measures, Dom was going for everything at once, shorts as well as jeans.

"Okay," Elijah said against Orlando's shoulder as he withdrew, and he plucked at the material bunched at Orli's midthigh. "You better get these off though, 'cause Dom's gonna be back over here in any second. Dom, watching them as he lay on his back two feet away, bit his lip as he tried to yank his pant leg over his ankle. It was true; Dom did have a tremendous head start on either of them.


Orlando rid himself of denim and shoes while Elijah undressed. Elijah watched Orli, wondering if he or Dom would get to him first. He was utterly surprised when Orlando won the strip war. Which he did, mainly because Dom had been forced to dodge Orli's long limbs in the confined space.

Elijah kneeled, having just gotten his jeans off and tossed across the threshold of the tent. Orlando rushed Elijah, pulled him into a kiss and whispered against his mouth, "I really need to fuck you right now. You got a problem with that?"

"No problem here," Elijah mewled against the crush of soft lips, followed by the press of hard teeth backing it up. Orlando already gripped Elijah's dick, working it with increasing firmness, while he shoved him back with an eagerness that was just shades of brutal.

Elijah's hair brushed the back of the tent as Orlando pushed him down across the slick material of the bedrolls, and then, "Oh, oh. Wet" as he landed in a small puddle of river water. Dom laughed, and slapped Elijah's thigh, shoving his discarded shirt there to soak it up when Elijah rolled away into Orlando to escape further abuse. The dizzying closeness of the space, combined with the weight as Orlando shifted on top of him, settling Lij back into position, started all kinds of crazy thoughts rolling through Elijah's head. Like, was there a slant to the ground here, would he slide downhill when Orlando really started finding his rhythm? Dom could always grab Elijah by the ankles and hold tight, but Dom was never that considerate, he'd already have his face buried in whatever crevice he could reasonably get to.

Of course, they'd all drown when the tent started shimmying and they fell down into the water. But no, Orlando had tied the tent down, with pegs driven into the ground. It would have to be some orgy to break that loose.

Orlando's hand felt really good, stroking determinedly, and Elijah let his arms drift languidly out to his sides. When that boy made his mind up, he knew how to get right to the point. Always had. Hands running down the inside of Elijah's thighs, to the outside and around his knees. Orlando pushed up higher, guided Elijah's knees to his chest and rolling his hips, his knees out, so he was posed before him.

"You don't even look like you should know how to do this. You're a baby." Orlando grunted above him, wedging in between Elijah's thighs.

"Yeah, and you were already in...what...kindergarten when I was born? Give it up, junior."

Dominic was there again, kneeling behind Orlando. He grabbed a handful of hair and threw Orli's head back, staring down with a menacing grin. Well, a loony smirk with lip curl. "Oooo, you're kind of a saucy thing, giving my boy there a hard time. You better be nice to him."

Orlando laughed over his shoulder at Dom, and Elijah's eyes followed the movement of his adam's apple shifting along the column of his throat. "I was about to fuck him, is that nice enough for you?"

"Not yet," Dominic warned, coming around, hips positioned above Elijah's chest, facing Orlando. He nudged Elijah's legs back down, so they slid down and trapped Orlando. "He's not ready and neither am I. Besides, I want to watch." And he sank down, weighing Elijah's torso against the ground.

"You always were a kinky bastard." Orlando shrugged with a wolfish leer, and he placed a kiss on Elijah's abdomen, right next to where Dom's cock rested, and Elijah could feel the twitching. Dom shifted his hips as if he were trying to make sure he was within range if Orlando should happen to miss Elijah's dick.

The tip of Orlando's tongue dotted a path down the top of Elijah's cock, circled under and mimicked the journey in reverse, until it circled around the head. Tiny darting laps that teased, slowing down when Elijah tried to arch his hips into it. Stupid Dominic holding him down. He'd love to be thrusting hard into Orlando's mouth, stomach muscles straining to keep his ass off the ground.

"Jesus, what is this, a rodeo?" Dominic protested. "Fuck, hold still."

Elijah had to, cause he really had no leverage in this position. Plus, his legs were jelly by this point, all strength being drawn when Orlando finally took him entirely in his mouth. That didn't last long, saliva cooling on his abandoned dick. Elijah felt Orlando licking around his belly, and he just knew what that meant-he was sharing blowjob time with Dom. Unfair. "Hey! Me! Me! That fucker can wait his turn."

Dom shifted up, then slammed his ass down, knocking the wind out of Elijah. "Shut up. You're so selfish."

"You win." Elijah heard Orlando chuckle, and then he took Elijah back in his mouth-swirling, vacuum friction of hollowed cheeks, with a scrape of teeth to keep him from getting too comfortable. Elijah's breath was labored, and he tried to concentrate on a spot two feet over his head, neck extended as far as it would go, so he couldn't possibly see Orlando between his legs, or even Dominic observing. He knew Dom was though, watching, because his hips rocked back and forth, ass clenching, and that could only mean he had his fist wrapped around his own cock, getting off on the scene. And that realization almost sent Elijah over the edge.

Lij wondered how it could be he hadn't just shot everything yet. It couldn't be long anyway. Elijah could feel his balls tightening, but Orlando slowed down every time there was any imminent release. Elijah just wanted to scream at him, except his throat refused to form anything above a hissing whisper.

Palms at the creases of his thighs, pushing him, stretching him wider, while Orlando moved onto slow spirals, figure eights like some porn alien's special version of crop circles. Now he was just playing with him, and that was just...not right. Elijah rallied in protest, letting out a pitiful moan. Perhaps Orlando was trying to kill him-with lots of delicious sex? There wasn't anything he could do about it now, immobilized like he was. He decided to try and roll with it, resist the taunting and enforce his own timetable.

His concentration didn't hold on though, and he came with a satisfying shudder that felt like it emptied every bit of fluid out of his body, which was strange, because the amount of wetness suddenly covering him seemed a little too...

"Dominic! Oh, man!" He reached up and shoved, knocking the defiler off of him and onto the sleeping bag next to them. "Do you have to come all over me?"

"It wasn't all me," Dominic protested as he wiped himself off on his discarded t-shirt ."Orli did too."

"Sorry," Orlando offered with an apologetic half grin. "I's been a long time. I couldn' know." Elijah couldn't stay mad though, because Orli crawled up over him and kissed him, and Elijah could taste himself mingled with Orlando. Which was very nice. Dom rolled over and joined them until they were a big giggling pile of limbs, and they ended up with Orlando collapsed half on top of Elijah, leaving enough room for Dom to lay his head next to him, kiss Orli, then kiss the chest they both shared.

"Every month we should have weekend away to ourselves," Elijah sighed sleepily. "Wouldn't it be great?" He felt so tired, and boneless-floating on a giddy cloud of happiness. Yes, absolutely every month. It would be so perfect.


"Oooo, message?" Dom observed, putting a sack of groceries on the counter next to where Elijah stood with the phone receiver in his hand. Not quite the psychic event, since the beeping tone could be heard quite clearly in the kitchen as Elijah dialed the retrieval number with his thumb.

"It appears so," Elijah answered, placing the phone back to his ear and sorting through the items in one the bags. Dry goods had to be separated from freezer items, and Dom was already rifling around looking for the Coca Puffs, so Lij knew he would be no help.

"Probably a solicitor." They'd apparently forgotten the milk. Dominic gave a perfunctory growl before ripping the cereal box open and just eating it by the handful. He preferred it that way anyway, as far as Elijah could tell. Since that was the way he ate it most of the time.

Elijah smiled when he heard the familiar voice over the line. "Nope. Orlando."

"He's coming after all?" Dom wiped chocolate crumbs off on the leg of his jeans, and set the box on the counter. "When? I need to do some laundry before. I'm bringing more than one shirt this time."

"I hope so." Elijah replaced the receiver and opened the freezer, stacking frozen vegetables neatly on the right so there would be room for Dom's ice cream, which he tucked in before closing the door. "I think we need a bigger tent though."

Dom had a frown on his face when Elijah handed him a can of tomato sauce to put in the pantry. "Why, we did all right last time."

Elijah answered with a smirk as he handed Dom a can of peaches and one of green beans. "Billy's in town this weekend, he'll be coming along."

"Excellent," Dom crowed, trying to juggle the three cans, and failing miserably. He had to hop back when two hit the floor inches from his big toe with a loud thunk.

"If you dent those," Elijah scolded. "I'm going to beat the shit out of you."

"Whatever, Chicken arms. I'll tell Billy you're being mean to me. He'll drop you like a stone."

Elijah wasn't worried, because Billy had a tendency to scream like a girl when pinched, so Dom's threat lacked a certain menace. And Orli was usually on Elijah's side anyway. Besides, Elijah had bought a bottle of whiskey today. Dominic and Billy were usually very pliable when they were drunk and horny. So, no. Elijah wasn't particularly worried at all.


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