An Interview To Remember
by Charles

There was a knock at the door of Jamie Noble's locker room. "I'll get it, baby."

He opened the door. "Hurricane? What the hell d' you want, boy?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm Gregory Helms. Ace reporter for the Daily Globe." Helms pointed to the press pass in his fedora.


"Who is it, baby?" Nidia called.

"Jes' another one o' them reporters, wantin' ta talk ta me. I'll handle 'em," he replied as he stepped outside and closed the door to the room.

"Awright, Helms, you n' me," Jamie grunted as he pushed Helms up against the wall. There was a crunching sound as Gregory's fedora hit the wall. Neither man noticed as it fell off. "Nice glasses," Jamie commented as he pulled them off Gregory's face and tossed them aside. Jamie leaned in for a kiss and the Hurricane's mouth eagerly opened for him.

The kiss was passionate, with neither of them wanting to surrender to the other. Finally, Jamie pulled away. He ripped open Gregory's shirt and ran one of his hands up and down the Hurricane's smooth, muscular chest. Jamie's hand slipped lower and squeezed the growing hardness he found there.

"Shee-it, I can see it's gonna take somethin' stronger than Kryptonite to get rid o' that," he smiled lewdly. "C'mon, I know someplace where we won't get interrupted."

Jamie hooked two fingers into the waist of Helms's pants and pulled. The Hurricane followed.

Jamie shoved Helms into an empty locker room. "Now we can get down to business," Noble said as he pushed the Hurricane down onto a bench. Gregory licked his lips as he looked up at Jamie. "I still have more questions to ask, you know."

"Yeah, yeah. You can ask those questions after I'm done with you. Now strip, boy." The way it was said, it was a command.

Jamie leaned against a wall and watched as his in-ring rival quickly removed his suit. "Ah always did want to know if you got green hair down below too," he smirked.

The Hurricane paused as he finished setting his clothes aside. He looked over at Jamie and noticed the prominent bulge in his worn and faded denim cut-offs. "Wouldn't you like to know?" Helms asked as he closed the distance between himself and Noble. Clad only in his briefs, the Hurricane put a hand out and cupped the bulge in Jamie's cut-offs.

"Shee-it, boy, I told you to strip," Jamie muttered as he smacked Gregory's cotton-covered ass with one hand and swatted the Hurricane's hand away with the other. Helms yelped in surprise and looked at Noble. "Guess there's some things ah gotta do for m'self." And with that, Jamie ripped off the Hurricane's underwear.

Jamie took a step back, appraising Helms. The Hurricane's cock was erect, and Helms fought the urge to tremble."Nice. Very nice. Though ah'm disappointed to see that you're not green down below." Jamie stroked his throbbing erection through the thin denim as he stepped behind the Hurricane and pressed his body against that of Helms.

Jamie nipped at one side of Gregory's neck and then the other, taking satisfaction in the small noises of pain Helms made. Jamie draped one arm over the Hurricane's chest and slowly dragged his nails upward. Gregory moaned as the nails marked his flesh. Noble grabbed one of the Hurricane's pectorals and squeezed. "Mine," he whispered.

He looked down at Helms's stiff cock as he reached down to grab it. "We should do somethin' about that," he grunted. Gregory hissed as Jamie pressed even harder against him, Noble's erection aching to break free from its denim confines. Helms closed his eyes as Jamie began to play with his cock, enjoying the sensations of another man's hand wrapped around his stiff member.

The Hurricane swallowed hard as he leaned back against Jamie and the two of them staggered into a wall. Noble's erection became too much for Helms to ignore as they collided, their flesh pressing into each other. Gregory freed himself from Jamie's grip and looked at him. "It's only fair if I return the favor," Helms smiled.

"Shee-it, boy, I thought you'd never ask. Get to it," Jamie whooped as he quickly shucked the denim cut-offs and his shoes. Noble's cock jutted proudly from a well-trimmed thatch of brown pubic hair.

Gregory reached out tenatively to grab Jamie's dick. "Shit boy, it ain't gonna bite ya. Here," Noble said as he took Helms's hand and wrapped it around his cock. The Hurricane slowly began to pull and play with Jamie's erection, liking the way this unfamiliar cock felt.

Noble reached out and grabbed Helms's erection once more. "Kinda nice, innit?" he asked as he toyed with it.

Gregory gulped and nodded, not trusting his voice.

Jamie stepped forward and closed the gap between the two of them, pressing his bare flesh against Gregory's. Jamie put his head down and licked Helms's shoulder.

"Yeah, boy," Jamie grunted. He slapped Gregory's bare ass and said, "Turn around. I wanna have some of that heroic ass of yours."

Helms did as Jamie ordered, turning towards the wall and bracing his hands against it. Jamie licked his lips as he looked Gregory's firm and well-rounded cheeks over. He walked over to where he'd put his shorts down and dug out a condom. "Never know when you're gonna need one," he commented.

Jamie tore it open with his teeth and rolled it onto his hard cock. He walked over and stuck a couple of fingers in Gregory's mouth. "Suck on those, boy." Jamie pulled them out with an audible pop a moment later.

"Awright boy, now git ready," Jamie said as he roughly jammed the two fingers into Helms's ass. Gregory bit his lower lip to keep from crying out as he felt Jamie twist his fingers around inside of him. "Where're yore superpowers now, huh, boy?"

Jamie pulled his fingers out and wiped them on Gregory's side. "Now for the main event." He parted the cheeks of Gregory's ass and slowly began to push his cock into the Hurricane.

Gregory bit down even harder on his lip as the agonizing pain continued, drawing blood. Jamie paused for a moment after his cock was in Gregory's ass all the way, getting used to the tight heat that surrounded his member. Then he started to thrust. Once he found a comfortable rhythym, Jamie reached around Helms's torso and wrapped one hand around the Hurricane's erection. Jamie started to stroke Gregory's dick in time with his thrusts

"Yeah boy, how's this for an exclusive?" Jamie asked as he thrust especially hard.

As Jamie continued to fuck Gregory, he would occasionally release Helms's cock and fondle his balls instead. After another powerful thrust that buried Jamie's cock into Gregory all the way, Gregory came with a loud cry. Jamie's orgasm came a couple of minutes later as he grunted and gave one last shuddering thrust.

Jamie pulled out and went to get dressed, leaving the Hurricane there, leaning against the wall. Jamie zipped himself up and looked over at Helms. "You ever want another interview, you jes' let me know."

A few minutes later, Jamie returned to his locker room.

"How'd it go, baby?"

"Ah gave that reporter an interview ah don't think he'll ever forget," Jamie grinned.


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