Hit And Miss (The Raspberry Sniper Remix)
by cheebs!

Remix of Hit And Miss by Voleuse.


Damn. Blondie's a hell of a shot.

Okay, gonna get the target this time...notch and pull and aim and release...


"...fuck! I hate longbows." Have ever since...no, not going there. I just hate 'em.

"I'm good with a crossbow, though. And knives - I'm fuckin' aces with knives. If I had a throwing set, I'd hit the bullseye every time."

Wouldn't get this job done though. Neither would a crossbow. Has to be a longbow, Boss says.


Feet a little closer...arm down and back more...


"At least I hit the target this time, right?"

Oh, real cute. I saw that smirk on those prettyboy lips...just beggin' me to bite them...


...damn, he has a nice ass. Looks like he's packin', too.

"Where'd you learn to shoot like that?"

And with that hair, he almost looks a little like B...just enough that I could pretend it's her goin' down on me.


"Hey...can you teach me to shoot like that?" Lick those lips and smile...



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