Added Thursday's Child by Abaddon, The Aesthetic Of The Mistake by Alejandra, Scenes From A Mall: Don't Think Of Yesterday and Scenes From A Mall: The Skin Beneath by Allison Lane, a pretty young girl in boots on his floor by august, Nesting Instinct by backfromspace, Half To Fall and Saturday (Escape Velocity Remix) by Branwyn, Spike's Delight by Brianna Aisling, No Place Like Home by Catlin O'Connor, Alison Was Here and Head Above Water by cgb, Wearing Thin (Piecewise) by Cherry Ice, what couldn't by daneorange, Haemothermia by Dolores, Different Kind Of Faith by Emily, Green-Eyed Monsters, Scenes From The Floating World, and The Sunnydale Book Of The Dead: Excerpts by glossolalia, Field Of Victory by Halrloprillalar, Certain Women, No Pace Perceived, and Walking On Water by HYPERFocused, A Citizen Of The Country, Ghost, Linger, Puss In Boots, Question Mark, and Small Things by Ishafel, Touch Of My Hand by itsacraze, All She Really Wants, In The Details, and Yearnings Fulfilled And Unfulfilled by Jennifer-Oksana, Francesca's Ennui or: the rainbow connection Caws, Opus Dei, and Regrets And Broken Bread by Jill B. Wilde, Ruby Slippers Are A One Way Ticket and Truly by Kaite, Where There Is Life, There Is Hope by Karen, Milk Run, My Mother, and Plan B by Kate Bolin, Clouds Of His Own by Käthe, Reading Material by Katta, Four Easy Steps by Kessica, Dismantle The Sun by KindKit, The Sky Has Claws by Kyra Cullinan, Loyalties by Lady Grey, Desideratum by Lavender, Out Of The Shadows by Lin, Deal Breaker and Unbowed (Frayed: The Slayer's Remix) by M. Scott Eiland, All That Glitters by Maidenjedi, Rock/Paper/Scissors by Marine Galdeone, Haunted and Regrets by Melanie-Anne, Roses by MelWil, Eight Minutes by Mexx, Stupidity Tries by Mosca, and finally a love poem, my city of rain, and nous sommes tous les gourmands by not jenny, still playing lost and found by Oro, Malediction by Paradoqz, Flesh And Blood by Pearl-o, Dirty Little Secret by Prophecy Girl, Five Ways To Fail To Be A Watcher and Rupert Giles Tells Lies by Ruth, The Case Of The Kidnapped Cutie: Starlet Fever, Life And Death, and Not A Simple Kiss by Sami, Breathless, Closeted, and Keeping In Touch (The Two Times Two Remix) by Sängerin, Incarnadine by Sara, Five Riffs On The Theme Of Intimacy In The Jossverse by Selena Ulrich, Horizontal Movement, Never-Ever Land, and Undercover by Shrift, Equinox by Siryn, Kali Dances by SpikeDru, Chinatown by Tahlia, Sense Memory by Tara O'Shea, No River Like Craving and Prisoner by Tesla, By The Waters Of Babylon by Tigerlady, Cake, Chocolate. One Slice by Tigermoth, Hard Labour and Was Sie Benötigen (What You Need) by Tosca, Lee Shore by Vanzetti, Clean (Live, Acoustic), Frenzy (Calculated Risk Remix), Happiness Is A Warm Gun, (I Can Turn You) Inside Out, and Ladyfingers by Victoria P, Skating Around The Truth by Wendy, Idiots And Axes Don't Mix by wyoluvr, When I Am King You Will Be First Against The Wall by zahra, In Winter by Zara Hemla, and Wash Away Your Sins by Zeelee.
Added Billy's Head Is Pasted On, Dare, and It's A Mad, Mad, Fucked-Up World by Alejandra, Nine Moments In The Life Of An Artist, Survivors, and Window Of Opportunity by Amy, I Felt Him by Annika, it rains when she arrives by august, Apology, Brown Sugar, Freebie, and Gravid by Bast, The Ecstasy and Like Lightning In Skies by Beth C, Six To Eight Months by Cherry Ice, First by daneorange, Jason And Me by David Hines, Let Forever Be by Dolores, Xeno's Paradox by Don't Make Eye Contact, Distraction by Dr. Nemesis, world would end by Elizabeth, Solace by Emily, Bohemian Like You and Legal Manoeuvres In The Dark by Faithtastic, Heat by Fay, Bachelor Boy by glossolalia, Closeted, I Love To Go A-Wandering, Mast Year, and Tidings Of Comfort And Joy by Halrloprillalar, Instamatic Karma, Orange Crush, and The Tease by HYPERFocused, And Life Goes On, The Exquisite Art Of Patient Revenge, Head Full Of Noise, Just A Thought, Kickin' Off An Era, and Three By Midnight by Jennifer-Oksana, Between The Boys And The Bees by Kaite, Dreamcatching, Experimental, The Four Dreams Of Charles Gunn, Noir, Switch Bitch, and Ten Things That Didn't Happen To Riley And/Or Faith by Kate Bolin, The Third Day by kbk, in new york by Kessica, She Was Laughing by Losselen, Missing by Maidenjedi, Black Magic Women and Lost And Found by Mari, Johnny In America by Match, How To Have An Unhealthy Relationship and Jessica Rabbit Doesn't Count by Netgirl, Modes and Old News by Pearl-o, Blackbird, Fly by Prophecy Girl, Five Lovers Cordelia Chase Never Had by Roz Kaveney, Cherry-Kiwi Lip Gloss, Like George Michael, On The Border, Six Degrees, and Vaguely Phallus Shaped by Sami, Dreaming Of A Future That cannot Be by Sängerin, All Things Must Pass by Sciuridae, Roundabout Ways and Wolves And Dark Corners by Scy, The Heart Is Deceitful, Above All Things by Siryn, Fluidity Overcomes Rigidity, New Moon, New Year, Princess Of Parallelograms, Returning, Sense Memory V, Sense Memory VI, Sense Memory VII, The Two Of Cups, and Up At The Old Hotel by Tesla, Sweet Tooth by Tigerlady, Progressions: First Contact by tigermoth, Dark Days and A Faint Lost Ribbon Of Rainbow by Twinkledru J, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, The Star, the (under)wordly escapades of two ex-vampires, Wasteland, and without a thought/voice/soul by Vala, End Of The World by Venus Blue, The Grave Soul, Inheritances, Razor's Edge, Six Long Years On Your Trail, Three Tequila, Weakness, and Wrapped Round Everything by Victoria P, Dream Of Green And Home by Vivien, Water Everywhere by Zahra, Kingston Harbour by Zara Hemla, and How To Avoid Getting Hit By Lightning and Mad Dog by Zeelee.
Added Evil Plans For The Good Of The World by Alejandra, Analysis and The Ninth Plague by cgb, Heat Wave by cheebs!, Trappings by Croupier, Measured Out In Coffee-Spoons by David Hines, At Swim, Two Boys by Dolores, Fame Is by Emily, Bloodlust by Fay, Pretty Rad by glossolalia, Unnatural Acts by Halrloprillalar, The Only Living Boy In New York and Seasoned by HYPERFocused, The Complication Of Memory, Therapeutic Measures, and Virtual Moonlight For Madwomen by Jennifer-Oksana, Art Of War, Endless Waltz, and Vicious Circles by Karen, Family History, Ibarra y Magia, and Song Of The Dispossessed by Kate Bolin, Kiss, Kick, Kill and The Lines We Amend by käthe, Coffee by kbk, For People Who Know Their Tea by Kelly Moul, the first day of spring (a christmas story) by Kessica, The Very Secret Diary Of Harmony Kendall by Lar, Auto-Control, Foolish, and Untitled (Ghost) by Losselen, Relic and Twilight People by Mari, Petty Civil Disobedience by Moonslash, The Waiting Place by Nates, Apocalypses And Other Disasters by Netgirl, Knotted by Northlight, Is That What You Fought The War For by nostalgia, Tarnished Gold by Patricia RD, Self Made and Stained Glass by Prophecy Girl, Ad Astra and Intermezzo by Queen Mab, Quidditch! Romance! Lust! by Sami, Overground by Scy, Compromise, Dodge-town, and Trespass Not On His Solitude by Shrift, Idyllic Days by Sing To Angels, The Knight Steps Aside by Siryn, Ladyfingers by Sivi, Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall by Syal, Countdown To The Inevitable by Tara O'Shea, Sense Memory I, Sense Memory II, Sense Memory III, and Sense Memory IV by Tesla, Seem'd A Part Of Joyous Spring by Twinkledru J., Caesar's Wife, Come With Me, Jealous Of Your Cigarette, Security Blanket, Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others, Stag Night (One Of The Five Ways Sirius, James And Remus Never Had Sex With Each Other) by Victoria P, Aphrodite, Athena, The Bright Obvious, Emilio Estevez, Pacey Witter, And Canadian Geese, Psychology Of Self, Queen Of Swords, Releasing, Smart Girls Do, Under The Sun, and Window Shopping by Voleuse, and All That Glitters and Buzz by zahra.
Added How Pretty You Are by alejandra, The Guy That You Came In With by Amatia, Second Self by Anna S, An Angry Fix and Shiny by Beth C, All These Wasted Dreams by Catlin O'Connor, Under The Anvil Of The Sun by cheebs!, Marshmallows by daneorange, Fixed by Dolores, The Other Side by ethrosdemon, For People Who Know Their Tea by fille parfaite, Monochrome and What Guile Is This?: A Luddite's Love Story by glossolalia, Misanthropy, Lycanthropy, And The Pursuit Of Knowledge and Somebody's Darling by Halrloprillalar, The Wild One by HYPERFocused, Liberation Day, A Pirate's Life For Me, Second Coming, and The Summer Of The Lions by Ishafel, Another Girl's Paradise and Close My Eyes And Leap by Kaite, What Does Not Kill You by Karen, 24 Hours, Curriculum, ...like the maidenhead on a ship from Hell, and Risk by Kate Bolin, Proof Reading and Rhythm Of The Night by Katrina McDonnell, Dreams In Which and Mapped by Kyra Cullinan, Paying Attention and Points On The Compass: Snow, Sand, Mud, Blood by Lar, Dear World by Lily Michelle, How Our Heart Lies by losselen, All In and Split Second by M. Scott Eiland, Impulse by Maidenjedi, Alternative Medicine by Moonslash, The Art Of Making People Shut Up and A Bizarre Exercise In Surrealism by Netgirl, Redefining Normal by Northlight, what's left is magic by not jenny, Near Fantastica by Oro, Razors Under The Skin by Paradoqz, The Outline Of A Circle and Trial And Error by Pearl-o, This Place by Prophecy Girl, Angels Never Call by RubyKate, Robin To Batman by Sami, Still Coastal by Scy, Cynical, In The Twilight, and Jaded by Sing To Angels, And I Am Weary by Tahlia, Status Quo by Tara O'Shea, Eight Degrees by Tesla, Blood And Carnations, The Definition Of Bliss, and Dwelling Ever by Voleuse, Black And White by Your Cruise Director, My Beautiful Friend or Five Things That Never Happened To Adam Knight by zahra, and The End Of All Things by Zeelee.
Added Get Back, Sense And Sensibility, and Sins Of The Father by Abaddon, Appetites and Samba De Orfeo by Beth C., Every Purpose by cgb, The Morning After by Don't Make Eye Contact, All So Sudden by G Thing, Centrepiece by Giuliana, Come The Spring, Fairy Tale, In The Way You Do, and Multiple Orgasms by Glenn, Coming True and Nothing For The Tin Man by glossolalia, Rocking Horse Winner by Gradients, Countdown, Letters To A Young Gentleman, and Perquisite by Halrloprillalar, Anna Thema, Passing Over, Passing Out, Sap, and Wheel In The Sky by HYPERFocused, Cast No Shadow, Icon, The Lost Boys, Madonna And Child, Right Back Where We Started From, and Timetables by Ishafel, Hollywood Endings by itsacraze, Beautiful Young People and Future Imperfect by Jennifer-Oksana, The Imaginary Girl and Sleight Of Hand by Juanita Dark, Common Ground, Breaking Ground, Darkling Road, Ill Met By Moonlight, and Reckless by Karen, 12th Of June, Just Because, Mile High Klutz, and Snatch And Grab by Kate Bolin, Hard Ball by Katrina McDonnell, Eclipsed The Moon and The Soul Of Wit by Kyra Cullinan, What You Need by Laura Smith, By Any Means Necessary, Conversations In A Diner, Fail-Safe, Instantaneous, Lifelines, Making Due, Pulling Back The Curtain, and Requiem For The Fallen by M. Scott Eiland, Demolition by manic, What The Hell Is This? by The MongKey, Traitor by Nates, Hell Is For Heroes and Quipping The Light Fantastic by Nehal, Empty Nest by Northlight, one hundred steps from there to here by not jenny, Corners Of My Mind by Paper Mulberry, A Few Life Times and Still Life With Missing Chances by Patricia RD, Plate Tectonics by Pearl-o, Love Letter by RubyKate, Angel Baby, Entering Skanky Ho Territory, and Lolita In Rome by Sami, Blend and Brick And Marble by Scy, Networking by Shrift, Escape This Desire by Sing To Angels, Come Undone by Siryn, The Loss Of The One and There Is Only Me In My Bedroom by Tesla, Capable and Sunlight On A Broken Column by Tosca, Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered, Breviary, Crossed Some Line, Mine Eyes Dazzle, and A Well-Respected Man by Victoria P., Girls, Her Eyes On Fire, Inner Moppet, It's Called Maturity, Simmer by Voleuse, and Any Moment and Distance by winter baby, Homebound by Your Cruise Director, Broken Pedestals, Even Honesty Is Financial Speculation, and On A Subject Of Some Regret by zahra, and Not Enough, Never Enough by Zara Hemla.
Added Break Like Me by Amber, Share Of Days by Anna S, Here Comes The Sun by Beth C, Renaissance Man by cgb, Body Language, Pour Some Sugar, and Tycho by Charles, Empty Places by Cynjen, Doctor Livingstone, I Presume? by Dolores, Happy Ever After by Glenn, A Surfeit Of Honours by Halrloprillalar, Fuel, Goldilocks And The Three Browns, and Skating Away by HYPERFocused, Broken, Little Red Riding Hood, and Pinocchio by Ishafel, Bonding, The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell, and Unread Letter Found In 14th Century Manuscript by Jennifer-Oksana, Green Eyed Monsters, Juxtaposition, These Walls, and You Only Live Twice: On Shaky Ground by Karen, Demo Tape Number One, Drunk On Dust, just like that old man in that book by nabokov, mylar, and Share And Share Alike by Kate Bolin, Comfort, Lullaby, and Snaking Along by Katrina McDonnell, Business Dinner by kbk, the war of the roses by Kessica, Exhaust by Lassiter, savoir-faire by Lavender, Assumption Of Risk, Cutting Ties, Darkness And Knight, and Final Obligation by M. Scott Eiland, If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium by Mosca, The Next Best Thing by Netgirl, Bar Hopping With A Sledgehammer and Incomplete Information by Nicole Clevenger, epitaphs and like she walks by not jenny, Empty In Between and The Last Poem's Poet by Oro, Narciso In Chains by Patricia RD, Don't Say The Word and Ready Set Go by Pearl-o, Incomparably Cunning by Roz McClure, The Same Grim Giving by Shrift, After Dinner by Siryn, a form of heat that doesn't rise by tahlia, Svaha by Tara O'Shea, Cocaine and Sleeper by Vala, Daddy Dear and Everest by Victoria P, Soothe The Burn by Viola, Catch Up, Guy Stuff, Half A Day, If, Liquid Courage, Screens (Not) Blue, Simpatico, and Those Who Came Before by Voleuse, and The Prodigal Replacement by zahra.
Added Into The West by Abaddon, Seasons and Six Ways To Fall In Love by alicamel, Pictures by Alison, Still On My Brain by Amy, Contact and Fear And Loathing In Lawndale by Bastet, The Conditions and Try, Try, Try, Just A Little Bit Harder by itsacraze, But Once A Year and A Merry Little Christmas by Daegaer, Back For Good and The Chosen Mom by Dolores, What Did You Do? and Wires And Love (The Secrets Origins Remix) by Don't Make Eye Contact, Fertile Ground by G Thing, California Stars, Come Pick Me Up (I Wish You Would), Confidence Games, Friends With Benefits, Gore-met, The Sixth Day, Slave Of Sensation, and The Sound Of Silence by Jennifer-Oksana, Is There Something I Should Know?, Kindred Spirits, Lightning Never Strikes Twice, Masquerade Night, May Fortune Favor Us, Perchance To Dream, Summit, Vermillion And Roses, and Walk Softly by Karen, Pump by Kate Bolin, Advance Copy, Promises, and Too Much Information by Katrina McDonnell, No Poetry and A Pretty War by Kyra Cullinan, King Of Hearts by Lassiter, Afterimages, Dèjá You?, Kindred Spirits, and Two Steps To The Right by M. Scott Eiland, Crazy Carpet Patterns by MelWil, Mutating Paradigms And Other Shifts In Reality, Outside In, and Property Law by Minim Calibre, Resolution by Mona, If I'm To Be Your Camera, Out Of The Woods, and To A Daydream Believer And A Homecoming Queen by Mosca, Lies Of Omission by Nostalgia, the way things are by not jenny, Fallout Of The Past by Oro, Academies and Milk And Ash by Pearl-o, Conflicted Interests by Sängerin, Lighter by Scy, Bibliophily and Impetuous And Near by Shrift, Retribution by Sing To Angels, The Acts Of Gods by Sivi, In Field Nor Mountain, Nothing Stirs and Once And Future by Twinkledru J, Coveted, Hero Complex, Heroin, Joke, Just A Moment (Of Her Time), Revelations, and Short Stories With Tragic Endings by Vala, Peacetime by Versaphile, The Intimate Art Of The Close Shave, Listen Like Thieves, Such Corruptions Out Of Such Sweet Things, Temptation Waits, and Thy Sensual Fault by Victoria P, Satisfaction by Vixxxen, Alpha, Lucky Strikes, and Switch by Voleuse, Real Life Doll by Wendy, and Accidental Heroes by zahra, Remind Him by Zara Hemla
Added Santaville by Amy & HYPERFocused, The Elements by Beth C., Signs And Tokens (The Minders & Re-Minders Remix) by bj, Thyself In Me by Branwyn, Dream It Down by cgb, Full Service Protection, Just There (The Million Miles Away Remix), and Wonderdrug by Charles, Two Years by Chris Anderson, This Is Us Now (The La Stirpe Remix) by itsacraze, Learning Curve (The Razzle-Dazzle Remix) by Daegaer, The Older Woman by Doyle, Leaving Normal by Faithtastic, Empire Of Dirt and Laughter (The Laughing Wild Amidst Severest Woe Remix) by Gemma Files, Boxing Day by glossolalia, Hot Water, K-Y, And The End Of The World and The Importance Of Grooming by Halrloprillalar, Shopping To Remember (The Coming Alive Remix) by Hecate, And On The Eighth Day..., Death Takes A Holiday, Fastest Gun In The Northwest, Good Girl, Bad Girl (The Good Girls Don't Remix), Not Bad, Not Bad At All, Ten Cent Tour, and Velvet Underground by HYPERFocused, Disappearing Spires (The Last Cathedral Remix), Malfoy, The Rain In Spain, Trust, and Unforgivable by Ishafel, Deconstruction By Costume Party, The Lay Of Westley Of Wyndham, Morrissey, Mondale, Magic, And Miss Morgan, and Something Brighter by Jennifer-Oksana, Reflections (At A Tori Amos Concert) (The Hey Mars Remix) by Jill B. Wilde, Echoes by Karen, Art History, Baked, Friends Who Are Boys, The Not-So-Secret Thoughts Of A Bored Kourier (The Fangrrrl Remix), Secrets, Than Yesterday (The Brave New Girl Remix), and Twelve Pieces Of Aztec Gold by Kate Bolin, Ball Dropping, Fireworks, Mistletoe, and Taking A Dip by Katrina McDonnell, So Many Ways To Say I Love You by Katta, Between The Bars (The Chuck Palahnuik Remix) by Kessica, So Let Us Melt by Kyra Cullinan, The Case Of Kings, Full Of Weeping, and Your Tongue Like The Sun In My Mouth by Lar, Cold Comfort by Luna, Court Etiquette, Intimacy, and Six Bits by M. Scott Eiland, Six Months Of The Year and We Were Young Once by Maidenjedi, Spin The Giles by Meg & glossolalia, Still Life With Sniper by Moonslash, Are You Now Or Have You Ever (The Silence Remix) by Michelle K, Leaving Hope by Morvoren, Better Go Catch It, Family Secrets (The Righteous Anger Remix), Incarnations, and You Can Care All You Want by Mosca, Island Nation by Nehal, Drown (The Grave-Snatcher Remix) by Niu, Better Than Happily Ever After and Tarnished by Northlight, Camouflage, Feeling Of Gaze, and from the point of no return, you're leaving by Oro, Comfortable (The Happiness Remix) and Strange Little Girl by Patricia RD, Loved by Prophecy Girl, volcanoes melt you down (The 22 Moments Remix) by Rebecca Lizard, Resurrection by Rowan, Abbot And Costello Meet The Rainbow Coalition, As Flame To Smoke, and Diversionary Tactics by Shrift, Release and Scars by Siryn, The Bitterest Pill by SpikeDru, Like Humans Do (The Cold, Unexpected Remix) by StellaMaru, if the fates allow by tahlia, Rule Twenty-Three by Twinkledru J, Flutter Girl by Vala, Appointed Hours by Vanzetti, Enough, Let Nothing You Dismay, Something Borrowed, and Unconditional by Victoria P., Godforsaken by Vivien, And Then There Were Two (The Smooth Machiavelli Remix) by Voleuse, One (The Trapping Angels Remix) by Wendy, and Listeners (The Lessons Learned The Hard Way Remix) by winter baby.

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