by cheebs!

She came in late, prob'ly thinkin' everyone was asleep. Shoulda known I wouldn't be. I don't get much sleep - not anymore.

Not like I wouldn't've woken up at those sounds anyway.

Three years in prison, you know what another woman gettin' off sounds like, even when she's tryin' to be quiet. Little whimpers and stifled moans that're always just loud enough for me to hear.

You'd think B would remember about Slayer hearin'. Or at least remember she's not the only Slayer in the house, much less her room. Guess she really doesn't want to think about me if she doesn't have to.

So I'm just lyin' there, holdin' my breath, listenin' to her playin' with herself, when she starts cryin' - a tiny sound, like the new fish their first night inside. There was a time hearin' B cry woulda got me all hot and bothered, but that was abote three years ago. A lot's happened since then. Now it fuckin' tears at me, like someone's grabbin' my heart and squeezin' it for all they're worth.

Not like I don't have a good idea what's wrong - the bible thumper did a number on all of us, and all because of her decision to attack. So I figure I'll sneak over to her bed, see if I can't help her out a bit.

She either doesn't notice or doesn't care as I slide my hand alongside hers and take over, circlin' and strokin' her clit until she grabs the sheet in both fists, rippin' it with her nails. Perfect. With her hands out of the way and occupied, I can dive right in.

Just 'cause I'm sick of girl-types doesn't mean I'm going to pass up an opportunity like this.

She doesn't taste like honey, or nectar, or any of the things you read in a cheesy romance novel. Kinda tastes like every other girl I've gone down on, except not. Tastes kinda like me, actually.

Oh, like you never licked your fingers after gettin' off. You haven't? Huh. But you know what I mean. There's something different about her - and me - I'm thinkin' it's a Slayah thang.

Whaddya mean you don't? You mean you never.... Oh shit, that's just wrong. You ever get a chance again, you should. She's a fuckin' wildcat when she comes, mewlin' and scratchin'...but I'm gettin' ahead of myself.

So I'm goin' down on her and all of a sudden she's got her fingers tangled in my hair and she's pullin' my head up. Her eyes are fuckin' huge while she just looks me over. She's starin' at my mouth and I know it's shiny with what I can feel drippin' down my chin. So I lick it clean, real slow, like a cat lickin' milk off its whiskers. Her eyes follow my tongue and she starts breathin' funny.

I got her.

"Let me do this for you," I whisper and plant a kiss on the inside of her thigh. She doesn't answer, just pulls me face-first into her pussy. Which I guess is enough of an answer.

I run my tongue over her puffy red lips, so lightly that anyone else wouldn't feel it. But she does, buckin' up so she hits my chin, her fist tightening in my hair.

I'm real good at givin' head. Male or female - doesn't matter. But it's still kinda hard with the person on the receivin' end wigglin' all over the place. So I grab her hips and pin her thighs with my forearms, and force her pelvis down with my forehead. Learned that trick from one of the Berthas who wasn't much to look at but got me off more times in one week than everyone else in my life.

Enough times that I lost count. Why, you wanna try to break that record?

You're on. Just let me finish, 'k? 'Sides, you look like you're enjoyin' the story.

I'm eye-level with her clit now. It's swollen and nearly purple, like an unripe blueberry. I can't resist suckin' on it. Hard. She squeaks and squirms a bit, then wraps herself around my head so tight I can hardly breathe and stiffens.

Meanwhile, I'm fuckin' buried nose-deep in her, gettin' drenched and lovin' every minute of it. I slam her legs open as soon as they unclench and start on what's gotta be the best tongue lashin' anybody ever gave her. I start slow, knowin' she's gotta be real sensitive - tiny circles with just the tip of my tongue that almost miss the little nub, which is now so swollen it looks like a smallish grape. She starts makin' these little whinin' sounds like a newborn kitten - ooh, ooh, ooh - real high like that - and shakin' somethin' fierce. Then she starts clawin' at my back like she's tryin' to bring me in closer and squeals louder, and starts drummin' her heels on my back so hard it's gonna leave bruises.

I always did like it rough. I'm usually the one dishin' it out, but for once I don't mind takin' it. I mean, it's B - I wanted her before I ever laid eyes on her.

Seems she likes it rough too. I nip at her mound and she fuckin' howls. Every muscle in her body tenses, pullin' her upright. She's tremblin' uncontrollably and her eyes are wide, staring right at me but seeing nothing. Her breath is ragged and quick like she just ran home from the Bronze in two seconds flat, and I know she just came again and if I lick just a little more...score. She's off like a rocket, havin' what's prob'ly her first multiple orgasm, wrappin' around me in a tight little ball, makin' so much noise I know she's woken everybody else in the house by now. Like I give a fuck. I'm just glad everyone else is so pissed at her they don't wanna be in her room tonight, and hopin' she locked the door.

Bet she's wishin' she'd been a bit less uptight last time I was in Sunnyhell.

I keep bringin' her off until all she can do is lay there quiverin' like a lump of Jello, jerkin' like she's hooked up to a battery each time she comes. The whole time she's starin' right through me.

Finally I stop to give my jaw a break. I rest my head on her thigh and let my eyelids drift to half-mast. I may have Slayer stamina but so does she, and I'm fuckin' tired.

"Fa...Faith...?" Her voice is rough, either from screaming or from the crying she was doing before.

I catch my breath and answer. "Yeah B?"


I don't really have an answer for that and I know she'll see through any bullshit. She was always good at that. "Dunno...'cause you needed it?"

She seems to accept that. Then she takes me by surprise - grabs under my arms and pulls me up until I'm lying next to her. Kisses me on the mouth, decides she likes what she tastes and licks and sucks herself off my lips. Then she snuggles down into my boobs and falls asleep.

I'm horny like a motherfucker - the fight was more than enough to get me worked up, and then this? But I can't get myself off with her where she is and I can't bring myself to move her. Eventually I fall asleep.

In the morning I wake up with her between my legs, three of her tiny fingers poundin' into my g-spot so hard I come before I'm fully awake. And she keeps goin', and I keep comin'. She adds another finger, and another, and she's really drillin' into me and it just barely registers that she's got her whole fist in me which sends me screamin' off the deep end. My eyes roll up and get stuck somewhere in the back of my head, and everything goes white.

When I come to she's getting dressed. She doesn't say anything - doesn't even look at me. Dunno why I expected anything different. So I pull my sweats back on and head out for breakfast, squarin' my shoulders and tossin' my hair back as I pass her.

Still doesn't say a word. Just sucks her finger like a candy cane. Makes my knees fuckin' weak. Makes it easier when they turn on her and want me in charge.

Oh, you wanna know what it tastes like...? I think that can be arranged. it true what they say abote black men?


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