Splinters: Prettiest Thing
by cheebs!

goddamn prissy pretty-in-pink goody-two-shoes perfect little BITCH.

SHE tried to KILL me. ME. with MY knife. and now i'm stuck inside my own head, in this bizarre little world that i must have created sometime between Kakistos and Angel.

won't last. i'm BETTER than this. better than HER. BETTER than her perfect eyes (full with hunger), better than her perfect hair (floating over and around her as i throw her to the bed), her perfect lips (crushing against mine), her perfect tits (heaving with shallow breath as my fingers plunge to her hips' rhythm), her perfect legs (clamping on my hand as she screams my name) her perfect ass (marking where my nails dig in to keep her still).

I'M. BETTER. better than the whole of her being (pressing naked against me as i devour her crushed-berry lips...her creamy but fang-scarred neck...her hardened pink nipples, one at a time...suck on them 'til she cries out and pushes my head down...nip at her taut belly on the way to the neatly trimmed dampening, darkening blonde curls...)

...the fuck? where did THAT come from?


i'm going to prove it when i wake up. i'm gonna leave this place and go in her bedroom window -- when she's awake, of course, 'cause i ain't a coward -- and i'm gonna get my knife back from the little bitch and run it all over that little (sexy) body of hers...stand over her and laugh as the blood covers her (hugging every curve)...watch the perfection wash away in a river of of red, turning her (spun- gold) hair to matted crimson...listen to her beg (me to enter her)...won't help. she'll be MINE (body and soul and mewling and writhing on my fist...).

shit. not again.

god, i hate her. it's not bad enough she put me in a COMA and invades my DREAMS, but she has to fill my every THOUGHT too? (especially when she should be filling something else.) what i wouldn't give to die right now just so i can stop THINKING about her (hungry eyes and pouting lips and spun-gold hair and perky tits and...)

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (her!)



then again...maybe fucking B wouldn't be such a bad thing. she's one hell of a hottie when she's not being little miss righteous vanilla.

bet she doesn't know i saw every time she stared at my lips, like they were the biggest thing in her world. dunno, maybe they were. maybe a few times she wanted me as bad as i wanted her. maybe she still wants me that bad. not like i give a shit what the cunt wants; any chance of that ended with the KNIFE in my gut. (should've been her fingers in yo - my hot, wet pussy.)


that's real fuckin' interesting...i don't usually have PRONOUN trouble....

(*giggle* you sound like daffy duck.)

...i also don't GIGGLE. i NEVER giggled in my whole LIFE.

(was there ever anything to giggle about?)

shut UP! WHY the FUCK are you in my HEAD?!

(it's the only way i can talk to you.)

(i miss you.)

I don't miss YOU. i just miss the little things in life, like CONSCIOUSNESS.

(uh huh. *smirk* you can't lie to me anymore. how much longer are you going to lie to yourself?)


(what, no smartass remark?)

...go 'way.

(i have to anyway; it's almost time for me to wake up.)



aren't you GONE yet?

(...wake up soon, so i can teach you to giggle...and you can make me purr.)




...B? Buffy?



B...i'll take you up on that real soon.


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