Coolsville II
by Schuyler

"What's his name?" Velma asked in the middle of lifting her sweater over her head.

Fred, just dropping his shirt, stopped dead. "Who?"

"I saw you with a guy on Lincoln Avenue last Friday. I'm just wondering what his name is." Velma acted as though they were discussing the weather, popping open the button on her skirt and letting it fall to the ground.

There was no use in pretending it hadn't happened. Not with Velma. "Tyson. He's ... I met him at the mall." Fred could feel himself blush. Velma was just standing there in her sports bra and boy cut briefs.

She sat down in the midst of his silk sheets and turned her back to him, waited for him to unhook her. "You looked like you were having a nice time. Were you having a nice time?"

"Yeah." He dropped his bright blue pants and slid in behind her, opening the hooks and pausing just like he always did to admire the skin on her back, expansive and unchanging except for one mole on her left shoulder. He'd always sort of wanted to kiss it.

"Then you should see him again. I bet he's a good guy." Fred wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips to her skin.


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