by Claire

Dawn keeps copies of Cassie's poems, taken from her website, in her drawer, along with a photo of herself and Tara from the summer before last. She misses Tara, and doubts that Willow's new relationship will last.

She misses her mom, too, but more than that, she misses having someone taking care of her. Buffy doesn't, anymore, she's too busy with the slayers-in-training and preparing for the war she keeps on talking about.

She likes feeling useful and helping the gang research, but at times she gets sick of it and wishes she could have a normal life. She wishes she'd realised this before pestering Buffy and the others to let her help.

She has a crush on Faith. She thinks Buffy probably does, too, but won't admit it. She knows Buffy's still not entirely comfortable with Willow's sexuality, even though she pretends she is.

She thinks Spike's attractive, but can't get over the fact that he tried to rape her sister, and doesn't know how Buffy can forget all that just because he has a soul now.

She resents Anya for being the one to find out that she was stealing things, and secretly thinks she deserved to be left at the altar. Having said that, she hasn't been able to look at Xander the same way ever since he did that.

She is the girl Kit calls every time she feels depressed, and she always listens, no matter how tired or stressed she is.

She is growing more and more fond of Andrew every day, despite the fact that everyone else treats him like a pest. She thinks that's part of the reason, because she's used to being treated that way, and she finds him sweet. She sneaked downstairs one night to talk to him and found him crying over Jonathan, and ever since then she's thought of him as a friend.

She is still vaguely jealous of all the slayers-in-training, and every night she wonders if she's going to survive the final battle.


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