Crop Sales
by Francis

Martha was never one to complain. She had moved from Metropolis to Smallville for Jonathan, and she had never complained about it, except perhaps for the lack of an air-conditioning unit.

When she found out she couldn't have children of her own she didn't hold up her hand to the heavens and beat her chest to complain. She took it all in stride, Jonathan didn't of course, but it was better that one of them did mouth off.

She was rewarded, she believed, with Clark. He was a miracle child in more ways than one.

But lately Jonathan had become a little too frisky for her taste. Though she couldn't deny she was glad, even happy for the sudden upswing, she was wondering if the meteor rocks were beginning to have an effect on Jonathan, or maybe it was those Nicodemus flowers again.

One thing was certain, she hadn't had as much since when they were dating.


Jonathan drove into town to drop off some of his crops at the local grocery. Then he made a swing by Talon to pick up his usual cappucino. Lana was behind the counter and she smiled at him.

God that smile, he thought, what a lovely smile. "Hello, Lana. How's business?"

"Very well, Mr.Kent," she answered, moving her head in the way she did when she answered. "The usual, right?"

"Yeah. Yeah," he winked, he hoped he didn't look ridiculous.

"So how's Mrs. Kent?" Lana asked while fixing the brew. Jonathan stared at her, from head to foot and those wonderful sights in between them.

"Uh, fine. My wife's fine."

"That's great." She handed him the cup and he handed over part of his crop sales. Jonathan said something along the line of "Yeah, say hi to your Aunt Nell for me, will you?" She smiled and said yes.

Jonathan drove as fast as he could, the roads were open and wide and he made it home in record time. Somewhere along the way he had thrown the cappucino out his window, he never did like fancy stuff.

Besides, he was already feeling up and soon Martha would be too.


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