by cheebs!

The feel of cool metal against her back was nothing new to the young brunette, though this experience itself was. The stall was sticky with things best unthought of, though she couldn't have, had she tried. Her mind was elsewhere, caught in the intense, bluer-than-blue eyes of the woman between her thighs.

She answered the cerulean gaze with her own; dark and soft where the other's was brilliant and hard, and was forced to grip the top of the wall for support as her knees buckled. The other woman had taken the look for challenge and had renewed her efforts, mercilessly tongue-lashing her swollen and sore clitoris. She gave up trying to focus her vision and instead concentrated on the sensations being visited upon her.

Soon, far too soon, panting gave way to moans which would have been embarassingly loud anywhere else, but seemed right in the tawdry surroundings. She tossed back her tangled ebony mane and screeched her pleasure through her crimson pout. It echoed off the unidentifiable masonry, mixing with similar cries from other denizens, until she could no longer tell hers apart.

Life was good.

Life was gone.

Cold lips nipped and sucked at her as colder fingers trapped hers in a deathgrip. She was pressed backwards, the icyness biting through her thin top indiscernable from that of the corpse that held her there. Yes, corpse, that's what it was; stimulating and thrusting and licking and making her scream, but dead all the same.

As if reading her thoughts, it pulled back, lips moist and glistening, eyes glittering as they bored through her. Those vivid orbs gave no expression as the flesh on its face decayed and regenerated in a nanosecond. Catlike, it raised the hand that had been inside her a moment before and licked it clean with a swollen, bluish tongue. "Love these unisex bathrooms," it purred.

She smiled her agreement. "Great party." Her mind drifted to her friends; where had they gone?

"Let them go. You belong here now." Its voice wove around her, enrapturing her, as its skeletal fingers again entered the girl.

Breathless, she could only whimper in reply. Erotic groans grew louder, filling the room.

"Your friends aren't your friends anymore. You belong here, with me." Each syllable was punctuated with a stroke against her inner walls, until she felt she would explode...and she did, with a banshee's wail, fireworks detonating behind closed eyelids.

She slowly came back to reality and grinned broadly, ferally. Snaking a hand around her new lover's neck, she pulled her to her feet. "I'm not going anywhere," she growled lustily. "I like it here."


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