An Alternate Ending To "The Trial" In Exactly 200 Words
by Patricia R.D.

Lindsey was having second thoughts.

The firm had wanted to bring Dru into the game, bring the Darla Angelus knew back, but he’d bought some time, promising to bring her to them. And then, in the dingy motel room, one look into Darla’s tired eyes and she was ready to let her leave with Angel, live her last days in some sort of peace. Angel could hide her, found someplace safe for a while.

And now as he waited for Angel to bring the car, he looked at the sleeping beauty, all innocence and calm for one moment. A piece of paper con the nightstand caught his attention. A goodbye note. She had feared she wouldn’t see him again. With a sight, he pulled the gun out of his holster. He’d changed his mind. He couldn’t allow them to suffer. If she left, he couldn’t live anymore. If she stayed, she would be turned, a precious part of her lost forever. One of them wasn’t leaving the room alive. He pointed the gun as himself, then at Darla, over and over, making a choice, when he heard footsteps approaching, closer.

Before Angel could open the door, Lindsey pulled the trigger.


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