Everybody Wants Him
by Criss Moody

Sean wanted what any man wanted. Peace, enough money to support himself and those he loves, and more peace. His life didn't have a place for barely legal boys. Other boys were up for debate.

He stared at the bare toes peeking out from under his royal blue comforter. He could have sworn he locked his door, yet there someone lay, probably naked, the prat.

The lump stirred and disheveled dark hair dislodged itself from under the comforter. Sean congratulated himself on not looking surprised at who it turned out to be.

"Hey, you're later than I thought you'd be." Elijah yawned and rubbed his hand over his head. "I was awake and looking mighty fine in this bed, you know." He sat up in the bed, letting his covering fall into his lap, thus revealing his chest and abdomen. A damn fine sight it was, but lost on Sean at this hour. Or any hour.

"And you're in the wrong bed, my good hobbit. Go home. Fuck men your own age and stop haunting me."

Elijah smiled. Damn him. He smiled and the world crawled begging to him. But not Sean. He is older, he is wiser, and he hadn't the patience for 18 year old boys anymore. Sean saw his bedroom door start to open and acted quickly.

As Elijah leaned forward, paying no mind to his covers now falling completely free of his body, Sean grabbed the boy's arms and hauled him forward. Elijah at first looked surprised but his wide-eyed shocked melted into sleepy knowledge as Sean bent his head down. Sean heard their teeth clack as he viciously kissed Elijah, sucking hard on the sweet mouth and tongue. Elijah groaned and squirmed his hand into Sean's lap. When Sean broke the kiss, Elijah used his hand to rub at the seam of Sean's jeans.

Intent on the growing erection underneath his hand, Elijah was hardly expecting to be thrown back against the bed...without Sean following him. Elijah's brow crinkled. It was bloody adorable. Sean was sure Elijah couldn't quite imagine anyone not adoring him. Lij was no Orlando, but Mr. Wood usually universally loved.

"Sean, look man, I'm sorry for just popping in here like this, but you're going back to England soon and I just wanted..." And there was the shy blush, the shiny pink blooming under Elijah's skin. Harder men than Sean had surely fallen for that.

"Elijah, you're a charming boy, really, but I repeat my earlier statement: go find a pretty toy your own age and fuck your brains out. I won't be your Fellowship romance."

Elijah opened his mouth and Sean cut him off with his hand on that pretty mouth.

"I don't want you. I can't be any more plain. Now, please leave." Sean turned to disrobe, pulling on his soccer sleeping shirt and a pair of sweatpants, the noise of Elijah gathering his own clothing together in the background. When Sean bent to take off his shoes, Elijah spoke.

"That's it? You don't want me?"

Sean slipped into his bed. Put his glasses on and turned on the bedside lamp. Picking up his book, he looked toward Elijah, half-dressed by the door.

"Elijah, you may find someday that you'll prefer a good book, an excellent glass of scotch, or even a fucking sunset to another messy movie sexcapade relationship." A trademark Bean smirk passed across his face.

"I love sex. But I can get that any number of places with any number of people that I don't have to work with."

"Right. Um, sorry." Elijah shut the door softly behind him.

Sean put his book down and sighed, rather uncharacteristically if he did say so himself. Bloody fucking hell, perhaps he should have let the boy down easily.

"Oh, stop that, I know what you're thinking. 'Maybe I should have been less of a prick'. Really, no worries. Lij will get over it and be fucking someone else before the week is out. Besides, he has to shoot being all ring thralled, yeah, so this'll be brilliant."

Dom sauntered out from the closet, an irony not lost on him by any means, and bounced onto Sean's bed. Squirmed into Sean's lap, took the older man's reading glasses off, and lightly kissed his mouth.

"You can only do one messy Fellowship thing at a time, right?"

Sharks smiled like Sean smiled, sometimes. A little bit mean and entirely self-serving.

"Dom, your mouth is usually better occupied elsewhere."

Dom lost no time edging Sean's sweats off his hips and freeing the thick, uncut cock from its prison. Sean closed his eyes, letting the book fall to the floor.

He'd no patience for barely legal, but twenty-six sucked cock like a dream.


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