Beyond Words And Sound: tear in your hand
by cheebs!

Faith turned her back to the glass case of body jewelry and leaned back on her elbows. "Been thinkin'...."

Buffy, who was looking longingly at a crystal dragonfly barbell on a low shelf, straightened up. With an exaggerated sigh and a glare capable of stopping a charging bull elephant, she turned. "You are not getting out of this. Not after I let you pierce me."

"But, B...." Faith affected her most innocuous expression, tilting her head and batting her eyes. "All I was gonna say is that I already got bod mod in your honor."

"But, F," Buffy whined, mimicking the other woman, "I've seen all of your bod. While it's rather impressive -" she paused, letting her gaze roam over Faith's curves, "- it's also strangely devoid of ink and metal for someone with a mod fetish."

Faith smirked. "That's where you're wrong, B. See, tattoos are strictly verboten in prison, and they strip-search regularly, so ya gotta be creative about where ya get it...has to be someplace you can hide without drawing suspicion." With that, she uncurled her left fist, palm up. In the center was simple black ink outline : a teardrop, about 1/4" long.

Buffy eyed the mark skeptically. "Somehow I doubt that hurt nearly as much." She traced the line lightly with her index finger, marvelling at how carefully it traced the lines of Faith's palm and was nearly invisible unless one knew to look for it. [No wonder I never noticed it.]

"Probably not," Faith acknowledged. Her expression changed, suddenly pained, and she continued in a soft, harsh tone. "But the reason I got it...that hurt like a bitch, and I never wanna go through that again." She glared down at her hand, choking back tears that had never been allowed to fall and wishing away the one she had left from a dark May night when all the world just stopped.

Between her L.A. upbringing and various shows on tattooing, Buffy knew that prison ink held deeper symbolism, and that a tear often represented mourning. She moved to Faith's side and took the brunette's hand in hers, lacing her fingers in from behind, and stroked the tat reverently with her free fingers. "'re here to watch my back now. 'The Chosen Two can handle anything,' remember? You told me that." She brought their joined hands up and kissed the slender fingers that had curled around her own. "I don't plan to die again anytime soon," she murmured against her lover's knuckles.

"Slayers don't get the luxury of planning death, B. You know that." Faith's free hand came up and cupped Buffy's face. Her dark eyes glittered with unshed moisture.

"I know. But I'm not going anywhere; I promise." Buffy covered Faith's hand with her own.

Panic rose, making Faith's blood run cold. Her fingers clenched unconsciously as she shivered, leaving white pressure marks on Buffy's cheek. "Promise me you'll never die." Her obsidian gaze bored into the other woman's green eyes, searching for the smallest kernel of untruth.

The blonde entwined her fingers in Faith's and gently pried them free, then moved to face the brunette, still holding both her hands. "I won't die." Her expression and voice both conveyed the utmost sincerity.

"Promise me that if you do, you'll always come back to me."

"I promise."

"Liar." The corner of Faith's mouth twitched with the faintest beginning of her trademark lopsided grin, her poor humor lessened by her girlfriend's solemnity.

"I don't mean to be." Buffy's lips curled into a small, secretive smile. "I already pulled off the hat trick. Don't you think I can make it back again?" Her smirk grew as she added, "C'mon, Faith, have some faith in me."

Faith raised her eyebrow. "That a request?"

"It is now."

Faith grinned sensuously. "Small problem..."

"Oh?" Buffy hooked her index fingers through Faith's beltloops and pulled her close. "What's that?"

"We're gonna have to go home, or at least someplace more private." Faith wrapped her arms around the petite blonde's waist and ground her pelvis against hers. "Unless you're suddenly an exhibitionist," she added in a husky whisper, her breath hot and moist against Buffy's ear.

Dizzy with desire, Buffy closed her eyes. Her mind all but shut down as Faith's tongue traced the shell of her ear and played with the silver rings. Her only thought was [Car. Now.] She found enough breath to voice the thought, and, opening her eyes, let go of Faith's jeans with her left hand while pulling her along with her right.

Grinning maniacally, Faith allowed herself to be dragged through the main part of the store and a good portion of the parking garage before her own need got the better of her. She grabbed Buffy and kissed her passionately, then flung her over her shoulder and jogged to her black Explorer.

Buffy giggled; she loved the way her woman occassionally showed off, acting so much like the men she disdained. "Going all 'cave-Slayer' on me now?" she teased.

When Faith shifted her grip to fiddle with the electric lock, Buffy took advantage and slid down the taller woman's front. Her escape attempt was blocked by a solid thigh wedged firmly between hers. She was trapped between the side of the SUV and her lover's torso, and caught just as surely in her smouldering eyes, mere inches away.

"Not cave-Slayer, love," Faith rasped, her voice thick. She grasped Buffy in one arm as she opened the rear door with the other, then threw her gently upon the folded-down seat. She climbed in, made sure the blonde's legs were out of the way, and closed the door. There was a predatory gleam in her eyes as they raked over the woman beneath her, finally meeting her gaze and holding it. "Cannibal," she breathed out, leering.

Buffy shrieked in mock terror and tried unsuccessfully to scoot backwards; her legs were quickly pinned by the brunette's knees. She unconsciously held her breath as Faith undid the blonde's brown leather pants.

Faith slid her fingers beneath the soft calfskin and ran her fingers over the teal lace underneath. She slithered down the blonde's body, grabbing the waistbands and dragging them down the length of her legs. Her hot breath tickled the coarse brown hair between Buffy's legs, making her startle. Faith growled playfully and snapped her teeth, and the woman beneath her yelped in return.

False cries of fear soon turned to a lusty moan as Faith raked her nails along the outside of Buffy's legs, leaving reddened trails in their wake. She stippled them over the fronts, imprinting crescent moons that healed as soon as they were made, and grinned as the other woman whimpered and thrust her hips up.

"Can't understand you, B. You want something?" Faith purred.

Her mind too lust-addled to speak, Buffy grabbed Faith's hair and unceremoniously forced her face into her crotch. She was in no mood to be teased!

Faith snapped her teeth again, loudly, then nipped at the smooth inside of Buffy's thighs, causing her to jump. Nibble by nibble Faith moved higher, stalking her prey with teeth and tongue. Finally she found the nubbin she'd been hunting and attacked it with her nimble tongue, pressing it against the acrylic barbell she'd put through months earlier. Around and over she traced abstract shapes, pausing to worry the ornament every now and then, holding the blonde's bucking hips relatively steady.

"Oh Gooooooooooood...." Buffy felt as if fire flickered along every nerve in her very being, and all culminated in one tiny spot between her legs. She'd been on edge all day imagining Faith getting pierced, and now all she could feel was the throb of flesh against plastic against flesh. "Fa-Faiiiii--" She came quickly, knowing it would be but the first of many orgasms. Her knees clamped the brunette's ears.

Growling low in her throat, Faith pushed down on Buffy's knees, forcing them apart, and held her legs down. She chuckled at the petite blonde's whine of discontent before sucking hard on her clit, determined to make her come as often and as intensely as possible. She was rewarded with an extended keen as Buffy's muscles began to twitch uncontrollably, and smirked, unseen, as the smaller woman cried out her pleasure.

Buffy's scream mutated into something befitting a jungle beast as she came, each spasm collapsing into another and another and another until she no longer knew when one ended and the next began. Her thighs wrapped tight even as her fingers tangled in her lover's mahogany tresses and she curled in on herself. It became too much and she fairly rode the other's face, shrieking wildly, her heels beating on the firm back beneath them so hard she could hear them...

...wait a minute. That wasn't her heels.

"Faith...." Buffy tried to force the persistent head from between her thighs. "Someone's...ohhh...." She slumped back as another wave of pleasure rolled through her, arching into the brunette's supremely talented mouth.

Persistent knocking on the rear door made Buffy remember why she'd tried to dislodge Faith in the first place. She bucked her hips and twisted away.

Faith's head popped up swiftly. "What is it, babe?"

The knocking turned to steady pounding.

"Fuck!" Faith swiped her forearm across her glistening chin and mouth. "Somebody's gonna owe me a new door if they don't fucking stop beating on it!!!" she shouted. She waited for Buffy to pull her pants on, then slammed the door open wide.

"The fuck do you...want...." Faith trailed off when she saw a gun shakily pointed at her. She looked behind it to its owner, a young security guard doing his best not to appear scared shitless of his weapon. Raising an eyebrow, she calmly asked, "What?"

"I...uh...there was...screaming...."

Buffy snaked her arm around Faith's waist and tucked her head under her lover's arm. "Was there?" She batted her eyes flirtatiously, earning her a sharp jab in the side from her girlfriend's elbow. "Ow," she whispered, rubbing the sore spot.

"" The guard was flabbergasted. His mind raced with the knowledge that a beautiful woman was talking to him, and same woman had just been doing things he could only imagine with another woman just as gorgeous.

Buffy smiled warmly. "Well, everything's fine, as you can see. Nobody's dead."

"Yet," came Faith's reply, uttered so low only Buffy could hear. Still smiling, she nudged her hard.

"We promise to wait 'til we get home next time, okay?"


Frustrated and on edge, Faith finally lost her patience. "You did your job, Rent-A-Cop. Now put away your surrogate dick and get lost."

At that, he straighened up. " can't...."

"Can't what, talk to you like that? Fuck, like you didn't know damn well what we were doing in here. Like you're not gonna go jerk off after you split. Which you'll do now, if you know what's good for you," Faith finished with a growl.

The gun wobbled dangerously as the guard pondered just how much of a threat this woman could possibly be to him. Then she moved, as silently and swiftly as the panthers at the zoo, and the gun was in her hand.

With quick movements, Faith pulled the clip and emptied the chamber, then handed the pistol back. "Really oughta watch where you point that," she spoke with a smirk.

Eyes wide, he took his weapon back, then took off running, nearly running into a group of nearby patrons.

After the security guard was out of earshot, Buffy doubled over in laughter she'd been holding back. Faith joined in her own understated manner, smirking and chuckling softly.


"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah...?" Buffy drawled.

"So," Faith began again. "You want that dragonfly? I mean, I'm kinda partial to the lily, but I want you to like it too."

The blonde's eyes lit up and she flung her arms around her girlfriend's neck. "And while we're in there you can get done too," she said excitedly.

"B," She turned away.

" said --"

"I know what I said!" Faith shouted, turning back. "I just can't, okay? I can't." She looked down quickly, hoping Buffy hadn't seen the tears starting to form.

"Oh, I can put me through all sorts of pain, but you can't take a little yourself?" Buffy snorted. "That's so you. Always dishing it out - never taking any back."

Unnoticed by Buffy in her tirade, Faith clenched and opened her fist a few times. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, which did catch the blonde's attention. She paused mid-rant, recognising her lover's attempt to get herself under control. It hurt her deeply that after all this time and all they'd been through, Faith's first instinct still was to hit. Thankfully, she hadn't been on the receiving end in some time. The walls hadn't fared as well, keeping Xander busy even in relative peacetime.

Buffy couldn't really cast aspersions, though. Her first instinct was also to lash out, with a tongue sharper than the dagger with which she'd once tried to kill her sister Slayer.

"Faith...." Buffy eyed the other woman warily as she mumbled something unintelligible. "Didn't quite catch that."

"I...." Faith hesitated. "I got sick. When I got my tongue done," she explained, not looking up.

"You don't have your tongue pierced," Buffy pointed out.

"Got infected - took it out. Got lucky it healed clean." Faith shrugged. "Not getting it redone 'cause I got sick the first time."

"When you say sick...."

"Puked and passed out. Guy wouldn't put the jewelry in after I came to. Didn't even wanna take out the needle - one of his apprentices had to."

"Oh, honey...." Buffy turned her girlfriend and pulled her into a tight embrace. "You should've told me."

Faith just nodded into the crook of Buffy's neck. She kept her eyes screwed tightly shut.

"I said no more secrets, remember?" Her voice was slightly colder.

A pause as Faith considered the ramifications of this, then a hesitant nod.

"Good." Faith was certain she could hear the blonde's smile in her voice. "Then let's go home, so I can make you scream."

Faith's head popped up, a wicked grin gracing her face. With no further prompting, she bounced into the front seat and started the truck.


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