Stopping To Remember
by Charles

Giles looked in the rearview mirror. How much longer would Andrew be? He'd been so insistent about them stopping at the first Toys R Us they saw after they'd taken care of the wounded. Giles had agreed just to get him to be quiet.

The others on the bus were either asleep or talking quietly amongst themselves. Xander hadn't said much since they'd left what remained of Sunnydale.

Giles was shaken out of his thoughts by Andrew knocking on the doors of the bus. "Did you get what you wanted?"

"Yeah. Thanks, Mister Giles."

Giles shook his head and started the bus. "Bloody geeks," he cursed under his breath.

Andrew sat down next to Xander, the plastic bag rustling noisily. "I got this for you," Andrew said as he opened the bag.

Xander leaned over and looked inside the bag. There was a stuffed bunny and a Han Solo action figure.

Andrew bit his lip and explained. "The bunny... Is for Anya. I mentioned bunnies and she looked kind of strange. And I couldn't find any pretend money, so I got this. Han Solo is for you. Because I think you're cool, like Han Solo is."

A tear rolled down from Xander's eye and he pulled Andrew in for a hug. "Thank you," Xander said.


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