Oh Comely
by Beth C.

It wasn't just for her.

It was barely for her at all.

Every man is allowed to be selfish once in his life, and while killing Spike would've benefitted everyone, Giles wasn't doing it for everyone. He was doing it for himself.

It's amazing how many ways you can plan someone's death. But Giles had a list of ways to rid his life of Spike and Mr. Wood helped almost fulfill number 79, "Find someone with a personal vendetta against Spike. Get them to kill him."

He wrote a list of ways to kill Spike without having to dirty his own hands. Anything to keep himself a hero in her life. Anything to keep himself a shining example of what a man should be.

But plans have flaws, and he found out quickly where he stood in her life.

She grew so proud, so strong, so beautiful.

She grew so distant, so foreign, so sharp to every touch he gave.

One night before everything went to hell and he left her for the second time, she pledged her love to him. She bent to all of his touches, cried from the power of them, clenched him within her depths as she moaned for him to stay .

One night many years ago, she said she could never do it alone.

Another night years later she said she would love him forever.

Now she claims she has learned everything she could from him, and she greets his actions with the silent denial of everything they once had. In his head, he once pictured her saving the world and coming with him back to England. But now he can only picture her fucking him in a nameless crypt, shutting her eyes to everything around her.

But Giles knows he will teach Buffy more.

He'll teach her how he can love her more then any other boy in the world.

He'll show her as the sky ignites in the fire she couldn't stop how his love won't die.

They will leave her, he will always stay.

Giles is the only one who knows her and she is the only one who knows him.

She is the one who made him the man he is.

A man who will kill to keep her.


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