by Embitca

When he let himself back into his hotel suite, the first words he heard were "Man, yo ass is fat!"

As he turned around to lock the door, he reached behind himself and grabbed a butt cheek and told his visitor, "Kiss it!"

Laughter trilled from across the room. "Something like that, yeah."

"When did you get here?"

"I dunno. Early enough to catch you on TV."

"My voice was shot."

"I didn't notice. Couldn't take my eyes off your booty."

"My booty needs some room on the couch. Move over." Nick pushed his visitor's legs aside and then made himself comfortable, leaning back into the couch and sighing. He'd been running ragged for weeks. His voice was shot, his brain was gone, his eyes were sore and he'd just about run out of glib, entertaining ways to insist that he wasn't competing with Justin Timberlake in the solo stakes. It was true too, he wasn't competing. Or at least it had been true, but some things become true by mere repetition and this seemed to be one of them and he found himself letting the numbers bother him. He closed his eyes, ran a hand over his face and sighed.

"You want me to kick the shit out of Timberlake for ya, 'cause I'll do it."

"It's not him."

"I know. But I was thinking it was a good enough excuse." Laughter.

Nick opens an eye, glances at his visitor and smiles, shrugs. An arm reaches out and fingers slide through his hair, petting, soothing. "How about every journalist in America?"

He catches a head nod, a smile. "I'll add 'em to my list."

"You got a list?"

"Yo! I got a long list. Starting with whichever fucker leaked the Eminem Show to the internet. I'm gonna kill that fucker when I track him down."

"Marshall, you hold too many grudges."

Marshall sniggered. "Every man needs a hobby."

"That's a sad one."

Marshall leaned forward, encircled Nick's wrist with warm fingers and pulled it away from his face. Then he pressed a kiss to his mouth. "I got more than one."

Sex voice. Nick suddenly wasn't tired anymore. He let the hands pull on him until he was half lying on top of Marshall, both of their legs stretched out on the couch. "What other hobbies?"

Marshall toyed with the leather cuff wrapped around Nick's left wrist, slipping fingers under the band to grip it. "I've been Tivo'ing the shit out of your appearances and you're always wearing these? Are you waiting for someone to tie you up?"

Nick looks down at him, bemused. "Is that a hobby?"

Marshall smirks, grips tighter to the cuff. "No, it's a fucking question. But it might become a hobby if you answer it right."

He doesn't answer right away. Instead he lowers himself onto Marshall and then wiggles about so he's on his back and he snuggles in when Marshall wraps his arms around his chest. He's so much bigger than the man lying beneath him that he thinks it's almost comical, but Marshall doesn't seem to mind the weight. In fact, judging from the erection pressing into his ass, Marshall seems to like it. When he's good and comfortable, he crosses his wrists together, inspects the cuffs. "What would you tie me up with?"

Marshall wraps a hand around the crossed wrists, rubbing his thumb along the leather. "Is that an answer?"

The hand is gone, but the voice was thick and heavy and Nick has to swallow hard before he responds. "Yeah." He can feel Marshall fiddling behind him, but he doesn't turn to look. Just waits.

He's surprised as hell when Marshall takes the black D12 bandanna that had been on his head and drapes it loosely across Nick's wrists. "This could work."

When Nick doesn't answer, Marshall chortles gleefully until Nick elbows him in the ribcage. "Oww!"

Nick smiles, satisfied. "Where would we do this?"

He felt Marshall struggling beneath him to move and then he was being pushed back into a sitting position as Marshall sat up to look around. "Hmm, the bed?"

Nick shook his head. "Wouldn't work on that headboard. There's nothing to loop anything through."

Marshall grunted, "Shit. There's gotta be something."

Nick watched Marshall get up and walk around the room, scrutinizing everything.. He was excited, but he tried not to let it show too much. He was nervous too, and braced for disappointment because he really didn't think there was anyway they could work it in this hotel room. But he'd let Marshall figure that out.

Marshall said, "You got a belt?"

Nick reflexively looked down at his waist even though he already knew the answer. "No, I ---"

Marshall looked at him then. "What?"

Nick slid his hand along the chain dangling from his jeans and held out the end of it to Marshall. "Umm, this might be helpful."

Marshall grinned wolfishly and walked back over to the couch, grabbing the chain that Nick held out and tugging on it. "Why didn't you mention this in the first place?

Nick smiled and shrugged. "I forgot I was wearing it."

Marshall tugged on the chain again. "Get up."

Nick looked at him carefully and then stood up. "What are you going to do?"

Marshall reeled him in by the chain and then started fiddling with the hook, removing it from Nick's belt loop. "It'll reach the bed frame, I think. You'll just have to lie across it." Marshall looked up at him as he coiled the chain up into his hands. "You want to do this, right?"

Nick swallowed hard, nodded and then pushed past Marshall and walked over to the bed. After he sat down on the side of the bed, he looked over at Marshall who was still standing by the couch, just staring at him. Nick grinned at him, crossed his hands at the wrists and said, "Tie me up already."

Marshall laughed and then said, "Fuck, yeah!" as he leaned over the couch and picked up the D-12 bandanna from the floor beside it. A moment later he was crouched down in front of Nick and securing the bandanna around his wrists, looping it beneath the cuffs before tying it off.

When he was done, Marshall inspected the knot and nodded, then slowly ran his hands up and down Nick's arms. When he looked up into Nick's face, Nick raised his arms and Marshall slipped beneath them, crawling onto his lap until he was in Nick's embrace, the tied wrists behind him. When Marshall took his face in his hands, Nick leaned forward hungrily and kissed him, sucking at Marshall's lower lip, biting it as he wriggled about with Marshall in his lap.

For a little while, Marshall kissed him back and stroked his fingers down Nick's face, then he broke away from the kiss. He put his hands up under Nick's arms and raised them until he could duck out from beneath and push himself into a standing position. "You need to move back on the bed so I can get the chain around the frame."

"Okay." Nick scooted across the bed, which proved to be less than easy with his hands tied in front of him. While he was positioning himself, Marshall moved around to the other side. Nick could hear him fussing with his wallet chain, the clink of metal on metal as Marshall looped the chain around the bed frame. Then he felt the bed shift and Marshall's hands were on his shoulders. "Lie down."

He let Marshall ease him down onto the bed and then he raised his arms above his head and Marshall ran the chain between his hands, wrapping it around the knot in the bandanna before pulling Nick's arms back behind his head. When the chain was fastened, Nick tugged his arms up experimentally and heard the chain grate noisily and then stop before he'd raised his hands up more than an inch. He heard Marshall snicker behind him. "I did a good job, didn't I?"

"Uhh, yeah." He tried to crane his head around to see Marshall behind him, but he couldn't see him until he moved out from behind Nick and made his way back around to the other side of the bed. "Umm, have you ever done this before?"

"Nope. But Kim tied me up once."


"You worried?"

Nick tried to raise his head to look Marshall square in the face, but it was too much effort to keep his head up when he couldn't pull his shoulders off the bed. He let his head drop back and sighed. "Should I be?"

"Nah!" He felt Marshall pull his sneakers off and drop them to the floor, and then Marshall was crawling up onto the bed and stretching out beside him. "You got too many fucking clothes on.

Nick glanced down at himself and said, "Hmm, we probably should have thought of that before you tied me up."

Marshall laughed, "Too late now, because I'm not untying you."

Nick tittered nervously, "It doesn't matter. So what did Kim do when she tied you up?"

Marshall had been stroking Nick's arm, but at Nick's words his hand suddenly stopped moving. "Huh?"

Nick turned his head to look at him. "What did she do, y'know? I never done this sorta thing before and I was just wondering what she did?"

Marshall glanced away then, rubbed his hand back and forth along Nick's arm rapidly for a couple of seconds and then stopped. When he met Nick's gaze again, he was blushing straight up into his roots. Then Marshall took a deep breath, squeezed Nick's arm and said, "She fucked me with a strap-on."

Nick felt his own eyes nearly bug out of his head and his cock snap to attention. "Oh my God!"

"What?" Marshall looked at him then, eyes full of warning.

"That's so fucking hot. Fuck!"

If it's possible, Marshall turned even redder, but he smiled anyway and said, "Yeah, maybe. Okay. It was pretty hot."

"I would kill to see that."

Marshall laughed at that. "You wouldn't hafta. She'd totally let you watch. Freaky bitch!"

Nick tried to lift his arms, wanting to reach out and touch Marshall, but the chain stopped him from going anywhere. "Wouldn't you? I mean· wouldn't you let me watch?"

"I dunno. I'm not really into -- maybe. Maybe I would."

Nick whispered then, "I bet she'd rather watch me fuck you."

Marshall squeezed his arm painfully then and when Nick looked at him, his eyes were dilated. He didn't answer though. He just leaned in and kissed Nick, sloppy and wet and violent as he crawled over him and settled down on top of Nick's body. He laced his fingers through Nick's hair and pulled on it hard, so Nick's face was trapped and still between his hands. Then Marshall plundered his mouth repeatedly, biting Nick's lips and tongue and tracing trails of spit across his cheeks and the line of his jaw, chasing each wet trail with quick, hard nips that stung and made Nick moan in fear and excitement.

Nick pulled futilely on the chain again, but his arms were held fast and all he could do was kiss Marshall back and thrust his pelvis up against him. He could feel Marshall's erection through his sweatpants as Marshall rode into him, rocking back and forth on top of him as Nick thrust upwards. After a few minutes of heaving against each other, Marshall pulled away and sat up, straddling Nick's waist. For a moment they just looked at each other, both panting slightly and then Marshall reached forward and gripped the collar of Nick's t- shirt and yanked it as hard as he could, saying, "You got too many fucking clothes on, Carter."

"Aaahh! Mother fucker!" Of course, Nick's t-shirt was 100% cotton, practically brand new, and all Marshall succeeded in doing was stretching the collar a little and nearly tearing Nick's arms out of his sockets. Nick swore again when Marshall let him go, "Are you trying to fucking kill me?"

Marshall puts his hands up to his face, hiding behind them, but Nick could see him shaking behind them. The bastard was laughing. "I'm not kidding, man. That hurt."

Marshall dropped his hands and grinned sheepishly at him. "Sorry. I thought it would just come off. Don't they do that shit all the time in the movies?"

"They're called rip-away shirts. And I'm not wearing one."

Marshall snorted. "Fuck. I'm really sorry. I mean it. It's just·well, it's just funny. You shoulda seen the look on your face."

"Ha ha! You're hilarious."

"Are you gonna pout? 'Cause I'm really the only one allowed to do that."

Nick laughed then. It was true. "No, I couldn't possibly compete. So I won't try. Just get this shirt off me without tearing my limbs off."

Marshall grinned. "Yeah, I can do that. You particularly in love with that shirt?"

Nick looked at him warily. "Not really, why?"

Marshall moved off Nick and hopped off the bed with a bounce. He wandered away and picked up his jacket, making Nick wonder if he was being deserted, but then Marshall dropped it after going through the pockets. When he raised his hand, he was holding a small pocketknife. "I'll cut it off."

Nick got nervous immediately. "Are you supposed to be carrying that? I thought you were on probation, no weapons."

Marshall barked a laugh. "This? A weapon? It's a utility knife."

Nick shifted, lifted his arms and then dropped them. "Maybe you could just untie me long enough to let me get my shirt off?"

Marshall tossed the knife in his hand and then opened it up. "Nah, I don't think I want to do that. This is quicker."

Marshall strode back to the bed and tossed the knife onto it. He studied Nick for a moment and then leaned across his body and undid the button at the top of Nick's jeans and slid the zipper down. When he wrapped his fingers around the waistline and started pulling, Nick angled his hips up so Marshall could pull them off smoothly. He wasn't wearing any underwear, so when Marshall stripped the jeans off of him, his erection sprang free, a fact for which he was entirely grateful as the jeans had been feeling pretty restrictive.

Once the jeans were off, Marshall climbed back onto the bed, grabbed the knife and leaned over Nick with it. Nick gasped a little and Marshall smiled at him slyly and leaned in for a kiss, just brushing his lips across his mouth before pulling away. Nick watched as Marshall sliced into his t-shirt with the knife and then worried the hole enough with his fingers so that he could just rip the shirt right up the middle. It tore easily then and Marshall left bits of it hanging off of him in tatters. The rest of the shirt was tossed to the side of the bed.

Task done, Marshall straddled Nick's hips again, but he didn't put the knife away. Nick sucked in a breath as Marshall leaned forward and ran the tip of the knife lightly down his torso. Marshall flicked a glance at him and said, "Scared?"

Nick nodded, pulled on the chain again, yanking it hard this time. "You're making me nervous."

Marshall smiled. "Isn't that part of the fun?"

Nick swallowed. "I dunno. I don't know what I thought this would be."

Marshall shrugged. "Me neither. I'm just playing at scaring you a little."

"It's working."

Marshall rocked his ass against Nick's erection. "Fucking hot too, yeah?"

Nick closed his eyes and groaned. "Yeah."

When Marshall stroked the knife across his chest again, Nick's breath hissed out between his teeth and he dragged on the chain again, cursing it finally. "Fuck!"

Marshall giggled in response. "I think I should blindfold you."

When Nick looked at him, Marshall was holding a tattered piece of Nick's shirt in his hands, the question plain on his face. Nick closed his eyes and groaned, couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth. "Just take it off if I ask you to, okay?"

Marshall tossed the knife aside and then lowered himself down onto Nick. He ran fingers through Nick's hair and said, "Just say the word and it comes off." When Nick nodded his head in reply, Marshall placed the t-shirt across Nick's eyes and tied it off behind his head.

As soon as Nick could no longer see anything, panic welled up inside him and he had to resist the desire to tell Marshall to take the blindfold off immediately. The kisses helped though. Marshall was kissing his mouth softly and rubbing a thumb back and forth across his cheek. After a moment, Nick calmed down and closed his eyes beneath the blindfold instead of trying desperately to see through it. He sighed when Marshall worked his way down to his neck and bit and sucked lightly against the sensitive skin right below his adam's apple.

Nick could feel Marshall licking his way down his chest and he wondered where the knife was, but he didn't have to wait long to find out. He felt the tip of it flick against his right nipple, which instantly hardened. Marshall flicked it again, making Nick pant and wiggle on the bed. "You shouldn't move. The knife's not that sharp, but it can still cut you."

Nick gritted his teeth. "I can't help it."

"Suit yourself then." Marshall's hand moved away and a second later Nick nearly launched himself off the bed when he felt the knife tip digging into his belly button. Marshall pressed a hand against his chest and pushed him back down into the bed. "Easy, easy, will ya? Or do you want me to gut you?"

Nick's breath kept exploding in harsh gasps. He could feel the knife blade trailing across his abdomen in circles, almost tickling him because the strokes were so light. "No, no, I'll try to stay still." He felt the knife go a little deeper, actually scratching his skin this time, but he held his breath and kept himself still as possible.

He felt Marshal shift about and then a moment later, the scraping tip of the knife was followed by a soft, wet tongue lapping along the lines scratched into his skin. Nick breathed. And melted. He sighed softly as Marshall nuzzled into his belly button, sucking and probing his tongue into it and making Nick's cock jump with each wet sound coming from Marshall's mouth. He was surprised by the chain when he went to lift his arms to touch Marshall. He'd forgotten it was there. He was surprised that he could even forget about it and gave a sigh in exasperation. Marshall stopped sucking and said, "What's wrong?"

Nick yanked the chain again. "I want to touch you."

Marshall laughed loudly and said, "Nuh uh! You're all tied up."

Nick wrapped his legs around Marshall's torso. "Not all of me."

"That won't help you none." Marshall broke free easily, since Nick didn't have any leverage to keep him in place. And then Marshall wasn't on top of him any more and Nick frantically tried to see through the blindfold again, eyes wide open beneath it, but it was completely opaque. The faintest bit of light leaked in from where it gapped around his nose, but Marshall had secured it so well that he couldn't peek out that gap. He groaned in annoyance and thrashed a bit on the bed, succeeding only in wrenching his arms again and making Marshall laugh.

"Where are you?"

"Right here." A hand stroked his calf and then coasted up his thigh as he felt Marshall sit back down on the bed between his legs. Marshall's hand left his skin for a moment and then landed again in a hard slap against his inner thigh, making him jump. "Spread your legs."

As Nick spread his legs further apart, Marshall helped move them so Nick's knees were bent and his heels rested on the mattress instead of hanging over the edge of the bed. He felt wide open and too exposed and he wondered what the hell Marshall was doing or what he intended to do because he wasn't touching him. Nick pressed his thigh inward until it hit Marshall's bare leg. He'd taken his clothes off. "Marshall, what are you doing?"

Marshall said, "I'm just looking at you."

"Huh? No. Why? Don't do that."

Marshall laughed then and stroked a hand down the thigh resting against him. "Why not?"

"Just cause."

"Oh fuck, Nick, you're an idiot! I'm gonna look at you if I want to."

Nick felt like he was under inspection. It made him nervous. He hated the damn blindfold. The blindfold was worse that the chain holding him onto the bed. At least with his eyes uncovered, he could anticipate what would come next, but blindfolded he just felt helpless. Like all he could do was wait and he hated it when Marshall wasn't touching him. He felt stupid for thinking it, but it was like being deserted, left alone in the room to be made a fool of and he thought once again about asking Marshall to take the blindfold off him so he could reassure himself that he was actually right there beside him. He was stubborn too though, so instead he said, "Just touch me·please."

For a moment, Marshall didn't respond at all. In fact, he removed his hand from Nick's thigh as well which just made things worse. And then suddenly, Nick was being invaded, two fingers covered in gloop were quickly shoved into his ass and Marshall snickered and said, "You mean like that?"

All the breath whooshed out of Nick with the shock of being penetrated. It wasn't painful, 'cause it wasn't like he'd never done this sort of thing before, but usually there was a bit of a build-up. Marshall hadn't given any indication that he'd been preparing to stick his fingers up his ass. And Marshall didn't let up at all once he was inside him, so Nick had no time to recover his senses. Marshall just kept up the pace he'd set, now leaning over Nick's body and fucking him hard with his fingers and never relenting long enough for Nick to catch his breath.

Since he had no choice but to just go with it, Nick finally surrendered and all the tension he'd been holding in his body just melted away. For a moment, he felt spaced out, like he was going to float away, and then he came back to what was happening on the bed as his body started to react to the intense fucking it was getting at the end of Marshall's hand. It was seconds at least before he realized that the gasping and moaning noises were coming from himself and not Marshall. And once he realized it, he knew what he wanted. "Just fuck me, already!"

He heard Marshall's gleeful laughter and thought once again that he wished he could see his face. He loved watching Marshall laugh. And he loved watching Marshall fuck him. But this was good too. It felt hot. It was hot. He groaned when Marshall pulled his fingers from him, but he licked his lips in anticipation and waited impatiently while he strained his ears listening to the sound of Marshall putting a condom on his dick.

When he felt Marshall pushing against his thighs, he lifted them up and wrapped them high on his back and then Marshall pushed his cock into him hard, making Nick shout. Marshall pounded into him. "Did that hurt?"

"God, yes, fuck!"

"Do you want me to hurt you some more?"

Nick shuddered. "Yesss!"

He expected Marshall to pull back and slam into him again, but instead he felt the knife blade skitter along the shaft of his cock and the surprise of it left Nick breathless and coming all over himself. He heard Marshall whisper, "Jesus fuck, you're hot." And then Marshall ran his fingers through the sticky pool on Nick's stomach, before reaching out and wiping his hand across Nick's mouth. Nick sucked at his fingers as Marshall continued to thrust into him.

When Marshall lowered himself against his body, he slid his fingers out of Nick's mouth and pushed the blindfold away from his face. Nick blinked in the light, but as soon as he met Marshall's blue eyes, Marshall whispered, "Nick," and then ran a thumb across his lower lip before thrusting his tongue into Nick's mouth. Nick kissed him back as he felt Marshall's hands trace up his arms and reach for his hands, gripping them tight as he came inside Nick's body.

After Marshall came, he dropped his head down against Nick's shoulder and spread out on top of him. He whispered sleepily, "I'm fucking exhausted."

Nick nudged his head with his chin until Marshall turned his head up to look at him. "You gonna untie me before you fall asleep on me?"

Marshall grinned and stretched and ran his fingers through Nick's hair. "I suppose I should, but I kinda like you like this."

Nick laughed and said, "Oh, don't even start. My arms are killing me."

So Marshall went looking for the knife.


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