by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

"Sir, we have an incident in," he looked back down at his monitor, "room 12." Two of the black-suit clad security guards rushed from the control room down the corridors to room 12.

"Is Master T on site?"

"Yes, he is," the first man answered without looking up from the monitor.

"I'll go and inform him. He insists on being there if a sub gets hurt." The second man walked out of the room to find the club owner.

The CCTV operator frowned at the monitor as he watched the two security men haul a top off the sub, another top moving in to untie the seemingly unconscious man.

"Who is it?" a colleague asked him.

He looked up and met the other man's eyes. "j"


"I don't know what the hell you think you are doing but I will not accept behaviour like that in my club, do you understand?"

The blond man sneered and laughed dryly. "Behaviour like what? I'm a Dom, he's a sub - you do the math!"

"And what? That gives you the right to assault him? To rape him? You knew the rules - a submissive's hard limits are not to be broken and you broke not one, but two, possibly three of his with the beating you gave him. A sub is not someone for you to just beat up on and treat like shit just because you've had a bad day. I will not tolerate these actions in my club and I will not tolerate drunkenness either. I will ask you this once more; do you understand?"

"Yeah, I understand. But what you gonna do about it?" He pushed the shorter man backward, laughing as he stumbled.

Raising one eyebrow, Master T gestured for a group of security, who made their way over to him. "You're drunk," he told the other man. "I want you out of my club. You may return once more, but if you are either drunk or treat any of my clients this way, I will arrange that you will never be allowed in any respectable club in this state ever again." He turned and walked away. "Get him out of my sight." He continued walking to room 12 as the security team manhandled the drunken Dom from the club, shutting the doors behind him.


"j, can you hear me?" Master T crouched down next to the unconscious man, turning his head to face him. He sighed as he looked at the bruises covering the young man's face and body. He stood and pulled the sheets up over j, making his way over to a sub standing at the door. "I need you to get me some fresh blankets, a bottle of water with a straw and a first aid kit."

"Yes, Sir."

Master T leaned against the doorframe and waited for the young girl to return with the equipment he needed. He ran his hands over his face and sighed; why did things like this have to happen?

j moaned quietly and stretched, relieved to find himself untied. He brought his hands up to his face, sighing softly when he realised his mask still covered it. He lay still, listening intently but couldn't hear anyone else in the room with him. He opened his eyes a fraction and looked around the room. His eyes widened and he sucked in a shaky breath when he recognised the man standing in the doorway. What was he doing here? Making himself calm down, j watched as a blonde girl came up to him and handed him a glass of water, some blankets and a first aid box.

Master T turned and walked back over to the bed, crouching down next to j. "Oh, good, you're awake. Here, you'll probably be needing this." He lifted j up slightly and put the straw to his lips.

j drank gratefully, lying back down on the bed when he finished. "Th...Thanks."

"How do you feel?" Master T asked.

"I don't... I... He..." j stuttered, eyes darting around the room, pulling the sheet tighter around himself. He was very aware of the fact he was naked beneath it.

"It's ok, j. He's gone and I don't think he'll be coming back. What I need to do right now is to clean up some of these cuts and see how badly he's hurt you. Will you let me do that?"


"I can get a doctor, if you'd prefer?"

j shook his head. "N... No. No doctor."

"Very well then." Master T pulled the sheet from around j and wiped the blood from his face and body. "This looks mostly superficial," he told j. "minor cuts and bruises. You'll ache like hell for a few days but... nothing too serious."

"Thank you." j whispered, glancing around the room, gaze landing on his clothes. "I... I should probably go."

"j, I'd like you to stay here, just for tonight. Three of your limits were forcibly broken and as owner of Desire I feel responsible for what has happened. Stay, please."

j's eyes widened. This... He... was Master T? "I shouldn't..." he yawned and started to push himself up from the bed, wincing as his bruised torso complained after the beating he'd received. He grunted and lay back down again.

"You're hurt, j. Stay here the night and get some sleep - I'll make sure no-one disturbs you." He pulled the blankets up around j and ran his fingers through his long hair. "Get some sleep, Jon." He whispered as he turned and walked towards the door.

Jon sat bolt upright, a brilliant blush covering his cheeks. "Tico, wait..." Master T... Tico stopped and turned to look at him. "You knew... How? "

Tico sat on the edge of the bed next to him. "Of course I knew. The same as I knew you'd recognised me. And as for how." He ran his fingers over the superman tattoo on Jon's upper arm, raising an eyebrow as the singer shivered. "I know these tattoos and I know you. Now get some sleep and we'll talk in the morning."

"I... No... Tico...."

"Get some sleep, Jon." Tico repeated, his tone broking no disobedience.

Jon nodded. "'K." he lay back down, watching as Tico opened the door and spoke to the security guard standing outside before reaching back in, turning the lights off and closing the door behind him.


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