by cheebs!

Every fiber of her Slayer being screamed as his fangs slid into her neck. Yet some part of her found it the most incredibly erotic sensation ever, and she understood in that instant what kept those women slaves to their addiction even more than the drugs.

Her mind flashed to a time when she'd begged for this. Had only three years passed? It seemed like a lifetime ago. Indeed it was, for she was no longer the girl she'd been.

Her vision spun and grew dim as he drained her nearer death. She had no doubts that he'd kill her. He knew her well enough to know she'd stake him, even if turned.

Concentrating on breathing, on staying alive just another minute, she scarcely felt him release her neck and lower her to the wooden floor. His next actions didn't register until he spoke, his smugness clearly infecting his voice.

"Told you I like my girls to lie still."

The cool room air touched newly bared skin, causing her to shiver reflexively. She heard him chuckle, then remark something she couldn't make out through the thunder resounding in her head. The harsh sting of ripping satin and elastic against her thigh broke through, but only for a moment. Just long enough to feel one hand forcing her knees apart and hear the hum of his zipper.

As he slid in, her eyes slid mercifully shut a final time.


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