by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

"And you're not listening to a word I say, are you?" Richie asked with a smile, one eyebrow arching as he waited for Jon to realise he'd stopped speaking.

"Hmm?" One look at the bemused expression on Richie's face and Jon grinned wryly. "Sorry, Richie, I was just..." He trailed off, staring at something behind his partner, frowning.

"Jon?" Richie waited until Jon's eyes flickered back to his face. The singer opened his mouth to apologise again, but Richie placed one finger over his lips to stop him. He leaned forward, kissing the frown lines on Jon's forehead before smoothing them away with his thumb. "What's wrong, baby? You're looking all serious."

"I'm worried about Bryan." Jon's eyes narrowed as he spoke. "He's drinking." He carried on quickly at the unbelieving expression on Richie's face. "No, I know that's not unusual. But he's drinking more than he usually does, knocking them back as if they're going out of fashion or something."

Richie took a sip of his own drink, watching Jon's reaction. "So, go and have a word with him."

"You think I should?"

"You're not gonna be happy until you do," Richie pointed out.

"True." Jon admitted, leaning forward to kiss Richie. He slid out of his seat and made his way over to the bar, feeling Richie's eyes burning into his back. Jon couldn't resist wiggling his ass at his lover, smiling to himself as he pictured Richie's fond grin.

His attention turned back to Bryan when he saw the Canadian signalling the bartender again. He sped up, and took the glass out of Bryan's hand, shaking his head at the barman, who simply shrugged and moved on to the next customer.

"What the..." Bryan trailed off, glaring at Jon as he set the glass down on the bar. Jon crossed his arms and stared at him, not saying anything, waiting for the other man to acknowledge him. Bryan sighed. "What do you want, Jon?"

"What's the matter, Bryan?" Jon ran his fingers around the rim of the glass as he spoke, not taking his eyes off Bryan, despite the hard set of Bryan's jaw.

"The matter?" Bryan echoed, raising one eyebrow. Jon nodded, leaning forward onto the bar, still looking at Bryan. Bryan sighed. "You're not going to go away, are you?" Jon shook his head and Bryan sighed again, an annoyed expression settling on his face again. "Ok, fine." Bryan's annoyance leaked into his tone of voice. "The matter is that I want a drink, and you are stopping me from ordering one." His speech was short and clipped; he was definitely pissed off about something.

"I think you've had enough," Jon kept his voice calm, not letting his temper rise up against Bryan's.

Bryan smiled thinly but it didn't reach his eyes. "I'm 42 years old, Jon. I know when I've had enough to drink." He turned on his stool back to face the bar, signalling to the bartender again.


"Save it for someone who gives a shit!" Bryan snapped, before knocking back another shot, pointedly ignoring Jon.

Jon winced as he watched Bryan, before sighing quietly. He looked around the bar and frowned, his gaze resting on Bryan's profile. He was sitting stiffly, his hands clenched so tightly around the glass Jon was half-afraid it was going to shatter. He hated it when Bryan was in a bad mood; he was even more difficult than Jon himself was. C'mon, Bryan, just listen to me for a minute, please?" Jon rolled his eyes as Bryan continued to ignore him. He tried another tactic to get Bryan to pay attention. "I don't think Keith will be too impressed when you stumble back to your rooms, drunk as anything," Jon pointed out.

"Keith?" Bryan snorted, his angry tone turning instantly bitter. "Why would he care?"

'Oh, shit,' thought Jon, his heart sinking as he realised what was happening. "Of course he cares..." Jon trailed off, watching Bryan's reaction closely.

Bryan shook his head, not looking up. "No, he doesn't. Last I saw of him he was..." he paused, fine lines of pain tightening his eyes. "He was entertaining some fans."

"Aw, shit Bry. I'm..."

"Don't say it, Jon," Bryan interrupted, turning to look at him. Jon's heart all but broke at the misery etched into Bryan's face, eyes spider-webbing with unshed tears. "I don't want to hear how sorry you are." Bryan was struggling to keep his voice from breaking, and looked back down at the bar, determined not to fall apart in front of his friend.

Jon nodded, one hand squeezing Bryan's shoulder. "Ok," he agreed. "But I will say that he's not worth drinking yourself silly over. And," he continued before Bryan could respond, "in the morning, when you're being sick, you'll remember how Keith used to hold you when you're ill and it'll only make you feel worse. Come on; let's get you up to your room. You can sleep it off and talk to Keith in the morning. I'm sure it was all a misunderstanding, Bryan. Keith wouldn't cheat." Despite not being convinced, Bryan nodded and slid off the stool, stumbling as he stood. Slinging an arm around his shoulder, Jon supported Bryan as they slowly made their way back to his room.

When it proved too difficult for Bryan to get his room key from his pocket, Jon propped him up against the wall and slipped his hand into Bryan's pocket, extracting the key himself. His eyes widened and he determinedly ignored the swelling of Bryan's cock against his fingers. Jon dangled the key in front of Bryan's eyes, grinning when he rolled his eyes.

Jon ushered Bryan in and flicked the lights on. "Get some sleep, yeah," he repeated as Bryan sat down heavily on the end of the bed. Bryan didn't reply, just fell backwards, folding his arms behind his head and staring up at the ceiling.

Bryan seemed completely oblivious to Jon's presence, so Jon leant against the wall watching him with an affectionate smile, before shaking his head and pulling himself together. He stood and stretched slightly before moving towards the door and out to find his own room.


Jon stopped at the quiet question in Bryan's voice and turned, taking a step back in shock when Bryan was standing right in front of him.

"Yeah?" Jon wasn't sure why, but he felt like he needed to be whispering, the level of his voice dropping to match Bryan's.

"I just..." Bryan trailed off, his eyes flickering away from Jon's and down to the floor, before he looked back up at Jon again and took a deep breath. Another step forward and before Jon realised what was happening, Bryan's arms slid around Jon's shoulders and he was kissing him.

Jon pushed Bryan away, holding him at arms length. "What are you doing?" he spluttered.

"Kissing you," Bryan replied matter-of-factly.

"Well, yes, that much is obvious," Jon admitted, then frowned. "But why?"

"Because I wanted to." Bryan's voice still had a very calm, patient tone to it as though he was explaining something to a very young child.

"Oh." Jon wasn't quite sure how to respond to Bryan's confession. He laughed and shook his head. "You're drunk, Bryan."

"Maybe," Bryan conceded. "But not so drunk I don't want you." He pushed forward again with a predatory gleam in his eyes, his lips against Jon's, his tongue pushing against Jon's lips, seeking entry.

Jon moaned low in his throat, fighting against both his reaction to open up and let Bryan kiss him, and the telltale ache he could feel growing between his legs. He reached up and shoved Bryan away again. Bryan stumbled and fell to the floor. He pushed himself back up again, wrapping his arms around his stomach and eyeing Jon warily.

"Bryan, no." Jon blanched as Bryan flinched at his harsh tone. His tone turned gentler as he tried to soften the blow of his rejection. He didn't want to hurt Bryan, not after what he'd already been through that evening. "Bryan, I can't. Richie..."

"...Doesn't mind."

Jon froze and slowly turned on the spot to face Richie who was leaning on the doorframe, hat pulled down low over his eyes, watching the pair of them. He tilted his hat up with one finger and smiled at Jon, before slinking across the room to stand in front of Bryan. Neither man spoke as Richie searched Bryan's face intently. With a satisfied nod, he leant forward and kissed Bryan gently, cupping his face in his hands.

Pulling back, he smirked at the stunned expression on Bryan's face before turning his attention to Jon. Catching his lover's eyes, Richie stalked across the room, pinning Jon against the wall. Jon's breath was knocked from his body, and before he could catch it again Richie's lips were on his; a kiss that left Jon panting and achingly hard.

Breaking the kiss, Richie ran his tongue over Jon's swollen lips, his hand rubbing Jon through the denim of his jeans. Jon bucked into Richie's touch with a moan, his eyes meeting Bryan's over Richie's shoulder.

"You want him. He needs you. I don't mind." Richie punctuated each statement with a squeeze of Jon's erection before turning and leaning against the wall next to Jon. "After what's happened tonight, Bryan's in an emotionally fragile place..." Richie trailed off as both Bryan and Jon stared at him, frowning; how did Richie know what was going on?

Richie stepped forward to stand in front of Bryan, cupping his face again, resting Bryan's forehead against his own as he answered the unspoken question. "I saw him in the bar with two girls." Bryan stiffened at Richie's words, shaking his head, his face turning pale. His mouth formed the word no, but no sound came. "I'm so sorry, Bryan." Richie turned Bryan around so that Bryan's back was against his chest. He wrapped his arms around Bryan and held him tightly. Bryan sighed softly and relaxed against Richie, his head falling back against Richie's shoulder as his eyes sought out Jon's.

"Jon, think about it. Bryan and Keith have been together for, well, as long as I can remember and right now Bryan needs to feel loved, needs to know someone still cares about him. Just for tonight, you, maybe the both of us can be there for him, give him what he needs." Richie raised a questioning eyebrow as both he and Bryan waited for Jon's reaction.

Jon's gaze flickered between Richie and Bryan as Richie's words sank in. How had Richie known that he was attracted to Bryan? Not that that mattered of course, it just felt weird that his lover was encouraging him to have sex with another man. No, not just with another man, but with Bryan and Richie. Together. At the same time. His heart skipped a beat and a wave of lust rushed through him at the thought. Oh yes, he could do this.

He met Bryan's eyes and Bryan smiled tentatively at him, his smile widening when Jon grinned broadly back at him. He covered the space between them in a few paces, smiling at Richie before his lips sealed over Bryan's, tongue parting his lips as he tasted him for the first time.

Bryan whimpered and opened up into the kiss, arms wrapping around Jon, pulling him closer. His hands slid up to tangle in Jon's hair as Jon reached out to cup the back of his skull.

Richie moaned as he watched Jon and Bryan kissing. Instead of the jealous pangs he was expecting to feel, the sight turned him on more than he could have imagined. His own erection pressed heavily against his jeans as he rubbed against Bryan. He slid his hands under Bryan's t-shirt, caressing the skin of his belly and chest as his fingers sought out their target. Running the flat of his palms over Bryan's nipples, he chuckled out loud as Bryan arched into his touch, breaking the kiss with a gasp.

Panting, Jon ran his hand through Richie's hair and down his jaw, tracing the strong muscles in his shoulders and arms. Electricity sparked between them as their eyes met, Richie's calloused fingers rolling and pinching Bryan's nipples. Bryan cried out, slumping against Richie, his arms twisting backwards to grip the other man's shoulders. He arched his back, seeking more of Richie's touch, his hips rocking against Jon's, making another cry as their erections met through the denim of their jeans. Jon moaned at the contact, his hips matching Bryan's rhythm as he bent down, mouth latching on to the pulse point on Bryan's neck, sucking hard enough to mark.

Lust and pleasure mixed with alcohol in Bryan's veins as the sensations took him over; Jon's cock against his own, Richie's rubbing against him, Jon's mouth on his neck and Richie's fingers playing with his nipples. It was too much for him and he tensed against Richie, pleasure coursing through him, a long wordless cry torn from his throat. His grip tightened on Richie's shoulders and he locked his knees in an effort to stay standing as his orgasm ripped through him.

He slid to the floor, pulling Richie down with him. They landed in a heap, the breath knocked out of them, Richie's legs spread, Bryan sitting between them. Jon fell away from them backwards, laughing as he sat up. His eyes were drawn to the soaked crotch of Bryan's jeans, and he crawled forwards to kneel in front of the Canadian, his hands on the buckle of his belt.

Richie's fingers traced the fresh love bite on Bryan's neck; his eyes on Jon as the singer slowly peeled Bryan's jeans down, throwing them behind him. Bryan slumped back against Richie with a moan as Jon's fingers gently stroked his penis, spreading his come over the skin. His fingers wrapping around Bryan's length, Jon slowly pumped him, feeling his arousal grow in his hands. His grip tightened as Bryan grew harder, one hand sliding down to tease his balls.

Breathing heavily through his nose, Bryan bit down on his lower lip as Richie's fingers found his hard nipples again. Bryan's hands clutched reflexively on Richie's legs as he moaned his name.

"These are quite sensitive, aren't they?" Richie commented as he pinched Bryan's nipples gently, laughing as Bryan arched up again, both reaching into and away from the sensation. Bryan felt Richie's erection brushing against his butt as he moved and moaned at the feeling, rocking his hips ever so gently, drawing a soft cry from Richie. Fingers still toying with Bryan's nipples, Richie bent his head, nibbling at the bruised spot on Bryan's neck, his hips moving slowly as he rubbed himself against Bryan.

Bryan moaned again as he started rocking more insistently between Richie and Jon, his eyes sliding closed as electric shocks of lust raced through his body. His eyes slid closed, his head rolling to the side, giving Richie better access to his neck. He whimpered quietly with need as Jon's expert fingers worked his cock to bring him off. But he couldn't come again; it was too soon despite how his body was reacting to Jon and Richie's touch.

"Jon, I can't. No, please, don't..." Bryan begged

Jon's hands stilled and he looked up at Bryan, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "You want me to stop?" he offered, laughter in his voice.

"N...No No!" Bryan stuttered, starting to shake his head, but stopping as Ric hie ripped his t-shirt down over his shoulders, lips and teeth finding his collarbone. "Oh God, Oh God! I..."he trailed off into another moan, sucking his lower lip into his mouth and biting down hard enough to draw blood. He ran his tongue over his injured lip, his breath coming in harsh pants.

Richie's fingers slid down Bryan's arms before stroking across his chest and down his stomach, tracing the lines of his muscles, following the line of hair that led down to his cock.

Jon's grabbed Richie's hands and their joined fingers caressed Bryan's inner thighs, gently rubbing along the underside of his balls. Bryan cried out, his hands falling either side of Richie's legs as he tensed his arms, bracing himself against the floor.

Glancing up, Jon caught Richie's eyes and grinned cheekily before dipping his head back down and taking Bryan's erection into his mouth, sucking him hard.

Bryan screamed, thrusting into Jon's mouth. He bucked up so hard he knocked Richie backwards onto the floor, falling back on top of him and knocking the breath from his lungs. Bryan scrambled to his feet, offering his hand to Richie and pulled him up.

"Rich?" Jon was at Richie's side instantly, babbling and checking him for injuries, one arm slipping around his waist.

Richie stretched, his hands going high above his head as he popped his back with a sigh. He smiled and silenced Jon with a kiss. "Jon, I'm fine. Stop fussing." Richie laughed as Jon blushed lightly, reassuring Bryan with a smile as he looked around the room. "But I think moving to the bed might be an idea."

Grabbing Jon's hand, Richie pulled him to the bed, half-lying against the pillows with his lover on top of him. Jon ground his hips against Richie's, two sweat-damp denim-clad erections rubbing against each other as their tongues duelled. Jon broke the kiss and grabbed the hem of Richie's t-shirt, pulling it over his head and throwing it to the floor.

Brushing his dark hair away from his face, Richie met Bryan's eyes, his breath catching in his chest at the undisguised lust on the other man's face. Bryan broke eye contact as he took in Richie's naked chest, eyes following the trail of dark hair down his stomach to the point where it disappeared into his trousers.

Richie grinned and slid out from under Jon, catching Bryan's eyes again. Keeping eye contact with Bryan, Richie ran his hands over his chest, fingers resting on the waistband of his jeans. A quick glance out of the corner of his eye showed he had Jon's full attention as well as Bryan's. With a wicked grin, Richie peeled his jeans ever so slowly down his legs before tossing them to the floor. He leaned back against the pillows, hands folded behind his head, eyes darting between Jon and Bryan, grinning smugly at their expressions.

Bryan moaned and took step forward, hands clenched at his sides, eyes hungrily drinking in Richie's tanned body and heavy erection. Richie whispered Bryan's name, holding one hand out to him, encouraging him to join them on the bed.

Swallowing heavily Bryan took another step forward, eyes drifting to Jon, who lay on the bed next to Richie, head pillowed on his chest. Jon lifted his head and smiled fondly at the hesitation on Bryan's face.

"He's gorgeous, isn't he?" Bryan nodded. "You can touch him," Jon continued, his hands running along the crease of Richie's thigh, Bryan's eyes following the touch. "I don't mind."

Bryan smiled and visibly relaxed; having Richie offering himself in front of his lover felt... off somehow. Though how it was different to Richie touching him, Bryan wasn't sure.

He shook himself and quickly covered the ground to the bed, kissing Jon hard on the lips before turning his attention to Richie. Straddling Richie's hips, Bryan positioned himself carefully so their cocks rubbed against each other's whenever either of them moved. He leant forward and kissed Richie gently on the lips. Richie's lips were pliant beneath Bryan's as he slid his tongue through them, running it softly over Richie's before pulling back, sucking on Richie's lower lip. He kissed his way down Richie's throat and across his chest as his lips sought out his brown nipples.

Bryan circled the hard nubs with his tongue before flicking over them, kissing his way between each nipple. Richie gasped, his head falling back on the pillow, hands clenching in the sheets. He brushed his hand over Richie's chest, the muscles rippling under the skin beneath his fingers, Richie arching up into the touch. Bryan giggled, fingers pinching one nipple as his mouth latched onto the other one, sucking hard. Richie's eyes slid closed and he whimpered with need. Arching up into Bryan's touch, he gasped as his cock rubbed against Bryan's. His tongue flickered out, wetting dry lips as he pumped his hips hard and fast, rubbing himself against Bryan. The Canadian's moans matched his own as they rocked against each other.

Richie's eyes snapped open when he heard Jon moaning his name, voice rough with desire. Jon was kneeling next to them, legs spread, the heel of his palm rubbing his cock through the crotch of his jeans. He was sucking on his lower lip as he moaned, eyes drawn to the spot where Bryan and Richie's cocks rubbed against each other. Richie shot one hand out and gripped Jon's wrist tight, stilling the hand the singer was using to pleasure himself. He pulled him closer, Jon losing his balance and falling to his side next to Richie. Dipping his head, Richie caught Jon's lips in a passionate kiss, tensing as he orgasmed, screaming his release into Jon's mouth.

Jon deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around Richie's shoulders, not letting go even as Richie slumped back against the pillows. He broke the kiss and lay back, gasping for breath. He caught Bryan's eyes and kissed him gently. Bryan smiled and lay down on top of him, Richie's arms wrapping around him.

Richie turned to Jon with a frown. "You're wearing too much."

Jon looked down at his jeans and T-shirt. "Umm, yeah," he agreed, sliding off the bed and stripping his clothes off as quickly as he could. Feeling two pairs of eyes on him, he looked up at Bryan and Richie, blushing faintly.

"Come here, Jon," Richie laughed.

Eying the tangle of limbs on the bed, Jon tried to work out where he could lay to get as close as possible to the two men. He grinned and sprawled across Bryan, his cock nestling nicely against Bryan's ass. Jon looked up at Richie to make sure his and Bryan's combined weight wasn't too much for him. Richie smiled, letting Jon know he was OK. Jon's smile matched Richie's and he leaned forward, kissing his lover, mouthing the words, 'I love you.' Richie ran his fingers across Jon's lips as he mouthed the words back, smiling contentedly.

Pressing a kiss to Bryan's shoulder, Jon slipped a hand between Bryan and Richie, fingers sliding around Bryan's erection. Bryan whimpered and rocked his hips forward, pushing into Jon's hand.

"Do you like that, Bryan?" Jon kissed and licked his way down his back, tasting skin and sweat and Bryan.

Bryan squirmed under Jon, thrusting harder into his hand, breathing heavily, every exhalation a moan. Jon nuzzled further down Bryan's spine, nimble tongue teasing the sensitive muscles around Bryan's opening into relaxing. Bryan gasped, pushing back ever so gently, muscles clenching around Jon's finger as it slid into him. Jon's finger was soon joined by another and he slowly stretched him, waiting until Bryan was rocking his hips, thrusting between his fist and his fingers.

Twisting his wrist slightly, Jon stroked over Bryan's prostate, fingers brushing repeatedly over it. Bryan trembled from head to foot, his body tensing as he collapsed between Richie's spread legs, his forehead resting on the guitarist's thigh, a scream of pleasure ripped from his throat.

Jon laughed breathlessly, his fingers slipping out from Bryan as he fell forward. Bryan whimpered and pushed back onto his knees, begging Jon to fuck him. Jon's fingers curled tighter around Bryan's erection and he pumped him harder, watching as Richie's fingers played across the skin on Bryan's back and ran through his hair.

"Oh fuck, Jon, please..." Bryan begged, twisting his head round to look at Jon, his pleas dying on his lips as he felt the head of Jon's cock pressing against him. He moaned and forced himself to relax, dropping his head forward again. He pressed his lips against the soft skin of Richie's inner thigh, sucking hard enough to mark him.

Richie moaned Bryan's name, his eyes sliding closed as he spread his legs wider. He could feel Bryan's hot breath against his stomach as his mouth moved along his thigh, licking and kissing up to his cock.

Any self-control that Jon had left shattered as he watched Bryan's tongue flicker out, tasting Richie's soft cock, swirling around the head, licking and sucking, yet never taking him in. Jon whimpered and pushed into Bryan, gasping as his muscles clenched around him. Bryan mewled, Richie's cock falling from his mouth as he arched his back up, forcing Jon further into him.

Jon growled, thrusting into Bryan at the same pace as he pumped his cock, Richie's hands touching the both of them, desire blazing in the room. Bryan tensed, shuddering from head to foot as his orgasm ripped through him, keening Jon's name as he collapsed down between Richie's legs.

His grip on Bryan tightened as Jon came with a grunt, sliding down on top of Bryan, rolling to the side, head pillowing on Richie's shoulder, running his hands through his lover's dark hair.

Bryan sighed contentedly as he calmed down, his breathing evening out, fingers tangling loosely with Richie's. He looked up at Jon and smiled at him, laying his head back down on Richie's stomach, watching as Jon and Richie kissed.

His eyelids grew heavy as sleep crept up on him, and Bryan could feel himself starting to doze off, lulled by Richie's heartbeat under his ear.

Richie ran his fingers through Bryan's hair, calling his name softly. Bryan blinked dazedly up at him, their lips meeting gently. "We have to go, Bryan."

Bryan's face fell. "Oh." He pulled away from Richie, moving to sit on the edge of the bed. "Um, OK." He wrapped his arms around his stomach and traced the patterns on the carpet with his eyes. Jon winced, slipping off the bed and kneeling in front of Bryan, Richie hugging him from behind.

"Bryan?" Jon waited until Bryan looked at him before he continued. "We have an early flight," he explained. "But we'll always be here for you. No matter what happens in the morning between you and Keith." Bryan flinched, closing his eyes. "Bryan, look at me." Biting his upper lip, Bryan met Jon's eyes. "No matter what happens," he repeated, "me and Richie will always be here for you. Just remember that." Bryan nodded, not quite relaxing, but looking more at ease. Jon stood and kissed Bryan, before pulling away and slipping on his clothes. Kissing Bryan on the neck, Richie pulled away to do the same.

Bryan grabbed a pair of boxers from a drawer and stood, his arms folded across his chest as he watched them dressing. Feeling Bryan's eyes on him, Richie looked up and smiled. He closed the gap between them as Jon moved to the door. Cupping Bryan's face in his hand, he kissed him hard, before pulling away, his hand slipping into Jon's.

"If you ever need us..." Richie trailed off as Jon opened the room door. Bryan nodded and Richie smiled at him as they left, shutting the door behind them leaving Bryan in the dark.

Their hands still joined, Jon and Richie made their way down the corridor to the elevators. Jon leaned against the wall as they waited for one to reach their floor. "You think he's gonna be OK?"

Richie nodded, any response he had lost, as the doors opened and Keith stumbled out. Jon's eyes narrowed and he took a step forward, but Richie pulled him into the elevator before he could do or say anything.

"Jon, it's not worth it." His arm slipped around Jon's waist, stopping him from stalking out of the elevator and confronting Keith. "Leave it, Jon."

"But..." His hands bunched into fists and he was breathing hard through his nose.

"Jon..." Richie cautioned him, a warning tone slipping into his voice. Jon took a deep breath and turned to face Richie. "Listen to me, Jon. Bryan's going to be able to smell the sex on Keith just the same as Keith will be able to smell it on Bryan. He could probably smell Bryan on us," he pointed out and Jon nodded. "We've done all we can tonight and I have a feeling that if you barge in there and starting laying into Keith, you'll only make things worse. This is something they need to work out themselves, Jon. Bryan knows we'll always be there for him and that's the best we can offer, OK?"

Jon nodded reluctantly, still scowling at Richie as the elevator doors slid closed. He didn't like what Richie was saying, but he knew deep down he was right. Tonight hadn't just been about tonight, hadn't just been about sex; Jon knew that and so did Richie. Somehow, Jon knew that Bryan did as well, but ...

He sighed and turned to face Richie. "Bryan's gonna be fine, isn't he?"

Richie nodded and pulled Jon close, wrapping his arms around him.


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