You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
by Miss Ellie

Tara woke up in a dank room. This certainly wasn't her dorm room, or the room she shared with Willow at Buffy's house. Her head throbbed something awful, but it felt cool, too. She could barely see an ice bag sitting on her forehead. Her hands and feet were bound to the bed, and she felt colder than she ever had in her life.

"So you're awake now?" A whiney voice jolted her out of contemplation. Who is that?

The blonde vamp walked over to the bed, looking down on Tara.

"I thought I hit you too hard, those Gucci bags can hold a lot of stuff."

"Where am I?" Tara muttered.

"That's not important. By the way, you don't have a concussion, do you? Oh wait, I'm an evil vampire chick, I'm supposed to be glad you're hurt, aren't I?"

Tara looked perplexed as the blonde vamp almost had a fight with herself.

"If Spikey was here he'd be so embarrassed that I felt bad about giving you a headache."

"You know Spike?"

"Yes, why do you think I brought you here?"

"You refused to answer me."

"Oh, don't get cute on me! I see the way you hang out with the Slayer and my Spikey. I cant believe my little Pooky Bear would cheat on me! Let alone with you too."

"Wait! you think I'm sleeping with Spike?"

"Don't play innocent with me, I saw you hang out with them. Now tell me, why are you sleeping with my Bottle Bleach Baby?"

Tara just rolled her eyes, "I don't like boys," she muttered.

"Oh, nice try that one! Cordy and I had a few.. times... together. But it didn't keep me from getting busy with half the football team, or Spike."

"Half the football team?" Tara mouthed barely audible.

"Yes! Don't act so self righteous. We rich girls get around. You're just jealous because you're poor, and your dad couldn't afford to buy you the latest fashions. My Pooky Bear always stole nice stuff for me! But now you have stolen him."

"Look, I'd not touch Spike with a 10 foot pole. What Buffy does is her business, but please, let me go!"

"No, I won't let you go. You're too nice to look at anyway. By the way, how do you get your... you know... thing so smooth and hairless?"

"WHAT THE HELL?" Tara looked down, finally noticing she was naked. No wonder the room felt so cold.

Harm walked back towards Tara with a large bottle of baby oil.

"Don't worry. I won't bite. Unless you want me too."

Harm squirted a big glob on Tara's chest and stomach and started to rub it all over the bound girl. Harm's cold touch made Tara tense up, but the soothing lotion gradually made her relax.

"It's okay, I know what I'm doing. See? I cut my finger nails first. This one time, I scratched Spikey really bad and..."

While Harmony was mindless babbling on about everything and nothing, Tara tried to think of more pleasant thoughts. Sure, this doesn't feel that bad, and Harmony was kind of cute, if you punctured your ear drums with ice picks.

Harmony took off the one piece dress and layed it down nicely on her cabinet.

"Spikey nearly got his head cracked open by an evil policeman stealing that dress for me. See? He really does love me! Not you or Buffy, but me!"

Tara had to admit that Harmony's body was nice to look at it. The way she stood, with her back arched out, made her breasts push forward, and the muscles of her ass tighten. She was rubbing the baby oil on herself, moaning all the while.

Finally, when the appropriate parts were covered, she knelt between Tara's legs.

"This is something Cordy and I always did together. I remember this one time when..."

Tara's eyes widened and let out a moan when she felt the blonde vamp's soft body rub against hers. The smooth, slick baby oil made Harmony nearly lose control and fall off the bed.

"Ooooops. Been a while since I did this!" she giggled, trying to regain control and not lose the spirit of the moment.

Tara had no place to go, so she might as well enjoy the sensations while she could.

The blonde's large breasts rubbed against hers, her nipple rubbing between Tara's breasts. Tara could feel her nipples getting harder as they rubbed against the vamp's cold, soft skin.

Tara could feel herself becoming more and more moist. This was actually turning her on! It was times like these that she wished Willow was more endowed in the breast department.

Harmony slid her hand between Tara's legs, rubbing her lips slightly. Tara was trying not to let on that she liked this, but her moistness gave it away.

"Cordy liked it when I'd finger her. You like it too, because I can feel you getting wet. Why did you try to fight it earlier? I..."

Oh god, why doesn't she shut up already? Her voice is going to ruin my orgasm.

Catching the blonde witch off guard, Harmony shoved two fingers inside. The cold fingers along with the burning hot center made both girls gasp. Tara nearly came on the spot, especially when Harmony raked her teeth across Tara's nipples.

"Mmmmmmmmm" Tara could only moan.

"I knew you would like it, just like Cordy, you just needed some time. Cordy used to say..."

Nobody cares about Cordy! Tara thought. She just concentrated on the fingers inside her at the moment and the cool mouth suckling at her nipples.

Harmony reached with her freehand an undid one of the arm restraints from Tara.

Tara placed her hand between the vamp's legs and started to finger her. Harmony let out a gasp as she felt warm human hands penetrate her interior for the first time since she was human.

The blonde vamp was totally drenched in nectar and baby oil. It made it easy to full penetrate her. Harmony threw her head back moaning, her orgasm was quickly upon her.

"Mmmmm, so good, so much better than Cordy."

For once the blonde witch didn't mind hearing the name of the girl's secret lover.

Tara felt her body tense up as an orgasm flooded over her body.


Tara slid two fingers into the blonde vamp's pink rosebud, making the girl whimper in a combination of pain and pleasure. It was obvious that she liked it rough and kinky, and Tara was going to give it as rough as she could.

The blonde vamp bent down to Tara, gently sucking her nipples, then scraping her teeth across them. This was the kind of thing that Tara needed. Willow was much too sweet and gentle to give the more "rough" stuff.

This made Harmony even more ravenous to please Tara. When the vamp fingered Tara's ass, she was surprised at how good it felt. It didn't even hurt like she feared. The vamp's mouth sucked harder at her erect nipples the harder Tara fingered her.

"Oh, god, uuhhhhhh." The blonde witch's second orgasm was much stronger than the first. It was hard for her to keep control of her body any longer. She nearly collapsed.

The blonde vamp kept riding Tara's fingers until she was good and done. Tara could feel the vamp's cunt tighten again on her finger, then she took collapsed on top of Tara.

"That was so good. So much better than Spikey." Harmony muttered.

"Can you untie me? I promise I'll not tell anybody about this."

Harmony dutifully unbound the girl, but kept laying on top of her.

"I'll let you go here in a bit, but you have to cuddle with me first."

Tara was pleased when the girl as too tired to say anything. Though she could never be into vampires quite the way Buffy was, she was happy this had happened. In fact, it gave her new confidence as a lover. Harmony had came so hard that she forgot why she even brought the blonde witch home in the first place.

Sadly for Tara, she didn't realize just how dumb and forgetful Harmony usually was.


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