Added Finding Repose, i let you have it, i let you have it, and Winning by Alejandra, Green Taffeta by Chelsea Bateman, Carapaces by Croupier, 405, Didn't Know, Nobody Ever Asked, and Quiet Kind by Faith Unbreakable, Men Who Love Too Much and A Natural History Of The Watch by Glossoalia, Certain Truths, Elena, Aged, and The Only Question by Hecate, The Blood On Their Black Hands and Paris Light by Ijemanja, The Past And Pending by Jengrrl, Alice In Fragments, ...And Other Indoor Sports, Anonymous, Another Night Of Scandal And Porn In The Pilots' Lounge, Award Show Hell, Babylon II: Personal Companion To The Special Senator Of The Twelve Colonies, Behind The Curtain, Better Than Sleeping Alone, Billy K. And The Women, Dancing About Architecture, Desktop Event, Fingertips, For Judas Iscariot In Heaven, I Am Not Jason Bateman, The Illusion Of A Greek Necessity, Life Lessons Of The Frak-Up, Measured Out In Coffee Spoons, Now, O Taste And See, Paul And Miriam In Love, Sell Out, sex, lies, and videotape, Sockman Meets The President, Sonny In Space, Suspicion, Tea On A Spaceship, The Things Good Adults Do Not Do, Voices Carry, Well-Made Mistakes, Where Five Housewives Haven't Gone Before, and Whisper To A Scream by Jennifer-Oksana, Imperfect by Kaite, Mandrake, Nothing For The Tin Man, and Promises To Keep by Karen, Over Tea by Kate Bolin, A Light To Bring Revelation by Katta, Marks The Spot and And Saw Naught Lovely But The Sky And Stars by Kessica, Everything Old Is New Again and How I Live Now by Kyra Cullinan, Still Life With House by Lar, Any Sensible Chap, Avoiding The Cracks, The Comfortability Of Fear, Echo, Empty Places, Pained Voices And Broken Eggs, Predictions, Shaking (Version 6: Hands), Silver Paper And Sequins, Still Gone, Substitute For Something, and Understanding The Questions by MelWil, Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law by Netgirl, act as if, Fire-Breather, Old Loves, and Storm Breaking by Northlight, Busted by Padre, Once Upon A Night In Sunnydale... by Paradoqz & Dex, Hotboxed by Roz McClure, Ragnarok by Sami, Domesticity, Eroica, Five Images Of Exhibitionism, In Transit, In Valparaiso With No Lonely Planet, A Life In Cardboard, A Little Bit Of History by Sängerin, the morning after/the night before by sangga, How To Hold Your Breath Underwater and reassembled just like me by Sara, Sharks Patrol These Waters, Mututally Assured Destruction, and The Reverse Of Fascination by Shrift, Eowyn Waits by Skadi Snowshoe, It's Wrong To Wish On Space Hardware by Spikedru, At Last and Snow White Lies by Tara O'Shea, and In Some Strange Storm, To Fake You, and The Weight Of A Schoolboy Crush by winter baby.
Added Untouchable by FaithUnbreakable, Hands and The Six Deaths Of Angela Dodson by Hecate, The Alchemist, Arms And The Boy, Black Magic, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Cheerleader, Devils & Dust, The Good Son, Houses Of Stone, How The Light Gets In, Infidelity, Mark, Mastery, Midnight In The Garden, No Fly Zone, Quote, Rain King, Sanctuary, and Soldier by Ishafel, 24 Hours In the Life, Bittersweet Lovesong, Blood Makes Noise, Creep, The Invisible Barriers Of Class On Aquaria, Practical, To His Mistress Going To Bed, and Walking On Sunshine by Jennifer-Oksana, Just Because It Feels Good (Doesn't Make It Feel Right) by Kaite, Nuclear Saturday by käthe, One More Last Time and Perfection In The Work by KindKit, The Things We Did And Didn't Do by Kyra Cullinan, Five Ways To Name A Rose by Lavender, All Tomorrow's Parties by LindaMarie, Enter Confusion by maladict, Always by Melanie-Anne, Walking On Sunshine by Netgirl, Missed And Second Chances and Novelty Accounted For by Scy, All Along The Watchtower, Cigarette Ends, Devon And The Menage A Quartre, Disassociative, It Is The Hour Of Departure, June Evening, Lioness, and Sorrows Like Wild Grass by Tesla, and Tart Green Fruit by Tigermoth.
Added The Knock Of Dust and When She Was Bad by Catlin, A Collision On The Road by cgb, Tassels by Glossolalia, Broken Hallelujah, The Colonial President, and Instruments Of God by Jennifer-Oksana, The Fall Of The World's Own Optimist and Interval by Kaite, Head Full Of Noise by Karen, Momento Vita by Kate Bolin, Symphony by Katta, Just A Formality by Kessica, one truth by Melanie-Anne, Ellis Island by meyerlemon, We Need Lies To Make It Through The Day by The Net Slayerette, Beautiful Men by Patricia RD, chrysalis by sangga, and The Quick Left, The Slow Right and Worth Talking by Voleuse.
Added a study of motherhood in black and gray by aj, Play To Your Strengths, Theory And Practice, and Third (time is the charm, or so someone told Ray once) by alejandra, A Lifetime Of Not Knowing and Makes Me Want To Lose Myself by Angie, Childhood's End by Charlotte, An Atlas Of The Beautiful World and You Ain't It by Croupier, metronomic and Tace by dodyskin, Curveball by Dubenko Junkie, Restricted Supplement To The Watcher's Guide, Concerning Amatory Matters by Glossolalia, The Garden Of Prosperine, Like A Rhinestone Cowgirl, and The World Can Wait by Jennifer-Oksana, Chemistry Prep, "He's definitely good with his hands", and Lessons by Joyful, The Seven Deadly Sins by Kaite, Borrowed Time, Brief Candle, A Fistful Of Sky, Love On A Battlefield, Shelter From The Storm, A Two Step Dance, and Waking Nightmares by Karen, Just For One Day by Kate Bolin, Fly With Clark Kent, he will bring (jin's eulogy), Keep Me From You, Most Beautiful People (the Derevko edition), (Sweet love) are you feeling any doubts?, this act of searching, and With Strange Composure by Keren Ziv, An Incident Along A Poorly Guarded Border by KindKit, Once In A Lifetime Opportunity by Lin, What Isn't Said by LindaMarie, Five People Jack Could Have Fallen In Love With But Didn't by Mexx, Santa Monica, 2:00 AM by Meyerlemon, One For Sorrow, Two For Joy, Three For A Girl (And A Boy) by Netgirl, Envy by Northlight, Eppur Si Muove by Ros Fod, Deshabille and Work In Progress by sangga, Ascent, One More Cup Of Coffee, and Stray Dogs by Shrift, Times Like These by Tara O'Shea, Bloody Chiaroscuro Moment by vic, The Intent To Be Lost, Less Right Angle, Meaning Thunder, and The Statistics Of Probability by Voleuse, and Where The Water's Deep by Zeelee.

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