about the list

Let's set some ground rules.

Basically, chill out. We love discussion. We love fiction. But there's no use in rehashing the same arguments over and over again. If something gets too heated, we'll cut it short. If something gets too boring, we'll cut it short. If it's the same people starting the same arguments, you better believe we'll cut it short. It's what we do.

And if you find yourself getting angry over anything, dude, take a step away from the computer. Go play a game, have a drink, smoke an illicit substance, do some yoga, go for a run, or just go and pet the nearest cat. Whatever. Chill.

We have an archive at http://silverlake.imjustsayin.net/, and any story posted in its entirety on the list is going to be posted on the archive. If you don't want it on the archive, then don't post -- keep it away or post a link. Simple as that. We're proud of the list, and we want you to be proud of your fic too.

Which does mean that, y'know, we'd really like it if you'd spell/grammar/beta/check it out beforehand. Because, dude, we're not your mom. We can't clean up your fic for you. But we'd like to have it as good as the archive would make it out to be.

Since we're multi-fandom, you gotta accept that there will be people who don't have a clue what you're on about. Hence, the fandom linking scheme:

If you're posting a story that takes place in a fandom that isn't listed on the archive yet, then you have to provide a link to a site that explains what you're going on about. If you're writing about a TV show, then provide an episode guide link. If you're writing about a movie, then provide a movie link. And so on and so forth. You can do epguides.com, IMDB, or even Amazon if you have to, but we'd prefer fan sites.

If you don't, we'll just type the name into google, and pick the first site that comes up. It's not our fault you can't do the research.

Every Friday, we have Feedback Friday. What's that? It's when you publicly feedback whatever stories were posted to the list -- collecting all your responses together and slapping on the praise. We tend to be ultra-mellow with these as well -- high on the praise, low on the criticism.

And finally, just a brief disclaimer. You will find on the list some or all of the following items: Fanfiction. Slash fanfiction (homosexual/homoromantic/homoerotic encounters). Sexually explicit fanfiction. Fanfiction involving minors. Fanfiction involving deviant behavior. Fanfiction involving fictional characters. Fanfiction involving real people. And a whole bunch more. If you can't handle any of it, then you probably shouldn't be on the list -- or, at the very least, know when to keep quiet.


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