I Got...
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

Jon sighed and cracked on eye open. He lifted the pillow off his head long enough to look at the clock and swear. 2am. They'd been at it all night; were they ever going to stop? More groans pierced the wall between his room and Richie's. Obviously not. Not that he blamed them at all. He'd want to fuck all the time if he got the chance to do it with Heather Locklear. Or with Richie come to think of it.

He whimpered as he felt himself hardening at the thought, hand subconsciously creeping down his body to wrap around his growing erection. No! He tensed and forced himself to pull his hand away. There was no way he could lie here, and jerk himself off listening to his best friend and his wife make love. And he was definitely not aroused listening to them.

His body didn't seem to be paying attention to him though as his hand curled around his cock again, slowly pumping himself. His mind drifted and he wondered what Richie's hand would feel like stroking him, what Heather's hands would feel like on his hot skin, how their kisses would taste. His back arched as he orgasmed, spurting come all over his hand, whispering Richie's name as he heard Heather screaming the same six letters.

Heather slumped down on top of Richie as she came, panting hard, lips pressing against the sweaty skin of his shoulder. She could feel his cock softening inside her but made no move to dismount him. She glanced up, smiling to herself at the sated look on his face.

Feeling her eyes on him, Richie glanced down at Heather and smiled, wrapping his arms around her, holding her close.

"Love you," she whispered, frowning when he didn't respond. She shifted position, folding her arms on his chest, resting her chin on her forearms and looking up at him. His eyes were closed and he had a faraway look on his face. "Richie?"

"Hmm╔" he shook himself and dipped his head to kiss her. "Sorry, baby, I was miles away."

"You were thinking about him again, weren't you?" Heather asked softly.

Richie frowned. "Who?"


Richie froze and turned crimson, before shaking his head in denial. "No, don't be silly. I was thinking about you╔"

Heather laughed and kissed him on the lips, cutting off his babbling. "No you weren't. Don't lie to me, Richie. I know you too well. You want Jon." It was a statement, not a question.

Richie shook his head. "I love you"

"I know you do, but that wasn't the question."

"I╔ Heather, baby, please, let's not talk about this. Not here, not like this."

"He wants you," Heather continued, ignoring Richie's protests. "It's so obvious. The way he looks at you when he thinks no-one's looking. Little glances and smiles."

Richie opened and closed his mouth, not knowing what to say, desperately trying to hide the look of amazement on his face. He licked his lips. "I╔"

Heather laughed at Richie's obvious discomfort. "You want him, don't you?" Richie bit his lip; blush darkening even more as he nodded slowly. Smiling, Heather reached up and kissed him hard. "I can understand why," she told him. "Jon's gorgeous. Those eyes, that smile, nice butt╔" She giggled at the glare on Richie's face. "Hey, now don't go getting all jealous on me, mister, I'm just saying. You're allowed to be attracted to him, and I'm not?"

"Sorry," Richie replied sheepishly. "He╔ He likes you as well," he offered timidly.

Heather's eyes lit up. "Oh? Really╔" she answered slowly, an idea starting to form in her head.

"Heather? What are you thinking?"

A slow smile spread over Heather's face. "You want Jon. I want Jon. He wants you and╔" she trailed off, catching Richie's eyes.

"What╔ What are you trying to say, baby?"

"You, me and Jon. Together" She felt Richie's cock start to harden at her words. "You like the idea," she laughed. "What do you say?"

Richie caught her lips in a hard kiss, pulling her even tighter against him. "I say we should go pay Jon a little visit."

Jon slumped back against his pillows, still breathing hard and wiping his fingers off on the sheets. It had all gone quiet next-door and he thought that they might just have stopped, but he was now too wired to sleep. Sighing, he got up and padded across his room to the bathroom to clean up. He grabbed a clean pair of boxers and slipped on a pair of jeans from his bag. Pocketing his room key, he wandered out of his room and down the corridor to the drinks machine he'd seen earlier.

Yawning, he re-entered his suite, blinking at the bright light. Funny, he hadn't remembered turning the lights on. He shrugged, locked the door and started to unbutton his jeans, yawning again.

He froze, eyes widening, as he turned around to face the bed, the empty can falling from his fingers.

Heather╔ was lying in the middle of his bed, completely naked and╔ Jon blinked hard, unable to believe his eyes. Completely naked and playing with herself. He could feel himself hardening and forced himself to avert his eyes. Swallowing heavily, he licked his dry lips.

"Heather╔ Wh╔ Wha... What are you doin'?"

A strong arm slid around Jon's waist, pulling him back against a hard chest. "She's waiting for you," Richie whispered in his ear. "She wants you, Jon." Richie's fingers trailed over Jon's naked chest, lips kissing down his neck. He rolled his hips forward, letting Jon feel his erection. "So do I."

Jon tensed in Richie's arms, mouth forming a silent 'oh.' He groaned as Richie's hand snaked down, massaging his hardening cock through the denim of his jeans. "And I think you want us as well."

Jon thrust up into Richie's touch, head falling momentarily against his shoulder, before he spun around. He cupped Richie's face in his hands and kissed him hard, tongue forcing entry past the other man's lips. Richie's mouth was soft under Jon's; their tongue's duelling as they explored each other. Richie moaned, his arms wrapping around Jon's shoulders, pulling him even closer.

Heather whimpered softly as she watched them kiss, lust coursing through her already aroused body. She slid off the bed and moved over to the men, slipping her arms around Jon's waist as they broke the kiss, her head resting against his back.

"I've wanted that for so fucking long," Jon admitted, his forehead resting against Richie's.

Heather turned Jon slowly to face her. "My turn," she declared as her lips met his. She broke the kiss, laughing at the dazed and shocked expression on Jon's face. Flashing a grin at Richie, she grabbed the waistband of Jon's jeans and tugged him back to the bed.

Richie followed them; his eyes dark with desire as he watched them kissing again. He slid his hand around Jon's hips and finished unzipping his jeans, peeling them slowly down his hips, stroking his legs as they were revealed.

Jon was breathing hard by the time he stepped out of his jeans. He twisted his head blindly towards the guitarist seeking another kiss.

Jon gasped as Heather's fingers curled around his erection, stroking him deftly. He leaned heavily against Richie, a shudder running through him.

With a growl he pushed himself up, taking a step forward as he pushed Heather down on the bed. His hands caressed her breasts as he caught her lips in a brutal kiss. She wrapped her legs around him, encouraging him to fuck her.

"Jon, please╔" She panted, gripping his shoulders tightly. Jon grinned and brushed her hair out of her eyes. He shifted position, bracing himself on the bed with one hand and lifted her hips with the other as he slowly entered her.

Richie swallowed heavily, a sliver of jealousy running through him. Narrowing his eyes, he stripped out of his boxers, placing a hard slap across Jon's butt. He laughed as Jon yelped and bucked away, slamming harder into Heather.

Richie plastered himself against Jon's back. "Does that feel good?" He asked, nibbling gently on Jon's ear, one finger gently working past the muscle and into Jon. Jon whimpered and tensed, stilling. "It's OK, Jon, I won't hurt you. Just try and relax for me."

Jon didn't respond and Richie looked down, meeting Heather's eyes over his shoulder. Arching her hips up against Jon, she pulled his head down for another greedy kiss, her short nails teasing his tight nipples. Jon grunted as he forced himself to relax between them, hips pumping down to meet her thrusts, returning the kiss just as hungrily.

Richie slid a second finger into Jon, coaxing his muscles into relaxing. He twisted his wrist slightly, fingers brushing over Jon's prostate.

"Oh fuck, Richie!" Jon cried out, white-hot need rushing through his veins.

"Ready, Jonny?" Richie pulled his fingers out, chuckling at Jon's soft whimper of loss, but waiting for him. He grabbed the lubricant he'd placed on the beside table earlier and quickly coated his erection with the salve, hissing as his fingers danced across his already over-aroused skin.

"Yeah," Jon panted, locking eyes with Heather as he felt the blunt head of Richie's cock pressing against him. He gasped as Richie entered him, muscles clenching reflexively.

"Oh God. So tight, so fucking good," Richie muttered, pressing a kiss to Jon's shoulder blade. He waited impatiently for Jon to adjust to the feeling of being filled. He didn't have to wait long before Jon rocked back against it, needing more.

"You sure?" Richie needed to be know, not wanting to hurt Jon.

"Yeah" Jon rocked back again to emphasise his answer. Richie grinned and shifted his hold on Jon's hips, starting a gentle rhythm.

Heather moaned; Jon's thrusts into her were matching Richie's and she need him. Clutching at Jon, she begged him to fuck her harder, desperately needing to come. Jon laughed breathlessly, speeding his lunges up to meet her need, slamming hard between her and Richie. He dipped his head, tonguing her nipples, one hand sliding between them and teasing her clit with his thumb.

Her back arching, Heather came with a scream, collapsing to the bed beneath him. Richie groaned, speeding his thrusts up to satisfy his own demanding need. He changed his angle, hitting Jon's prostate with every stroke.

Jon tensed as he orgasmed, arms shaking as he tried not to fall down on top of Heather. He felt more than heard Richie's orgasm as the guitarist rolled off him to lie panting on the bed beside Heather. Jon shifted to lay the other side of her, wrapping his arms around her, nuzzling her neck.

Heather sighed contently, curling up against Richie's side, Jon spooning her from behind. She was happy, ecstatic even, lying between two gorgeous sated men who had fulfilled her every fantasy. She was still smiling as sleep claimed her, her last waking sight that of Jon and Richie kissing.


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