Added Five Things Sam Carter Shouldn't Do In Uniform by Abbey, Shadows Into Demons by Abi Z., Talk About Failing Upwards by Alejandra, Naming Mrs. Dr. Montgomery by Amy & Jennifer-Oksana, The Flame In Your Eyes and The Ugliness You See (To Your Left, The Fallout) by Bantha Fodder, and you can't deny by Catlin O'Connor, Make Some Noise and My Freudian Nightmare by cgb, De Nile by Cheebs!, Greg's Emotion-Notion and Fruitless Optimism or Why Hopeless Romantics Fall for the Impossible by Ezra's Persian Kitty, Choice by Faith Unbreakable, Obsession by Giantessmess, Off Page Six by Glossolalia, A Mystery To Solve, A Plane On A Milk Carton, Gaia Dreams, Ghosts Marching, and Not Unlike Pleasure by Hecate, Love Will Tie The Slipknot by internationalprincess, Cloudbusting and The Sea Is Dark, And All Its Gods Are Dead by Jengrrrl, The Best Production of Death of a Salesman Yet, "I Will Not...", lost the sunset (but that's okay), On Wanting To Please, The Sensual Woman, What's So Great About Being Nice?, and Worth It by Jennifer-Oksana, Best And The Brightest, Death and the Good Citizen, Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Puzzle Pieces, and The Cost Of Freedom by Karen, A Sort Of Man, Pet, and Proxy by Kate Andrews, After Stevenson Square, 2AM, Inscription, Smile, Darn Ya, Smile, and Time Turner by Kate Bolin, Eight Weeks by Kessica, Again and The Official "Willow's Ex-Boyfriends" Club, Membership 2 by KindKit, Firefly Reruns, It's Too Hot In The Desert (To Launch A Counter Argument), Non Normal Nursery Rhymes by Lady Gray, Bluff, "Don't Stick It Out If You Ain't Gonna Use It", "EXT. THE COTSWOLDS, ENGLAND - NIGHT", Six A.M. Wakeup Call, Testify, The Residue of Design, and Through His Fingers by Lar, The Favour of the Gods and Her Enemies, Closer by Lin, Howling Halls by LindaMarie, The Politics of Love and Betrayal by Melanie-Anne, Words by Melody, Always Here, Bare, Rain On Windows by Melwil, You're Gonna Get Burned by nailbunny617, Degrees Of Separation by Netgirl, find my shelter in you, Game Two, Sunset, The Devil You Know by Northlight, Collateral Damage, Life Begins At Forty (Or, How Jackie Tyler Shagged An Alien), Like Burning, and Want by Nostalgia, To Call It Day (Though Not Yet Light) by not jenny, What You're Missing by The Padre, Low Holidays, Prophets and Messiahs, and The Great Game by Paradoqz, Chasing Away The Pain, Downhill Slide, Hunter's Moon, Kids, and What's Up Buttercup by Peja, A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words by pir8fancier, Occurrence At Tabby Cat Creek by Sami, The Loneliness of the Long Haul Runner, Passing In The Night, and Sunshine, Showers Forecast by SpikeDru, that untravell'd world, whose margin fades by Teanna, Crazy Diamonds, Paradise Has A Thousand Doors, Ties That Bind, Xander and the Mermaid, and Zeppo Patrol by Tesla, A Ghost At Beck And Call and The Founding Of Rome by winter baby, and Should Have Loved A Thunderbird by Zeelee.

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