Another Day
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

The party carried on downstairs, but they had had enough and snuck away. They sat on the bed, Will between Rupert's legs, both silently sipping champagne. Rupert trailed his fingers along Will's bare arm, grinning as his lover shivered under his touch.

Will sighed, his head falling back against Rupert's shoulder. Rupert's grin faded and he placed both glasses on the shelf next to him. Wrapping his arms around Will, he kissed him on the neck.

"I missed this," Will murmured. "Missed you."

"And I missed you," Rupert reassured him. "What's wrong, William? You╔ You just won. I was expecting a little bit more enthusiasm, but you seem down. Depressed even."

Will took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "What's going to happen?"

Rupert frowned. "Happen? Tomorrow you fly out to╔ where was it, Cuba?" Will nodded. "You film your videos and have a number one single. Then, after we lose Mum, Dad and Emma, we come back up here and celebrate. Just you and me."

Will smiled slightly. "I mean to us. What's going to happen to us?"

"Nothing. Why would it? You'll always be William, I'll always be Rupert, and we'll always be the same. Nothing can change that. Nothing's going to change the way we feel about each other. We've been apart before, and we can be apart again."

Will sighed again, relaxing in his brother's arms, twisting his head back to look at him. "I love you."

Rupert smiled, running his fingers over Will's lips, before kissing him gently. "And I love you." He glanced up, looking out the open window. "Sun's rising," he commented, handing Will back his glass. "A toast," he suggested.

Will turned all the way around, frowning at Rupert. "A toast?"

Rupert nodded. "A toast. To us. To the first day of the rest of your╔ The rest of our lives."

The twins drank the rest of their champagne, empty glasses dropping forgotten to the bed as their lips met.


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