Slippery When Wet
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

"There's only one thing better than naked Jon Bon Jovi," David decided, brushing Jon's hair away from his face. "And that's naked and wet Jon Bon Jovi!" He tangled his hands in Jon's hair, plunging his tongue into his mouth. Jon groaned and rubbed against David, hands sliding around him to cup his ass.

"You two aren't starting without me, are you?" Richie grinned as he plastered himself against Jon's back, cock sliding easily between the singer's ass cheeks.

Jon moaned and arched back against Richie. "Course not, just getting ready."

"That's what I like to hear." Richie laughed, turning Jon to face him and kissing him hard, his hand reaching out to stroke David's thick cock at the same time.

David groaned Richie's name and thrust into his hand, head resting against the wall behind him. "Oh, God... I... Uh... Fuck..."

"Definitely the plan, Dave. Definitely the plan." Richie broke away from Jon, leaning over to kiss David hard and fast on the lips, tongue flickering out over his lower lip. "On your knees, JB!" Richie pushed down on Jon's shoulders, but the singer needed no encouragement as he dropped to his hands and knees, the warm water from the showers pounding down on his shoulders.

Richie's hands were all over Jon, caressing him before parting his ass cheeks and sliding his cock into him in one easy thrust. Jon grunted at the sudden intrusion, bucking back against Richie to drive him in deeper. "So good, JB. So fucking tight." His hands gripping Jon's hips, Richie pulled out before slamming back in hard.

"Richie!" Jon dropped his head down bracing himself against Richie's thrusts. Breathing hard, he screamed as the guitarist brushed over his prostate.

David gurgled a moan, pushing himself upright off the wall. "Aren't you forgetting something, Jon?" He panted, tipping the singers head up. David's cock dangled in front of Jon's eyes and he licked his lips before taking him in all the way. "Oh fuck, Jon!" David's fingers fisted in Jon's hair, keeping his head still as he fucked his mouth.

Alec's eyes widened; his hand sliding down to unzip his jeans as he watched the scene unfolding before him. His fingers curled around his swelling cock, groaning as he started to pump himself. Jon was on his knees between Richie and David, sucking the pianist off as the guitarist fucked him. All three were naked and wet, the showers still spraying down on them; and he didn't think he'd ever seen anything quite so hot.

They hadn't noticed Alec and he didn't want to draw attention to himself, biting down on his lower lip to keep himself quiet as he jerked off. Breathing hard, he stumbled backwards, expecting to hit the wall behind him. He gasped as he bumped into a warm body, eyes growing wider as he spun on the spot to face Tico.

Tico raised an eyebrow at the sight of Alec's erection sticking out from the fly of his jeans. Alec shivered under the drummer's scrutiny, a faint blush covering his cheeks. He pressed a finger over his lips to keep Tico quiet as he stepped to one side.

Tico moaned under his breath as he watched David, Jon and Richie; his jeans tenting as his own cock hardened. "What..." he whispered, turning back to Alec, an expression of confusion on his face.

Alec shrugged. "Dunno, but fuck, they're hot!" Tico nodded in agreement and Alec turned his back on him to watch his three friends, his band mates fucking in the shower. He whimpered softly as Tico's arms slid around him, fingers sliding down to stroke his cock. "Tico... I... Please..." Alec spread his legs to brace himself, head falling back against Tico shoulder as the drummer's calloused fingers played over his cock, thumb brushing over his head. Alec twitched, crying out loud as Tico brought him off, his come coating Tico's hand. He tangled his fingers with Tico's and raised them to his mouth, sucking his come off Tico's hand, feeling a damp patch spreading on the crotch of Tico's pants.

Alec blushed as he felt a pair of eyes on him and looked up to find David watching him, one eyebrow raised and a bemused expression on his face. His blush darkened as Richie looked over his shoulder with a grin.

"Well, don't just stand there," the guitarist offered.

Alec grinned over his shoulder at Tico and the two of them stripped, making their way hand in hand under the spray to join their band mates.

"Nice of you to join us," David commented, his lips sealing over Alec's, hand curling around his still-hard cock.

"I'm sure Jon would welcome you," Richie told Tico before he kissed him. "But, as you can see, he's got his mouth full." Tico groaned and ran his hands over Richie's ass. Richie sighed, his grip on Jon's hips tightening as he thrust harder in and out of the singer. Jon gasped, the vibrations sending a wave of pleasure through David, who in turn fucked his mouth harder, hand speeding up on Alec's cock.

"Jon... I... Oh.... Gonna come, babe... gonna..." David trailed off, tensing as he came, flooding Jon's mouth with his juices. Jon swallowed hard, pulling back slightly to lick his lips. David watched him and moaned, his spent cock twitching as Jon ran his tongue along the length, kissing down to suck on his balls.

Alec grunted, his eyes drawn down as he watched David's balls disappear one at a time into Jon's mouth, the singers tongue lathing each of them until his cock grew hard again. He looked up and met Tico's eyes, moaning his name. "Want you..."

Tico moaned, deepening the kiss he shared with Richie, before pulling away and pressing his lips against Alec's. Alec groaned, trying to deepen the kiss but Tico broke away, sliding over his body to stand behind him. His hands holding Alec's hips still, Tico pushed into him as gently and slowly as he could, head dipping forward to suck on Alec's neck when he tensed. Alec whimpered and pushed back against Tico, bucking forward again as David's hand tightened on his cock. Rocking between Tico's cock and David's fist, it wasn't long before Alec came, crying his release into David's mouth as their lips met. A long, drawn-out cry signalled Tico's orgasm and he slumped forward against Alec, catching his breath.

All eyes turned to Richie and Jon who had yet to come. Despite the water pounding down on them, Jon's body glistened with sweat as he struggled to push back against Richie's thrusts, his position on the floor not giving him any leverage. He moaned in frustration, begging Richie to touch him, David's cock falling from his mouth. Richie's eyes were closed, his mouth open and his breath coming in hard pants as his hand snaked under Jon to curl around his cock.

"Come for me, JB," Richie whispered before throwing his head back and coming, hand pumping Jon's cock in time with his thrusts.

Arching hard into Richie's fist, Jon came with a scream, arms and legs shaking as he fell to the floor, water-soaked hair falling forward and obscuring his face.

Richie sank to the floor, wrapping his arms around Jon and holding him close. Looking at Alec and Tico in turn, David also dropped to the floor, fingers playing over the skin of Jon's arms. Richie laughed breathlessly and tipped David's chin up with his finger, kissing him softly on the lips. David sat on the floor next to Richie, his back against the wall, Jon leaning against both of them.

Tico whimpered as he watched the obvious display of affection between the three men, fingers reaching out for, and tangling with, Alec's. Jon looked up at the sound and met Alec's eyes. He grinned and reached out to him, fingers catching Alec's free hand and pulling him and Tico to the floor. Still breathing heavily, Jon kissed both of them before slumping back against David and Richie.

The five of them lay sprawled out on the floor of the shower, calming down and catching their breath, soft kisses being pressed to sweaty skin as fingers trailed down arms and legs tangled together.

"Wow..." Jon breathed and Alec laughed.

"Water's getting cold," Richie muttered, hauling himself to his feet.

"Yeah," David agreed, also standing and turning the showers off. He reached down and helped Jon to his feet, an arm going around his waist when he realised the singer was still unsteady. "Ok?" Jon nodded and kissed him gently on the lips.

Richie's arm went around Jon from the other side and the three of them made their way out from the shower without a backward glance at Alec and Tico. They grabbed a handful of towels as they passed by them, rubbing hair and bodies dry as they walked out the door.

Alec met Tico's eyes and they kissed before rising to their feet, still holding hands as they dried each other off and dressed before turning the lights off and closing the door behind them as they left.


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