by cheebs!


They couldn't mean her...could they?

But they did.

Heart pounding in outrage, she asked why they thought she'd steal from them.

"Why wouldn't you?"

She was walked through the store; paraded like some sick Hollywood trophy through the throngs of Saturday shoppers. Fragments of whispers caught her ears; some knew who she was.

The back office. Someplace she hadn't been in any store since junior year, when she'd been caught lifting on a dare. She'd been merely scared then, with that wonderful disaffection for everything that she'd carefully crafted to hide behind.

Terrified didn't begin to describe what she felt as the burly security guards crowded into the room. Three of them, one of her and the room seemed tiny, so tiny suddenly.

The institutionally white walls seemed to pulse and close in.

Breathe...why couldn't she breathe?! And why was it so hot?

The manager came in, a piggish little man with bad hair and worse breath that he insisted on exhaling right. at. her.

Her purse was dumped out. Little bits of her privacy scattered everywhere as they snickered. One pointed to a tampon and poked his coworker in the ribs.

She wished Nate was there, or Roman - God, even Colby - anyone to stop the room from spinning so she could get out.

At least things couldn't get any worse.

"Don't I get to call someone?"

"After the police arrive, and you're charged."


They left the room then, and left her alone for the better part of an hour. Just her and the glaringly white walls as she centered herself and barely stopped hyperventilating.

The door flew open abruptly, banging into the wall with such fury that she squeaked, startled. She looked up to see the four men had returned with two policemen.

No oh NO the room was too small before and two more just made it smaller as they towered over her.

"Miss, we'll need to check you for more stolen goods."


One of the officers pulled on a latex glove with a loud snap. The other locked the door.

Her eyes grew wide as dinner plates (and some part of her absently wondered if she was to look into a mirror, would they be wider than Sarah's ever were?).

Something inside her broke.

She ran at the door. When one of them grabbed her, she kicked with one of Faith's moves, her fear giving it strength. Dimly she heard something snap, not knowing or caring what or to whom it belonged.

Someone was screaming. Why did her throat hurt?

Why was it so dark?


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