Beyond Words And Sound: Trust
by cheebs!

"God, B..." Faith croaked as she ran the tip of her tongue over her suddenly parched lips. The item itself, as much as its radioactive orange color, caused all thought to be disrupted.

Buffy laid her chin on Faith's shoulder and wrapped her arms around her waist, marvelling again at the firmness beneath the olive flesh. "You like?" she inquired, her breath warm and oh-so-near the brunette's ear. "I know you've wanted it for a while, and I thought this would be perfect..." She traced a well-manicured finger along the arch of Faith's eyebrow. "" Her pointed nail dug in, leaving a white indentation. "It glows, more losing you at The Bronze."

Faith grinned broadly, longingly running her index fingertip along the acrylic 12 gauge curved barbell. "Still gonna be a problem, B, 'cause I got someplace else in mind for this baby."

"Oh? Someplace...private?"

"Uh huh." Faith cocked the brow the blonde had just traced and smirked. Her smirk broadened as she noticed Buffy's knees wobble. "Matter of fact, one of your favorite places." She chuckled deep in her throat as the other woman gripped the table's edge to steady herself.

That sensual laughter forced enough blood to Buffy's nether region to make her lightheaded. She moaned, squeezing the table hard enough to splinter part off. "Show me," she rasped, her voice thick with need.

Faith turned in her chair and slid her hands up Buffy's torso, her thumbs catching the hem of her blouse and dragging the white mesh up, up and over her pert breasts. "Well...." She flicked a thumb over each of the pale pink nipples which immediately poked at their snowy satin covering. "I could buy another, and get a matching set here...." She pinched them sharply, eliciting a loud gasp from the blonde. "Would you like that?" She brought her arms up quickly, pulling Buffy's top until it tangled around her wrists. She held it in her right hand, trapping the blonde's hands above her head. With her left she undid the bra, then cupped Buffy's breast, dipping her head down, suckling and nipping at the puckered bud.

"Mmmmm," Buffy groaned loudly, biting her bottom lip. Her hips bucked against her captor.

"Or...." Faith spoke around her mouthful, then released it, scraping the length of her tongue slowly along the tender nipple. She then danced the tip of her tongue in circles down to Buffy's navel. "Could get this done...." She caught the flesh between pointed canines, causing the other woman to yelp. She clawed down Buffy's sides, leaving red trails and taking obvious pleasure in watching her shudder. Upon reaching her waistband, she slid her thumbs underneath and around to the front, popping the snaps. "But...." She slipped a hand into the blonde's pants and cupped her mound through her damp panties, and stroked the distended nubbin which leapt to life at her touch. "There's other places down here."

Buffy rolled her hips, bringing her clit into full, hard contact with the heel of Faith's palm. "Ohhhhh...." She fell back against the table.

Faith leaned forward and kissed Buffy violently, mashing her breasts against the smaller woman's and forcing her onto the table. She yanked down red leather pants and white lace panties in one clean motion, and cast them aside. "Know what a Christina is?" she asked, kneeling between her knees.

"Mm mmm..." Buffy whimpered in reply, her power of speech gone for the moment. Her hips arched sharply when the brunette's heated breath touched her.

Giving a throaty chuckle and a mischievious grin, Faith withdrew a felt-tip pen from a tackle box beneath the table. "That's when you put in a barbell, like this one --" she indicated the scrap of tangerine plastic with the now-capless pen "-- with one end here...." She marked a point on Buffy's clean-shaven mound. "And the other here...." She made another mark just above her clitoral hood, taking great care not to tease and arouse the blonde further; it wouldn't do to nick her with the needle.

Faith dug through the tackle box, taking out and returning plastic pouches until she found the needle she desired. She settled comfortably on her knees, then made eye contact with the other woman, now propped on her elbows. The trust and love which shone in those gorgeous hazel eyes astounded her, particularly in light of their tumultuous past, and she idly wondered if her amazement would ever cease. She leaned forward and kissed Buffy's clit a temporary goodbye, knowing it would be the last contact for many weeks. "Ready?"

Buffy bit down on her lip and nodded, not taking her gaze from the kohl-lined darkness that ruled her world. A brief downward glance was her only warning before the familiar-yet-different bite of metal through flesh. Time slowed to a crawl; breathing all but ceased. The room heated up and began to spin all at once. Faith's dark pupils seemed to dilate until they swallowed the whole room.

Faith looked up and saw how pale Buffy had become. "B? "B?! Buffy! Breathe for me, baby...." Her own breathing was suddenly erratic, and just as quickly returned to normal when she gained the blonde's attention. "You okay? Need a drink, or break?"

"Nah," Buffy answered, licking her dry lips. "Been through worse...dying hurt less, though."

"No more pain once you're dead. Why d'ya think suicide looks good to people?" Faith retorted with a wry grin. "Almost done...time to put in the jewelry. It's gonna hurt like a bitch, but it'll be wicked cool once it's in. I'll make it fast, I promise. Take a deep breath and hold it, I'll do it on three." She waited for the sound of Buffy's inhale, then counted: "Three."

Before it could fully register, cool metal was replaced with molded plastic. Buffy shrieked, the pain causing tiny white fireworks behind her clenched eyelids. "YeOW!!! Nice to know you still can't count."

"What can I say, math was never my strong point." Faith screwed the ball on, then stood, gripping the table for support. She laid her head upon Buffy's abdomen to better admire her handiwork. "Looks good on ya, B; have a look." She passed her a hand mirror.

Buffy took the proffered mirror and gazed at the tiny ornament which had caused her such suffering. "Yeah, it does." She smiled warmly. "So, you're happy with your gift?"

"I am," Faith replied, returning Buffy's smile.

"Good." Buffy grinned beatifically. "My birthday's in six months...which means you have as long to choose the color for yours."


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