Afternoon / Into The Night
by Schuyler & Amatia


They weren't in the tower and they certainly weren't in the library, so Hermione was fairly sure she knew where they were. She came into the second floor girls' bathroom more quietly than she needed to, just in case she was wrong, and then heard Ron's voice, harsh and panting. "Oh, Harry." Hermione crept to the sinks and peered at them 'round the other side.

Harry had Ron pushed up against the wall in the middle of a great shaft of afternoon light. Dust sparkled in the air around them making them look like falling angels. Harry had all of his tenacity focused on Ron now, his teeth nibbling at Ron's bottom lip, at Ron's jaw, his tongue flicking across Ron's cheek. Their sleeves were pushed up to the elbows, gray sweater, a stripe of white shirt, then pale, pale forearms, Ron's dotted with freckles, Harry's dusted with hair, leading to hands clasped together, Harry holding Ron's immobile against the wall. She knew this moment, could see the way Ron was fighting behind his eyelids, stay and let Harry give him pleasure, or wrest control and take it. Ron's hands broke away from Harry's and his arms went around Harry's neck, dragging him close. Now their kissing was audible in the room, echoing off the walls and into Hermione's ears. Her fingers crept along the stone towards them, but she couldn't destroy their moment, not when Ron was turning Harry around so that Harry's back was against the wall and the two of them were sliding in a tangled heap down to the floor.

Ron whispered something in Harry's ear; Hermione watched his wet lips move against Harry's ear and wondered what he was saying. Then they both turned to look at her. Ron raised his hand and motioned to her, and she walked across, wondering if they'd be angry for her spying, her shoes deafening against the stone.

When she was close enough, they smiled and both reached up to her, pulled her between them and down to their laps. "Where've you been, 'Mione?" Ron asked while Harry unfastened her cloak. When Ron's hands came up to toss it away, Harry's hands dropped to her bare knees against the floor, started inching their way up her thighs, and he pressed a quick peck to the corner of her mouth.

"Looking for you." Harry looked happy and his cheeks flushed red. Hermione pushed the hair back from his forehead and kissed him soundly. She closed her eyes to enjoy the taste of him and the feel of his tongue. When she fell forward towards him, she felt Ron's hands under her shirt, against the bare skin of her stomach, not pulling her back, but holding her up. She sat up again and leaned back against Ron.

"Why were you looking for us?" His fingers under her shirt were circling her belly button, dipping lazily in and out.

Hermione turned her head and kissed him quickly. "Dumbledore asked me to be Head Girl," she smiled, not the smug smile of her first year, but the slow, indolent smile of the woman she'd become.

"Congrats, Hermione," Harry said, voice pitched low, and his hands joined Ron's, stroking and clasping against her skin. Hermione closed her eyes and thought of her private room.


Into the Night

Bare-footed and bare-legged, with her sweater and tie thrown over a chair, Hermione sat on the floor of her room and read aloud from the newest edition of Hogwarts, A History. On the bed, a shoeless Harry looked at an also shoeless Ron. "Do you care about this at all?" he whispered. "Not even a little bit," Ron replied, and they went back to watching the girl on the floor.

She was sporting what Harry figured was the messiest ponytail ever to exist and her shirt was untucked, but to them, she was the most beautiful thing in the world. Neither Ron nor Harry was paying a bit of attention to whatever it was she was reading from the thick leather-bound volume cradled in her lap - "Your name is in here six times now, Harry"/"That's nice, Herm." - but were instead concentrating on the length of leg visible from underneath her skirt.

"Should we go down there or bring her up here?" Ron whispered, and Harry nodded. "Which?"

In response, Harry climbed off the bed and deliberately took the book away from Hermione. "I don't know how you can re-read that so often," he said to her.

She looked at him with wide eyes. "But it's the new edition, and it's utterly fascinating, Harry, there's an entire chapter about the Chamber of Secrets now with all the things they didn't know before and - "

Ron put his hands on her hips; Harry put his hands on her waist and his lips over hers (the most effective way to quiet her) and they moved her back towards the bed. She started to giggle as they fell in an uncoordinated heap. "You'd think we'd have made this a science by now," Ron said as he moved Hermione's elbow off his chest and kissed her neck. "Your shirt, Herm, is terribly in the way."

"Allow me." Harry reached for her buttons, undid each one slowly and with careful observance of her mess of hair before being struck with an idea. "Ron, switch with me."

They climbed around the unmoving Hermione. Harry reached for the brush on her night table. Ron pushed her shirt from her shoulders and it crumpled across Harry's knees as he undid the ponytail. She let out a long sigh as he combed his fingers through her hair, seeking knots before he brushed.

As Harry gently detangled, Hermione's hands came up to cup Ron's face and draw him forward into a kiss. "You're both so good to me," she murmured into his mouth, and flicked her tongue over his lips.

Ron gave her a look as if to say 'we wouldn't be any other way', then kissed her back, letting her dive in and lick over his teeth, his tongue, the roof of his mouth. He squeezed her waist lightly, slid his hands up her sides to brush his thumbs over the underside of her covered breasts. Hermione shivered at that.

Harry had started to run the brush through her hair, firm enough to make her scalp tingle. He dragged the brush a few inches below where her hair ended with each stroke, teasing the skin of her back. Unidentifiable fingers tucked one lock of hair behind her ear, and a double kiss was pressed wetly against her neck, drawing out a moan. Harry turned his head just a fraction and caught Ron's lips for a moment.

Then he went back to brushing and Ron's hands slid up her legs. It tickled, and Hermione started to giggle again, tipping her head forward onto Ron's shoulder. "Way to ruin the mood," he whispered in her ear, and that just made her laugh harder. Harry caught Ron's gaze and grinned. He dropped the brush and slid his hands around to cup her breasts.

Her laughter stopped with a gasp, and it was Ron's turn to chuckle. "You wicked boy," Hermione said to Harry, turning to kiss him, his hands dropping to her thighs. They were pressed so tightly together that she was almost sitting on his lap. Harry licked her earlobe. "I think Ron is wearing far too many clothes," he whispered to her.

Ron saw their intentions a split second before Hermione unbuckled his belt. "Are we staying the night, then?" he asked as Harry reached over Hermione's shoulder to start unbuttoning Ron's shirt.

Hermione looked from him to Harry. "You certainly can't go back to your dorm looking this rumpled, it'll cause a fuss," she said in her voice of reason. It was really her voice of 'you are both going to stay, I don't care what excuse you might give me'.

"Yes, and not going back to the dorm at all will of course stop any rumours," Ron replied, but they all knew he didn't care at in the slightest.

Harry finished unbuttoning, cuffs and all, and tugged both the dress shirt and undershirt from Ron's willing form. Hermione was working much slower, only having undone Ron's belt and the button of his trousers. Harry licked her neck and helped slide down the zipper. Ron stood up to slip out of the trousers, then climbed back onto the bed behind Harry in shorts and socks. "Your turn," he announced to Harry, and he and Hermione quickly divested Harry of his slacks and shirt.

"Thank goodness for ironing charms," Hermione said, eyeing the pile of clothes on the floor. "How you two will be able to tell your shirts apart in the morning is beyond me."

Harry tipped his head back to look at Ron. "It doesn't much matter," he said, and Ron kissed him.

Hermione laid her hands on Harry's shoulders and licked his exposed neck. Harry whimpered, leaning back against Ron, letting Hermione crawl practically back into his lap. She straddled his thighs, her skirt spread around them. "Careful," Harry gasped.

They had yet to ever shed all of their clothing, and they'd only ever gone so far as heavy necking. But they trusted each other enough to say something when heavy got a bit too heavy, and they trusted each other enough to be able to confess when they were ready, that they wanted to go beyond what they had been. No one had said so yet. Harry had confessed the other night between kisses that this was good enough right now for him, and Hermione and Ron had both agreed.

Now Hermione backed off a bit and looked into Harry's eyes. He grinned at her with Ron's fingers threaded through his hair. She couldn't help but grin back, and leaned forward to press her lips to his. "What time is it?" he whispered between kisses.

Ron groaned. "Rather late."

Hermione looked at the clock. "Relax, Ron, we've another twenty minutes before we absolutely have to get to sleep."

"Planning on sleeping through breakfast, are you?" Harry asked with a chuckle.

"No, I thought perhaps we'd get up at the usual time and do this - " she slid a hand around the back of Ron's neck and kissed him over Harry's shoulder, "- through breakfast."

"Gods, Hermione, we'd never make it to class," Ron laughed against her cheek.

"Or lunch," Harry added, slipping his hands around Hermione's back to touch the clasp of her bra. "You're not wearing this horrible thing to sleep, are you?"

She shook her head and kissed Ron again as Harry unhooked it, his hands drawing the straps down over her arms and then tossing the scrap of material and wire to the floor with the rest of their clothes. Ron's hands came around to rest over Harry's sliding slowly up and down over her back as they took turns kissing lazily. "Bedtime," Hermione announced finally, and Ron and Harry both groaned.

She rolled her eyes at them and slipped off the bed to take off her skirt, blushing as they watched with hungry eyes. "You boys," she chastised, hanging the skirt over her chair.

Ron shrugged and nuzzled Harry's neck, drawing a soft sigh from Harry before they wriggled under the covers. Hermione checked the fire and got back into the bed, snuggling between them. "G'night, Herm," they chorused.

She threw an arm over Ron's waist just as Harry's slid over hers. "Night."


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