by cheebs!

She drives me crazy. I thought Angelus knew a thing or two; he's got nothing on my Slayer. She's bloody sadistic, and insatiable as well.

Take tonight, for example. Hot flesh burns against me, pulsing and wet, slick with need. She rubs back and forth on my thigh, coating it 'til there's no friction and I'm numb with her heat. Can't tell where I stop and she begins.

She glides up my cold body in a serpentine movement that betrays her supernature. She hovers above me, her honeyed heat fairly dripping onto my cock, reminding me with a shock just how frozen I am. I don't have time to hate my lack of warmth, though. She's more than ready for me, and I, her. I sit up and bend my knees, and the change in position brings my throbbing head in contact with her slippery sex.

My back is pierced by sharp nails as I plunge into her; exquisite pain. I know from experience they'll leave crimson trails a shade or two darker than her polish. She drives herself down; drives me home with a barely audible "oh" squeezed through pursed, full lips, her dark, mysterious eyes wide and locked on mine. The feeling's intense: burning and soaking, much like a dip in holy water must be. Indeed, there are those who would consider her holy because she is Chosen, and would have my guts for garters as penance for this sacrilege. Oh, if they only knew the delicious darkness in this woman...!

She locks her legs around my hips for better leverage as she rides me, then pulls herself to a seated posture and twines her arms 'round my neck, never once breaking the fast rhythm. I know what she wants, and I am in awe of the trust she places in me, as much as the first time. I graze at the base of her throat with blunt teeth and she shudders, whimpering. Impatient, her hand tangles in my hair and forces me to the omnipresent reminder of our trysts. The different feel of the scar tissue calls to the demon - ridges shift and grow, as do my teeth. My fangs sink into her flesh and she stills in ecstasy and submission. She's mine, all mine in a way her blonde 'sister' never let herself be, and it thrills me to the core. I begin rocking, thrusting slowly and gently to the hilt, rubbing her clit with each stroke.

Her loud gasps as her orgasm builds are a sharp contrast to the quiet mewling that punctuates our fucking. Her 'little death' starts as a quiver in her right thigh - more like a twitch, really - but grows to a full-out quake within seconds. Then her body stiffens and her mouth falls open. Her eyes roll back 'til nothing but a sliver of white shows beneath her lids, reminding me of others of her kind I've seen like this, both dead and living. It's enough to send me over the edge, falling farther and deeper than even Dru could ever take me. I explode inside her with a roar, as her muscles clutch and push, and the icy rush sends her off that precipice again, with me. Her voice finally comes back as a shriek of animalistic pleasure; quite the screamer, my girl. She rides wave upon wave, spasming, forcing jets of hot life into my mouth until I am drunk on her. Times like this, she is so lost I could drink her dry and she'd just cry louder.

That thought sobers me enough to release her and caress her back to reality. Her ample breasts heave with her laboured breathing, and for a minute I think I took too much and she won't be coming back to me this time, and I know if that ever happened I'd willingly greet the sunrise before turning her. Then her eyes open, still glazed with lust, and her mouth curls in satiety and mischief - time for round two.

If this is torture, let it never end.


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