Perfect And Poisonous
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

Curt Wild. Two syllables. Eight little letters. Who would have thought something so small could cause so much pain...

I'd always known Brian was completely besotted with the American singer. Always had been. Ever since we saw him at that stupid show. I can't say I exactly blame Brian though; Curt was mesmerizing. Brian wanted to be Curt Wild, so I just assumed that once Brian got his taste of stardom that he'd forget all about Curt, that it would fade away just like all his other petty obsessions.

It seems I was wrong.

The bigger Brian became, the more infatuated he became with Curt until he got the chance to actually meet his idol. And that... that was the beginning of the end. Brian was Curt's 'main man' and Curt was everything Brian had ever dreamed of.

They were perfect together, or at least that's what Jerry said. Publicity, he called them. But that was all Jerry ever cared about, that and money. He didn't realise that I was... that we were losing Brian.

Addicted - that's what they were. Addicted to each other. And like all addictions, it screwed everything up. Everything.

And there was nothing I could do about it.

I'd always known that Brian was in love with the image and the promise of Curt Wild, but I never thought I'd lose my husband to a dream.


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