by Twinkledru J.

Jaw-cracking, lung-bursting yawn, but somehow silent. He smiles and tightens his arm around me as my eyelids droop. God, I'm going to pay for this when I have to get up before the sun tomorrow.

"You'll have to get up earlier than normal, you know -- it's further to the set from my place then yours."

Goddamnit, I never even thought of that. Like hell I'd admit it, though. Sean's smiling against my temple, kissing the corner of my eye. His beard's scraping the bare skin of my face, and he finally turns of the tv.

"Laugh all you want," I mumble. "Laugh all you fuckin' want, because we're going to have to set your alarm clock, and that means you'll be waking up with me at oh-dark-thirty in the morning."

"Think I'm lookin' forward to your breath bright and early?" Sean retorts, half-dragging me off of the couch. I'm more awake now, but I know that it's only going to last a few moments; next time I'm sitting still I'll be completely gone.

"Still raining outside?" I ask, too tired to even listen for the sound of drops.

"Yeah," Sean answers, turning off the lights as I make my half-asleep way out of the room.

This will probably just seem like some kind of surreal dream in the morning. I was dozing off on the couch, and woken up just long enough to get on my feet and stumble to bed.

I vaguely register the sounds of Sean stripping (in a completely non- sexy way, of course, or as non-sexy as Sean can ever be, which is actually not very much), and make a valiant attempt to get my own clothes off. Finally, I just settle for my shoes, because they're grubby and call me a neat freak, but I really don't relish the idea of dried bits of mud under the sheets.

Sleep never really takes a long time to come to me. Even less when I've got Sean Bean curled around me and warm blankets over the two of us, and his face is buried in my neck and his breath is warm air on my neck. Rain lullabying against the window doesn't help, either.

Sleep never really takes a long time to come to me, and my last coherent thought before sleep comes to me tonight is that I almost wish it did, so that I'd have minutes or hours to register this.


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