Business As Usual
by Andrew Bowles

They're at it again. Angel and Lindsey. Screwing in the office. Our office. Okay, so, technically, Angel's office, but it's not like the rest of us don't work here too. And another thing--you'd think that here, in an empty hotel, of all places, they'd get a room. But no. They do it in the office, so that anyone else who happens to be working late gets to hear pretty much everything.

It's been going on for almost a month now. I was here the first time, working late then, too, and as soon as I realized what was happening I grabbed a stake and waited at the door, furious. I couldn't believe Angel was risking his soul for a lousy blowjob. Well, judging from the sounds he was making, maybe not so lousy, but still not worth it.

When he came out of the office and I realized it was still the same old Angel, I felt so stupid, because Lindsey? Gorgeous, but still evil. And Angel? Still crazy-obsessed with Darla. And besides all of that, just seeing Lindsey's plastic hand and knowing he cut the real one off is probably enough to keep Angel's guilt firmly in place. No chance of a true moment there.

I told him I was just leaving, and that the stake was for my own protection, walking to and from my car late at night.

"Oh, good thinking. See you tomorrow." And I practically ran out of the building, more than a little grossed out at the realization that I had just eavesdropped on my boss having sex.

Tonight, it is so not eavesdropping. If I bring it up tomorrow, Angel will just tell me that Lindsey's giving him inside info on Wolfram & Hart, that he's still seeking redemption, but it doesn't take vampire hearing to notice how little information is coming through in those moans. Luckily for Mr. Oblivious, eighteen years in Sunnydale made me an expert at looking the other way.

It could be worse. A weekly booty call to Lindsey is way better than Angel getting arrested in a park bathroom. I can just imagine what Kate Lockley would have to say about that. And of course he'd call me to bail him out...

Lindsey steps out of the office practically humming to himself and walks right past me. Then Angel calls out, "Cordy? You still here?"

"Still here. Working late. Again."

"Don't forget to lock up when you leave."


And like that he's back in his office and I'm looking the other way. Again.


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